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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Foot in Mouth Disease


Phoenix New Times catches bad case

A recent, bizarre, satirical article in the New Times titled “Jew Roundup”, falsely attributes anti-Semitic remarks to conservative political and law enforcement leaders in Arizona. The author, Michael Lacey, Executive Editor of the New Times, managed to smear Bishop Olmstead, Senator Russell Pearce, JD Hayworth, Andrew Thomas, Mark Spencer and Darrell Ankario, with one stroke of his poison tipped pen. None of these people ever said the vile things Lacey of which accuses them. Lacey illustrated his work with a hideously unflattering Nazi era caricature of a Jew.

Nobody born a Jew ever asked for that privilege. It just happens, like the allocation of ten toes and fingers. The Jew might be blonde with blue eyes, oriental Asian, black African or even Middle Eastern in appearance. There is, you see, a Jewish nation and religion, but not a Jewish race. Michael Lacey doesn’t know this.

However, even uneducated people are well aware of the difficult history of this people. Small in number, they make convenient scapegoats for bullies  – people like Lacey who have a public platform they use for their own, twisted personal objectives.

Lacey’s rambling and marginally coherent piece evokes images of the most vile Nazi propaganda, directed at stirring up hatred against the vulnerable, as a precursor to annihilation. Lacey’s graphic imagery is no less powerful today than it was 70 years ago, and therefore equally as dangerous. It’s like finding a WWII landmine while digging for clams. The potential for an explosion is the same in 2010 as it was in 1943. Anti-Semitism is similarly deadly, and its devices must never be deployed even as satire. You do not play with mines; you do not play with anti-Semitic iconography. This is not a game.

Lacey apparently disagrees with those who would protect our borders. What he seems incapable of grasping is that they are Constitutionally sworn to do this work. Until our borders are legally made porous, they must be protected against illegal infiltration from the north or south, regardless of the race, national origin, religion or skin color of the infiltrator. As Russell Pearce says: “Illegal is not a race; it is a crime.”

A publisher ought to be someone with maturity and common sense. Lacey seems devoid of both having employed adolescent techniques of false attribution. None of Lacey’s targets uttered anything even remotely close to the statements Lacey reports in his tawdry article. Lacey lies!

He cannot be getting very good advice these days. The modern Jew is nothing like his ghetto ancestor. Living in the valley are American and Israeli Jewish miitary veterans with combat training and CCW permits, some of them blonde, blue eyed women. Why would anyone in their right mind want to irritate them? His other targets are legislators and law enforcement folks. What is the penalty for slander in Arizona? Lacey must either be very brave or not very bright. What do you think?


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  1. I heard about this article from a friend of mine. My response: Why are you still reading that garbage? He said he was googling recent news about one of the men mentioned in the article and it comes up as news. There must be some way to get that kind of anti-Semitic garbage pushed down in the google news results. I know google does that with racist websites. I’m going to submit a complaint to google about it.

  2. I’ve been keeping myself in a self-imposed posting exile for a while, but this has gotta be one of the big bowls of stupid ever served up here and deserves scoops of derision.

    Just in case you were wondering: Johnthan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” wasn’t actually suggesting the British eat Irish babies, Martians didn’t actually land at Grover’s Mill, New Jersey in 1938, and The Onion isn’t an actual newspaper.

    “None of these people ever said the vile things Lacey of which accuses them.”

    Wow! Insightful! Better get those forms in for the Pulitzer you so richly deserve! Wait, no, not the Pulitzer – the “Chewie Shofir Award for Journalistic Idiocy”.

  3. Uh Klute, you don’t think that article was offensive to Jews? I was alerted to it by a Jewish friend who was disgusted. You defend it?

  4. Sure it’s offensive, and that’s the point (much as “A Modest Proposal”‘s point was inflame the British about the barbarity of the idea of eating Irish children).

    Now, I know subtly in satire isn’t a conservative strong point (see: “Mallard Fillmore”, “An American Carol”, “The Half-Hour News Hour”), so I’m surprised the point in Michael Lacey’s article wasn’t recieved here – it’s so on the nose and obvious, it should be right up your guys alley.

    It would be reprehensible if our elected officials actually said the above about Jewish people. Yet, we don’t bat an eyelash when these same people same the same things about Mexicans.

  5. They didn’t say them about anyone. It simple “illegal is not a race it’s a crime.” The cheap labor crowd and the liberals moving us towards socialism want to make it about race. As was all now understand only white can be racist.

