Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll: ‘Quit selling out to these pricks’

Supervisor Ray Carroll hosting a Save the Scenic Santa Ritas event where they called for a boycott on Southern Arizona Businesses that show support of the proposed Rosemont Mine. Carroll, was calling for the media to ban Rosemont advertising.


Supervisor did apologize to Rosemone Copper after the incident.


  1. Oh please someone else endorsed by the trio of deceit, McLiar/McFark/McKook.

  2. I believe that the title given to the video says it all “Ray Carroll Uncensored on Promoting Censorship.” I like the bit about meeting payroll, Tucson has already lost one daily newspaper (such as it was), does Mr. Carroll want them to lose the other because he doesn’t like the advertising content? Perhaps Mr. Carroll should reread the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

  3. Heck, yeah! Tell it like it is Brother Sugar!

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