Picture of “Tolerance”

Liberals LOVE to tell us just how tolerant and open minded they are of all the diversity in America.

Here is a fine example of just how tolerant they really are.

Can’t you just feel the “love?”


  1. I am not really sure what videos like this accomplish…
    The same way there have been videos of people that are bringing monkeys with Obama shirts to rallies to republican rallies and holding them up… All this kind of stuff has no place in politics.

    There are plenty of dumb liberals and conservatives to go around.

  2. I like turtles.

  3. kralmajales says

    hahahahahahahah FDS!!!!!

  4. Some people like to be persecuted…

    the video is 5 minutes but some of it is repeat video – so ‘clever’ editing makes it look like 5 minutes of ‘intolerance’ –

  5. Wow..this is an OUTRAGE. Next I will see a video where those liberals will yell..kill him…chop off his head…TRAITOR.

    oh wait….those are the things the friendly MCCain supporters already yell at sanctioned McCain events.

    Now who is tolerant again??

  6. If you want to understand what this video explicates – check out David Brooks article, “Class warfare was pushed even before Sarah Palin.”


  7. Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

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