    The New Times is an ultra liberal rag printed by people who enjoy smelling their own rectal emissions and read by people looking for a restaurant, movie or prostitute. What do you expect from them? This time they got so wrapped around their own butts, there true racist position came out. The headline should be “New Times outs itself.”

  6. This guy Lacey has to be a total idiot. He’s taking on an awful lot of people with his East coast liberalism.
    As far as the New Times is concerned, my birds won’t let me use it to cover the bottom of the cage.

  7. A another icky, unwelcome glimpse into the sordid mind of a Progressive who pretends his hate isn’t his, and uses any fig leaf of an excuse to spew it.

    Who’d want to be on record as defending that two-faced bile in any way shape or form?

  8. James Davidson says


    Satire only works if you can pull it off. What Lacey wrote was a piece of garbage — not even a little chunk of humor in it. It read like the ravings of someone on an alcoholic binge.

  9. James,

    “What Lacey wrote was a piece of garbage — not even a little chunk of humor in it.”

    Not disagreeing with you. In fact, I said:

    “it’s so on the nose and obvious…”.

    It’s unsubtle, and not funny. So it fails, but I’m not going to suggest it’s something on par with a blood-libel either. American Post Gazette is hyperventilating on a slow news day, combined with their apparent sleeping through 11th grade English class. I mean:

    “None of these people ever said the vile things Lacey of which accuses them.”

    Way to sort that one out, Columbo! We’re lucky you were on the case.

  10. Quote from the Klute. “Yet, we don’t bat an eyelash when these same people same the same things about Mexicans.”

    Maybe you were asleep in that 11th grade class as well.

    Looks like a typo to you dumb a$$. The message was loud and clear.

  11. Just say “ass”, Roger, it’s fine.

    You’re right, I don’t have access to JT Ready’s profile on, so I can’t confirm he’s said similar things, but we do have a treasure-trove of Arpaio’s statements to pick through.

  12. Alicia Gegner says

    “None of these people ever said the vile things Lacey of which accuses them.”

    I bet Klute $1,000 that APG meant to write: “None of these people ever said the vile things of which Lacey accuses them.” I bet!!

    I think whoever writes at American Post Gazette is pretty talented. Don’t think Klute could measure up to get a job there, whereever, “there” is. Michigan, according to the address, but Arizona seems to be where they point their magnifying glass under the sun.

    Hey Klute – what is your point? You don’t seem capable of making one. Is it that people make typos? That is hardly worth taking time to enter the blogs, is it!!

    Is your point that Lacey is right – that anti-Semitism is cool, and it is moral to lie about what people say, or never would say?

    Maybe the left is really the angry side, (not the conservatives) that tells giant fibs because it cannot make a legitimate point based on logic. When your brains fall out, hit or call names. That’s genius, isn’t it!!

    I have yet to see one argument from the left based on common sense. All they do is throw mud. How about it Klute. Are you up to it?

  13. “Is your point that Lacey is right – that anti-Semitism is cool…”

    It’s also my point that Johnathan Swift was correct, Irish babies are delicious, and that according to the Onion’s headline today the GOP is indeed teaming up with leukemia to repeal health care reform.

    My actual point, Alicia, is that the APG is treating Lacey’s article as if it were a news article, and not satire. As I mentioned to James Davidson, it’s ham-fisted, and not particularly good, but satire nonetheless. He’s using one set of stereotypes to highlight another set.

    But I’m not about to teach a class in satire here. Arizona’s fine college system can do that. CRW 150 is the course number.

  14. maybeimamazed says

    It was an April Fools Joke.

  15. AllUsBadGuys says

    I’d appreciate it if everybody would correctly spell Bishop Olmsted’s name correctly.

  16. Michelle Benham says

    “Oriental Asian”???? What’s that?

  17. So, where’s the joke in smearing conservatives with blood libel, with a direct reference to a horrific massive geonocidal slaughter? Using grotesque stereotypes of one group of people to grotesquely stereotype another group of people.

    Always we hear lying weasels who get called out on this deliberate slime that “It’s a joke,” “It’s satire.” Or the caught out voting illegally five times for a Democrat, “I was just testing the system.”
    Lie to dodge the consequences.

    All that “tolerance” indoctrination in schools hasn’t done a thing to improve the “tolerance” of the two-faced bigoted sneaks who promote “tolerance.”

  18. That was a superb post,I recently subscribed to your rss.

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