Pima County GOP update

     Early research indicates that the recent change at Pima County Republican HQ was strictly an issue between the Chair and the ED. Despite some of the anonymous comments at Arizona 8th our sources at this time indicate no involvement by NS or any campaign, candidate, or elected official.

     We are not big supporters of the country HQ but for the sake of party unity we wish them well. It will be interesting to see if a new ED is able to make any positive changes.

     We are sorry to see someone as loyal and hardworking as Linda treated this way. Linda has the respect and admiration of a lot of people within the county as well as statewide.


  1. OV Dad speaks the truth.

  2. Gerry Mander says

    “We are sorry to see someone as loyal and hardworking as Linda treated this way.”

    Was Linda treated badly in her departure?

  3. beverly ann says

    read arizona 8th they now have a statement from a guy named Jim the 1st vice chair..I think it sets the tone for how she is being treated as to her departure. Let’s hope Linda takes this as an opportunity to show she also has class and grace under difficult circumstances

  4. Oro Valley Dad says


    The question now is not Linda’s grace.

    The question is who will be the replacement and will he/she be able to do a decent job of it. We are waiting.

  5. Beverly Ann says

    Dear OVD,

    I have been hired for a job that someone who was very popular had been let go and no matter how hard i tried to be accepted I was not her. I feel sorry for the next person to come in and hope to be supported in the job when certin people are seething over the predessesor’s firing.

    Yuck !

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    I am not sure that many people are seething. More like show us what you got. The person will certainly have to hit the pavement running.

  7. Authority is a sledge hammer that must be used with wisdom and discernment.

    I have heard no grumblings from the rest of the Board or elected officials or grass roots leaders about problems with the professional job performance of Linda.

    Firings usually occur after a period of time where complaints over work performance or unwillingness to work positively with the leaders of the organization have been outlined and deficiencies have not been suitably improved.

    It looks like there is a rat in the woodpile – or maybe a snake. If it looks like . . .

  8. I have no doubt that they will find a replacement for Linda. She didn’t have that big of shoes to fill.

  9. R

    If it was performance, how did Linda last this long – including throught election cycles? My experience was that she was there early and late supporting Republican candidates and being supportive through two different State Chairmen with very different styles and goals.

    It says more about you than her when you take this opportunity to speak badly of her when we never heard from you before.

  10. Linda was not a saint. She was prone to fits and held grudges. She was in love with her titles (she had too many) She had postive quailities too, which in the interests of our Party we can choose to remember about her now.
    The job of County Party ED is not a career path. The people who hold those positions, many argue, should be rotated around.

    Judi made a decision, the fact that Linda was there for so long speaks to
    Judi’s patience and forgiveness not Linda’s skills as an ED.

    We wish Linda well in finding a boss she can work with, and wish Judi well in finding someone who knows she would be their boss and behaves accordingly

  11. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for the swipe at Linda as she moves on to something else. We could write similar volumes about Judi and her management style but we have decided to get over it.

    We are looking forward to seeing Linda’s replacement in action. We understand from sources that we should not hold our breath. Since Judi likes to keep the PC’s in the dark we are left to speculate that the county party does not have two nickels to rub together. We may have more on that story.

    With Linda out of the way it all falls on Judi. She has exercised her authority and will now have no one to blame.

  12. oV Dad

    Sounds like you and others are itching for a fight with the Chair of the Party. Why don’t a bunch of you volunteer to go help at HQ. ( I will too ) That way you can be a part of making things better. Unless that is not your motive. My guess is that you have never had to fire anyone. If you had you would know the person who fired can’t discuss it and the person who got fired can tell any story they want about why it happened. I doubt it came out of no-where as some have suggested. In my company when I am going to fire someone, I do not ask for permission or forgiviness.

  13. Oro Valley Dad says


    I am not itching for anything, especially regarding Judi White. She rules the roost and that’s the way it is. No, I have never had to fire anyone. Like I said I am over what happened between Linda and Judi. I am waiting to see what comes next.

    I am so happy for you that when you fire someone you do not ask for permission or forgiveness. For the record Linda has said very little to nothing to me about the details of her termination.

  14. OV Dad

    I am beginning to think you are not such a bad guy.

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