Phoenix TEA Party Video

Here is video from today’s TEA Party at the State Capitol.

(Courtesy of Leah Perry)

If you have please send me a link and I’ll get it up.

Here are more:


  1. Great job, by Leah. Great job by the nameless American citizens who showed up to protest. And there were millions who just couldn’t make, illnesses, poverty kept them away. That is OK. For every American there, at least 3 other Americans were being represented.

    I read that Obama wasn’t ‘AWARE’ there was a protest. His lack of ‘awareness’ is legion.

  2. Viscount Trelane says

    I’m sure that, as your president, he has more important things to worry about than those lunatics and their factually incorrect, crayon scribbled sandwich boards.

    The Joe Wilson and Tea Baggers of this country are the worst thing to happen to it in decades.

    It’s like 8 years of Repubicans make this nation look like a bunch of idiots wasn’t enough, you had to go take up this teabagging stupidity. The worst part is that you people take pride in looking like a bunch of ignorant hill people.


  3. Viscount,
    Keep the hate alive.

    And when you money is worthless from a Zimbawe style inflation and when all our children and grandchildren are sending 80% of their paychecks to your socialist US government, you can point your hate at the patriots that stood up in protest and say, “It’s all Bush’s fault.”

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