Phoenix Taxpayer Protest – Video Coverage Now Up!

Thanks to a great crowd of citizen activists who took the morning off to make it down to the ever-so-convenient-to-park downtown Phoenix to participate in the protest against the government health care rationing bill. Although the One didn’t grace us with his majesty, we let him know how we felt about his political agenda.

The videos are now going up on our YouTube Channel. Please feel free to visit them and subscribe to our channel.

Special thanks to American for Prosperity, Smart Girl Politics and all the Tea Partiers!

Here is a video clip of Tom Jenney, organizer extraordinaire, kicking off the protest at the corner of 2nd Street and Adams.



  1. I had to go back and listen to the part where he asks if people want to have to wait for heart transplants. Yeah, like no waiting lists currently exist for those….

  2. The Spread, the Spread, how much is the spread?
    Everyone wants more freedom in choosing health care coverage and private health insurance companies to compete but they don’t want competition except from other privat health insurance companies who are looking for the same spread.
    The spread I am talking about is the difference expressed in per cent of what the American Private Health Insurance Companies collectively take in as premiums from their insured and the medicare and medicaide subsidies they collect from the Government agaist the total they pay out to doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug stores.
    Its the money that winds up in their coffers they use to pay their C.E.O’s million dollar salaries and bonuses and dividents to their stock holders and palatial buildings like the Hanckock tower in Chicago.
    I have not found any statistics on the “Spread” regardles how much research.
    My guess-timate is about 40% or 400 Million dollars for the insurance moguls on every Billion dollars paid in premiums. The balance goes to the healthcare practitioners.
    I might be off a few percentage points depending how creative accounting is applied.
    How else can one explain the desperate propaganda and all the miss-information that is generated and spread by the insurance lobby and heaped upon the American citizens?

  3. Todd,
    Thank you very much. If private health insurance companies skimmed 31% for administering our health care expenses in 1999, now 10 years later it might be as much as 40% or even more.
    Isn’t it amazing that the average citizem is more concerned they may bring a canon to the protest march and whine about[fictitious] death panels, than to ask how much $ private adninistrators may fleeze off their skin?
    It does not surprise me that single payer health insurance has a much lower overhead and also a more realistic remuneration for its executives.

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