Phoenix Mayoral candidate Jennifer Wright – An upset in the making!

Watch the following video from this Sunday’s Square Off as political pundit and insider, Chris Herstam makes the prediction that conservative Tea Party candidate, Jennifer Wright could possibly take second place in the upcoming August Phoenix Mayoral race. (Herstam believes that Greg Stanton will win the vote with 30-35% of the vote (not enough to clinch the win) but Wright could finish second place against Peggy Neely if Wright is able to raise enough money to get mailers out.

For those who follow politics a little closer, Chris Herstam also predicted a near win by 2010 Congressional Candidate, Ruth McClung in the General Election against Raul Grijalva.  Herstam would not make such a statement unless he could back it up with hard polling data.

Here is the video clip:

Read what Arizona Republic political reporter Robert Leger also wrote about Jennifer Wright:

“Wright could be a key factor. Most pundits, noting she entered the race late and has little money, expect her to finish in the single digits. But an important point: She collected 3,500 signatures in three weeks using only volunteers. Passion is as important as money in a campaign, maybe more so.”

The race for Mayor and Council in Phoenix will come down to a race between the government unions vs the taxpayers. Unions are out working to elect their next “bosses” in order to get the long-term benefits paid for courtesy of Phoenix taxpayers.

Help Jennifer Wright take back America one city at a time by donating to her effort. This is a potential upset in the making and you have the opportunity to make it happen and send a message loud and clear.

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  1. UnionBuster says

    You gotta be kidding. First, Sinema makes a good barb at the end. Wright’s LACK of voting record in a city election is not a great qualification. Someone who has earned a law degree and passed the state bar then says she did not realize there were city elections in off years … she must have missed the signs up for years. She’s a Horizon H.S. grad, so she had to have some clue. It speaks to her lack of awareness of surroundings. I will say, regardless of how I feel on the other candidates, I can say that the other candidates in the race who have been Dem or Rep have a much better list of community involvement. Wright is not ready to lead one of the largest cities in America – heck, she’s not even a community organizer. She’ll get her several thousand votes and we’ll see two others in a run off. Anyway, when’s the last time Herstram ran or won a race?

  2. Norm Wood says

    This is great. A few days earlier, Brahm Resnick interviewed Wright for a short piece that channel 12 aired at lunchtime. He interviewed Stanton, Mattox, and Gullett in the days before her. Even though she seems to promote everything she does in the media, for some reason, she never mentions this Resnick interview?

    Watch it and you will see her lack of past civic involvement in her own municipal government (she refers to it as being “asleep at the wheel”) and her hollow rhetoric that is obviously cliches backed up without facts.

    Don’t take my word for it, watch it yourself since she isn’t going to tell you about it.

  3. Real Conservative says

    Jennifer Wright is a fake conservative. Ask her how she feels about social issues.
    She’s also running a terrible campaign, She’s going to come in FIFTH.

  4. Phillip the Great says

    Until I read her bio on her website, I had never seen someone write that they had “clerked” for a think tank.

    But I have also read that mankind’s most devastating political leaders wrote that they will cure all problems, and only then return that power back to the people. This woman wrote that very same thing.

  5. Phoenix Phrind says

    This election is about limited government, not about who votes the most often. I care a LOT less about a candidate’s history of voting in worthless and non-competitive races (thanks Phil Gordon) than their WILLINGNESS to challenge the unions that are choking this city budget. Jennifer Wright is the only candidate that has the backbone to follow through on pro-taxpayer promises.

    Those currently in city government are complicit in the food-tax for city working pay raises scam, as well as the general irresponsibility of the past decade. Neely and Mattox are out. Wes Gullet is exactly the kind of milktoast McCain booster that will keep the city exactly where it is.

    Is Jennifer Wright a perfect candidate that has never done anything wrong? Obviously not. Is Wright the best candidate from those available? Obviously. She is the only one that will truly challenge the unions and advocate for limited government.

    Phillip the Great: clerking is something you do when you are in law school and working for an organization. It is usually significant and moderately challenging work akin to being a lawyer for the agency. I am glad you brought it up because it proves that Wright is committed to the cause of limited government.

    *** It is also worth pointing out that the above commenters sound like rival campaign workers. Too much focus on unimportant tripe.

  6. Phillip the Great says

    Vote. What is a vote? It is a number, a minimum registration of desire. Lost in the abyss of other “votes.” It is not leadership, it is not work, it is nothing. Mayors don’t vote. They lead, they crush, they battle, they cajole, make deals, push, pull…all those things take a certain kind of stamina, experience, judgement and courage. Hilarious that someone with only a few, maybe only one, of those characteristics would run for office.

    And if you keep saying she’ll win, it’s not really an upset, is it?

    • Phoenix Phrind says

      Principled commitment to limited government is the most important factor in this race. Which shows a greater lapse in judgement and a lack of commitment to limited government:

      1) Not voting in non-competitive city races, like Wright?
      2) Joining Republicans for Janet Napolitano, like Gullet?

      Obviously #2 is way worse. He either actually agreed with Napolitano on the issues (Good God in heaven!), or he blew with the political winds like a spineless opportunist looking for favor from a popular but exceptionally liberal governor. Where is that judgement and experience you were talking about?

  7. Jennifer Wright is exactly why Tea Party Groups do not endorse, at least true Tea Party Groups don’t and the general public gets it, when will the GOP get it?

    October 18, 2010 on Her Politics, Shawnna Bolick, Jennifer Wright and Sal DiCiccio (caution: volume spikes at minute 25:45) have a discussion concerning Sal’s point of view on city issues. Wright is obviously taken by DiCiccio parroting him based on their conservation before the show. Wright continues today with DiCiccio’s platform. Listen carefully to DiCiccio’s comparing a sphere (ball) to budget cutting and ask yourself if he and Wright intend to include 60+% of the total city budget being police in fire in their cuts. Or is it ………. Schmidt recalls DiCiccio’s answer: “Political suicide.”

    Wright will only be another Ubama, a puppet on a string.

    Sorry Wright, thought I could remain quite as indicated letting the mayor’s race pass by. Just can’t do it, you’re not qualified and continue to be coached by DiCiccio and cohorts. Stepping over dollars to get to penny’s, dismantling 20% of the budget while ignoring 65% is, well not what the residences of the City of Phoenix want in the long run.

    Glad to see someone else caught the issue as to elections on off years, I’m sure you now understand why.

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