Pima Association of Taxpayers meeting.

     The Pima Association of Taxpayers had a Board of Supervisors forum. Some current board members and candidates showed up and some did not.


     The speakers went in order of district number. First up was District 1 Republican incumbent Ann Day who read from a prepared text that did not always focus on taxpayer issues. Then Republican challenger Joe Higgins spoke about rising property taxes and the need to create a business friendly environment in order to have a strong economy. Democrat Robert Robuck, challenger in District 2, spoke. His main issue was water but he presented his points clearly and enthusiastically. He also pointed out the the no-show incumbent, Democrat Ramon Valadez, has another job outside of his duties as a supervisor. Robuck promised to be a full-time supervisor.

     The District 3 incumbent, Democrat Sharon Bronson, was also a no-show but her challenger, Democrat Donna Branch-Gilby, was there. Branch-Gilby focused on election integrity and openness in government and again presented herself and her points very well. The Republican candidate, Barney Brenner, spoke as well. He spoke about creating a positive business environment.


     Republican Ray Carroll, one of two uncontested supervisors, also addressed the audience. Richard Elias was at the LD 29 Democrat Clean Elections debate (more on that later.)

     It was a very friendly event and it was great to see so many well spoken candidates. The evening of September 2nd could be interesting.


  1. Oro Valley Mom says

    Okay, seriously, is that what Ann Day wore?

  2. The photos were cropped to fit the web page and not altered in any other way. All pictures were taken at the event on July 17th. So, yet that is what she wore.

  3. Just Win Baby says

    How old is Ann Day?

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