Pima County We The People Call for Action This Thursday

CONTACT: We the People of Pima County Committee

Urgent Call to Action in Pima County

Tucson, AZ – The Chairman of the Pima County Republican Party has taken a stand for liberty, and is being attacked for it by the Establishment wing of the Republican Party.

Chairman Brian Miller has openly questioned the policies that have lead to the militarization of the Police, and the establishment is not happy. They are planning a recall of Brian to silence not only the voice of our Chairman, but the voice of all of liberty loving Americans reading this.

On Thursday, June 30th, the Pima County GOP Executive Committee will call another Special meeting and attempt again to remove Chairman Miller. They do this without an indictment of charges, an investigation and a determination as to the merit of the charges. In other words, some members of the board, and some southern Arizona Republican politicians, think they are in Salem, MA and they are the town elders conducting a witch hunt.

We ask all liberty-loving conservatives to stand and join us in fighting for our freedoms and for our country Thursday evening 5pm, 5447 East 5th Street for a peaceful display of our displeasure.

We are tireless in our passion to uphold our Constitutional rights, and we are even more powerful with the voices of other patriots, like yours, that can spread the word and show support. Feel power in your convictions and make a difference, right here in Tucson. United we stand!



  1. This liberty-loving conservative family will be there!

  2. Ken Moyes says

    I believe that your piece is in need of some clarification to be sure you get it right. Brian Miller is not under fire for what he said. He is under fire for speaking unilaterally and thus making his position the position of all elected representatives and candidates. This kind of policy statement is the province of the elected representatives and the candidates and not of the Chairman of the Party in Pima County.

    In addition, Mr. Miller is under fire for violating the bylaws in the expenditure of County GOP funds and incurring financial obligations to the Party without specific authorization in the form of a resolution from the executive committee, as is required in the county bylaws. The chairman’s role in the party is to raise money, retain and grow the number of precinct committeeman, and keep the party focused on electing candidates.

    Currently precinct committeeman wish to leave, fund raising is dwindling, and the party is certainly not focused on electing candidates.

    I personally like Mr. Miller as a person, but the facts are the facts.

    • Currently there are citizens offering to be political committeeman in record numbers. Fund raising is dwindling because people to not want to donate to a party that is shooting itself in the foot. You got this right, “the party is certainly not focused on electing candidates” because they are too busy focusing on a witch hunt. I personally like the republican party in what it used to stand for but for this I will not stand.

    • Anonymous says

      This is ridiculous, this is why people don’t want to engage their local parties.

      You know that one mom at the PTA that takes control over everything and is a nightmare for all the other moms to work with, so they just stop going to the PTA meetings altogether.

      That is our executive committee. Driving people away with their petty BS.

    • Oberserve says

      I agree that one should not use their position to communicate personal positions or opinions.

      That said, he did nothing different than what Rob Haney does all the time in Maricopa County.

      • Saguaro Sam says

        Rob Haney makes it perfectly clear with every announcement whether he is speaking in his capacity as citizen or capacity as county chairman. He never blurs the two. Citizens do not check their 1st Amendment rights at the door when they become Party officers. But they do gain the responsibility of making clear which hat they are wearing with any given announcement. Haney “gets it” and is a capable spokesman in either role.

    • Jill Arizona says


      I thank you for your input, however the truth is now out and many will not buy what you are selling. As GOP Chairman, Brian Miller has the right to speak out. Would many of you wish he go sit in a corner like others have done in the past?

      “Violating the bylaws in the expenditure” you say??? Now that’s really funny Ken. Grasping at straws now are we? Desperate are we? Was this brought up the first time they tried to hang Brian? Perhaps the second time? Nope. We got it on video. Didn’t happen. Also when Frank Antenori called me 2 nights ago, he surely didn’t mention it. Perhaps it was a short conversation and he forgot to mention it?? Nope again. Frank ranted to me for 20 minutes, hardly letting me get a word in edgewise. And I took notes. Nope, that was NOT one of Frank’s reasons. In fact, I think this has all become a big pissing contest to see who can bring down our new Chairman first. It’s quite obvious that these attacks on our newly elected Chairman continue not because of the Miller statement warning the public of our eroding freedoms, but they are attacking him for what he represents, as I wrote in one of my FB notes…


      You wish to talk about Precinct Committeemen? Ok. Let’s do that. Does everyone realize that we had a 76% vacancy rate for Pima County PCs when Miller took over? GASP!!! That’s right everyone. Why don’t we start talking about who’s to blame for that because I can assure you it was not Brian Miller. Folks like me who support our new Chairman are working hard to recruit new PCs. In fact, I was recently told that I have recruited more PCs than anyone else in Pima County, besides probably Precinct #388. Yeah, they can’t vote yet, but in time that will change. Gosh, I was able to recruit 5 new PCs outside of GOP Headquarters on the night of the last EC meeting and I slapped those bad boys right down on the table when you all were complaining about losing PCs.

