Phoenix New Times Takes Dig at Alice Lara, Sonoran Alliance

The Phoenix New Times has taken notice of one of our recent posts related to an interview one of our writers conducted with Alice Lara.

Lara, recently ran and won a seat to the Maricopa County Health Care District Board of Directors. The interview, which was posted by Candie Dates, featured a round of questions and answers on a number of issues and positions related to the seat.

When Phoenix New Times asked Lara about the interview and who from Sonoran Alliance conducted it she told them she would not reveal her interviewer.

Now I’ve gone over this many times before but I’ll review this for the folks over at PNT one more time. Many of our writers are considered political insiders. As our “About the Alliance” page discloses, “Several of us work in federal, state, county and city government while others have worked on high-profile political campaigns or for non-profit organizations. It is because of the key positions in which we serve, that it is in our best interest to write under pseudonyms.”

Unlike the writers at PNT,  we don’t get paid to write for this blogsite and it is certainly not our full-time job. Many of us take the risk of losing our livelihood or political retribution if we were “exposed.” Because of those risks, this blogsite does not and will not reveal the identities of our contributors/writers.

Getting back to the article by PNT, I have to ask, “What does it matter who conducted the interview with Lara?” It was substantive and the identity of the writer is irrelevant to the post. Besides, doesn’t PNT have to worry about selling more ad space to tattoo parlors, car audio dealers and risque nightclubs?


  1. Anonymous political speech is protected free speech, which has been re-enforced in a ruling by the Supreme Court. The Federalist Papers were written by anonymous authors, who were the founders of our nation. The New Times, which claims to be so zealously guarding of our rights, is trampling on the most important right we have (there’s a reason why it’s the FIRST Amendment). Everyone should stop reading that piece of trash. There’s a reason why they have to GIVE it away. It’s been full of lies for years, and its reporters come from newspapers where they’ve been fired.

  2. and I forgot to mention, if you’ve ever been a target of one of their “stories,” you’d fully see how full of lies they are. There should be more lawsuits against this piece of trash until it is shut down.

  3. Federalist – your claim that the New Times is ” is trampling on the most important right we have” is ridiculous. The New Times has no power to compel anyone to produce the identity of the author, it is simply asking who it is – that’s called Free Speech too.

    They do imply that perhaps Lara is Candie Dates herself and that she basically “interviewed” herself – certainly nothing illegal in that but perhaps worth asking.

  4. Say what you want about PNT, but be careful what you say about tattoo parlors! The Goldwater Institute might come after you…

  5. The Check on Phoenix New Times errors says

    The Phoenix New Times has responded with another article deriding this blog’s use of anonymous writers – absurd considering anonymous political speech is constitutionally protected.

    But what is really irritating is their false reference claiming that Andrew Thomas modified his own wikipedia entry, a libelous article they ran a few months ago and actually got inserted in Thomas’s wikipedia entry. I like to point out errors in the Phoenix New Times articles, and left this comment:

    Well, as has been pointed out in numerous comments after Phoenix New Times articles, Andrew Thomas DID NOT modify his own wikipedia entry (not that there is anything wrong with it), some zealous supporter did. So that’s actually an embarrassingly false article your publication ran. You really should retract it, because as such it’s slander. Read the comments after this article about it and reconsider continuing to trump that. It makes you look stupid.

  6. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with we leave it to you to decide.

  7. Best you should change the page name Sonoran Alliance: Arizona Politics for Conservatives » Phoenix New Times Takes Dig at Alice Lara, Sonoran Alliance to more better for your subject you write. I liked the post still.

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