      “The party is certainly not focused on electing candidates.” Really Ken??? No kidding. Thanks to you guys trying to make a mountain out of an anthill.

      Here’s a novel idea. Why don’t we all focus on who the real enemies are?

  3. F. Mitchell says

    Dear fellow patriots of good conscious,

    I am a newly naturalized citizen of the United States, a newly registered Republican voter and a newly appointed Republican Precinct Committeeman for LD 27, Precinct 39.

    I was not that interested in politics before the 2008 presidential elections which brought Obama into power and started our country down the path of disaster on which we continue to walk. I was not a citizen at that time, but the continuing threat to our country represented by the Obama administration convinced me that I needed to become personally involved and defend the country that I had come to love with all of my heart and soul. I further decided that the Republican Party, a party that at least purports to stand for our beloved republic, would be the best place to expend my time, effort and money. I was inspired by what other patriots in Tucson were doing and one of these patriots was Brian Miller. He is a man of honor and conviction who has demonstrated the willingness to serve America by putting his life on the line for our country. He is the kind of leader that the GOP has lacked and has longed for and prayed for so that we can once again effectively come to the defense of true liberty in America. I was delighted to see him elected as the Chairman of the Pima County GOP and rushed to join him and other fellow patriots so that I could help win our city, county and in turn state and country back from the subversive forces of liberalism.

    Recently Chairman Miller affirmed my support of him by standing up boldly for our rights during the serving of search warrants by the sheriff’s department. He like many fellow patriots objected to the gunning down of a fellow military veteran before his guilt or innocence could be determined. Now it seems that some of you, esteemed fellow patriots, have determined that a chairman who can’t be led by the executive committee like a dog on a leash is not worth having and must be ousted. It seems to me that some egos have gotten bruised and now we are sacrificing our bold leader to salve those egos. It is exactly this kind of in-fighting and petty self-interest that have kept us from winning close elections in Pima County and now we are doing it again! Right as the primary season is heating up we are going to jettison the man we have elected to lead us without bringing, let alone proving, a single charge of wrong doing against him?! Is this truly your sage decision for the good of the party and the republic, esteemed fellow patriots?

    Chairman Miller has even apologized for his outspokenness (although many, including me, think he had nothing to apologize for), but that has not been good enough for at least some of you.

    I appeal to your sense of patriotism, to which you are sworn, to reconsider your current course and cease and desist your efforts to oust Chairman Miller or risk losing the support of ardent patriots such as myself entirely!

    Brian Miller has led the Pima County GOP with courage, initiative and honor! Will you?

  4. Ken Moyes says

    This press release is quite misleading as to the true facts here. Again, this is not about what Mr. Miller said, but where, how, and under what authority. There are rules and Mr. Miller is aware of all the indictments, since some wish to call them indictments, and these “indictments” include critical fidiciary matters as well.

    Many who have an opinion have been provided only half the story or want to believe half the story. It is important to understand the whole story and not what appears in a one sided press release. Facts matter.

    Thank you

  5. Tucson Citizen says

    All of this is a HUGE distraction from the fact that Miller has majorly failed at fundraising (prior to the SWAT incident) and he has spent money without EC approval. His supporters keep throwing out words like ‘witch hunt’ but none acknowledge or even question his total failure at the basics of his job. Distraction with a crisis so no one looks at the real issues and problems.

    • “Our platform is presented with enthusiasm and confidence in a vision for the future, but also with genuine humility – humility before God and before a nation of free and independent thinkers. As the party of ideas, rather than a mere coalition of interests, we consider vigorous debate a strength, not a weakness. Indeed, we are a party – as we are a nation – of mavericks.

      Yet we stand united today because we are the one party that speaks to all Americans – conservatives, moderates, libertarians, independents, and even liberals. We welcome all to our deliberations in the firm belief that the principles embodied in this platform will prove to be as compelling and persuasive as they are vital and enduring. We do not fear disagreement, and we do not demand conformity, but we do fight for our principles with confidence that the best ideas will prevail in the end.” http://www.gop.com/2008Platform/Preamble.htm

      The HUGE distraction here is that some Tucson citizens are on personal vendettas.

    • Priscilla Racke says

      As Cathy said, the problem is not in anything Mr. Miller did or did not do, but that there is a mob running around trying to change the rules and throw people under the bus. This situation would not exist if not for personal vendettas.

    • Oberserve says

      Oh no, not the old McCainiac “fundrasing” thing. Give it up.

  6. Facts do matter and so does transparency: both are sadly lacking in the GOP organization. It seems some of us are in and some of us are not. What exactly does the EC do? Where were you when all the chicanery was supposedly occuring? Who does decide how the party operates? Those of us who became PCs to help get our candidates elected are experiencing childish tantrums and entrenched hierarchy. Perhaps some of us have ideas and skills beyond dialing for dollars that would make the party more vibrant and effective but y’all don’t seem to have any interest. I have worked in a lot of “volunteer” organizations and this is a typical problem, sadly. If you are lucky enough to be “in” you may have a voice; if not, all they want is your unskilled labor and undying devotion to those who are in. Sorry, I will not be a sheep believing you have some facts. The problem is much deeper than that.

  7. Anonymous says

    Let’s have a complete re-election, I would really like to shed some of this weight from the Executive Committee that’s holding us back as a party, and that doesn’t include the Chairman in my opinion.

    Seems like some people have gotten used to losing and seem to like it.

  8. Former PCRP Ex Comm Member says

    As I understand things, two of the Ex Comm’s major concerns are:

    1. Chairman Miller signed a contract to spent lots of money on new technology without the Ex Comm’s approval. If true — and I don’t know if it is true — this is a violation of art. VII, sec. 1 of the PCRP’s bylaws, which give the Ex Comm authority over spending the PCRP’s money.

    2. Chairman Miller appointed new PCs without the knowledge and/or consent of the LD Chairman. If true — again, I don’t know if it is true — this is a direct violation of art. II, sec. 3 of the PCRP Bylaws, which REQUIRES the advice and consent of the LD Chairmen before the County Chairman can send the names of new PCs to the County Board of Supervisors for appointment.

    I like Brian. A lot. I was pleased when he was elected Chairman. I share some of his concerns about the SWAT raid, but was not pleased with how he expressed himself. Like others, however, I was inclined to cut him some slack because he was relatively new and because, like the rest of us, he will make mistakes from time to time. Heaven knows none of us has holes in his hands or feet.

    But the items discussed above are something different. If PCRP funds have been committed without the knowledge and consent if the Ex Comm, this is serious. So is appointing new PCs without following the Bylaws. I don’t know enough to say whether this warrants removal. I also doubt whether the Ex Comm even has the authority to remove the Chairman. Nonetheless, some serious correction is in order if Brian did, indeed, do the things described above.

  9. Oberserve says


    What do Pima County bylaws state about special meetings? What are the FORMAL NOTICING requirements regarding special meetings to remove a county party officer?

    Look closely… how much you want to bet that the meeting was not properly noticed. 😉

    Also, be sure to check quorum requirements for special meetings in the bylaws.

    If the Exec Comm wants to play the game about following bylaws then they themselves better be following them!

    • Former PCRP Ex Comm Member says

      The notice requirements depend on what kind of meeting is occurring. If it’s an Ex Comm meeting, five days’ notice is usually required, except in emergencies. If it’s a meeting of the entire Pima County Republican Committee (all of the PCs) — presumably a special meeting — notice usually must be sent to the PCs between seven and thirty days before the meeting.

      Quorum requirements are: (a) 1/2 of the voting Ex Comm members for Ex Comm meetings and (b) 30% of “all precinct committeemen” for special meetings of the Pima County Republican Committee.

      From what I’ve been able to glean from the blogs, today’s meeting looks like an Ex Comm meeting, not a meeting of the entire Pima County Republican Committee. I have no way of knowing if this is a regularly scheduled meeting of the Ex Comm, which usually meets monthly.

    • Former PCRP Ex Comm Member says

      By the way, following the bylaws and the statutes when handling PCRP money and appointing PCs is not just a game. It’s crucially important to make sure that the County Chairman, the LC Chairs, and the Ex Comm in general are following the law, serving the members, and respecting the donors who’ve contributed to the party. It’s also a good way to make sure that no one goes to jail for violating the myriad (and byzantine) campaign finance laws.

  10. Saguaro Sam says

    Is “liberty-loving Americans” really a desperate shout-out to “hey all you Ron Paul activists…come save my bacon!! We have a strong issue and it’s MEeeeee!”

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