Perfect timing

Update: KOLD has video of the GOP party.

     Now that our Dear Senator has all but wrapped up the nomination the Pima County GOP is ready to let the grassroots inside the gates. Don’t knock each other down rushing to get on board.

     Hopefully they will have a livelier turnout than on primary night (as reported by the Arizona Daily Star)

At Pima County Republican Party headquarters, 5447 E. Fifth St., the mood was strangely quiet as the 15 or so people gathered …

A hop, skip and jump away at the Obama headquarters, 4500 E. Speedway, about 80 people gathered …

There, I didn’t say anything bad about the likely GOP nominee. That wasn’t so difficult. We’re all one happy family now.


  1. Blue blogger Michael Bryan, Tony GOPrano, and myself were on a news radio show today to discuss the election as blue, red, and indy bloggers. Michael spoke very well as did Tony. I didn’t do so well, but I did manage to note that Clinton and Obama each got about 8 million votes, totaling over 16 M.

    McCain got 4.4 M.

    Indy registration out paces blue or red dramatically.

    It gets worse. What do you think we indies think of Bush and the GOP? What do independents think of the war? It’s no secret. We’re also just pleased as punch with Bush’s latest budget. Seen it?

    Worst deficit in history. Keeps tax cuts for billionaires. Slashes funds for elderly health care. If I truly hated the GOP, I’d love Bush. He is killing your party. It’s called denial.

    Blue turnout dwarfed red. I could not participate. When indies like myself get to play, multiply all those blue numbers by two.

    Or three.

    Seen the stock market? Sonoran had a great post about predictions around the new year holiday. I said DOW would TANK 1000+ and maybe even below 12,000. The 1000+ has already occurred, and 12,000 is getting close.

    My good mortgage broker friend called me last night. A year, maybe a little more, her office had 23 people.

    Now it’s just her. An office branch of one.

    The Recession looms. I will never figure out how the Cheney pigs think they can keep stealing our money after they get it all and we no longer have any.

    Death is not an on/off switch. It takes time. My last last demise took six months.

    Don’t blame the Democrats or the Independents. Bus, Rove and Cheney fired the shots, mining the country, and their party, for themselves. I hope the country survives.

    Your party, in its current form, will not.

    It’s already dead. Don’t believe me?

    Stand up in front of any unfiltered group, and as a Republican speak for integrity in government, fiscal responsibility, competence, transparency, and helping those who need help.

    Go for it.

    This year, Independents are Democrats, and there’s a lot of us.


    How’s the fund raising?

    Everyone, EVERYONE, is screaming change.

    From what? You. Your party. The administration you continue to support. A moral GOP would have called for W’s impeachment the instant all of the lies and violations of the constitution became clear.

    I remember a GOP that respected the constitution. Oh wait. The constitution only applies until a GOP president tosses it in the trash for personal gain.

    The people at this blog seem like smart people. I don’t get it.

  2. x4mr makes some very good points but he does not tell the entire story.

    But, what he does represent in full force is something not said in so many words but perfectly illustrated by the last few months of this blog. The Dems are so closely united despite their candidates, yet they are battling fiercely. When asked, they will gladly get behind the other candidate for a Dem victory. However, I do not believe the primary numbers are as indicative of the general as they are of a desire to speak out in a very exciting time.

    But there is a point clearly made through all the GOP bashing and “W” dislike by x4mr. It is the reason so many are rallying behind Senator McCain. It is further made by the tone and tenor of this post in particular, it is such a poke in the eye. We are in a fight for our political future for years to come. This is not a one election and out time folks. Do not say the Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan garbage. Jimmy Carter almost killed this country in both economics and national security. A vocal number of the “grassroots” who feel they are the voice of the party, the ones who get it done, and therefore are entitled have so removed themselves from the real people of the party, the voters, that they have become what they despise.

    Look at the primary results. McCain won, and did so in spite of the best efforts of many to undermine his capacity in his home state. Republicans in Arizona just said to all the McCain bashers, you do not speak for me! No straw poll but a legitimate election of registered R’s.

    We are sick and tired of being told what to think, when to think it, how to express, it, what to do with it, and with whom we may agree and on what issue on order to maintain our good standing in the organization. We are not RINO’s, sycophants, idiots, or whatever pejorative of the day is assigned to those who do not tow the line.

    John McCain won Arizona by a broader margin of votes in Arizona than Romney did in MA. The percentage of votes Romney got was greater, but a greater percentage of R’s voted for McCain in MA than they did for Romney in AZ. McCain did better in MA than Romney did in AZ. The folks who know him best.

    The voice of this blog has been one of negativity. The focus has become entirely about what is wrong with individuals, with candidates, with those who post in opposition to the negativity, with the organization. It has become the screaming meemies of the Arizona right with the voice of narional defeat the true subtext.

    I agree, the people at this blog seem like smart people. I don’t get it.

  3. Ann, Your post makes the point better than that article.

    There is a very vocal group in the party that hates McCain and anyone else who does not completely agree with them on every issue. The election just proved how small and how wrong this group really is.

  4. x4mr,

    Please be more specific with the “Your party” in the future. I sent in my re-registration yesterday to change to NOP.

  5. nightcrawler says


    You have “party” envy. There is no “we” for independents. No organization, no platform, no consistent message. Some independents may dislike Bush, others may support him. The GOP is changing, but is certainly not dead. You will find this out in November when many Democrats and Independents vote McCain in office.

  6. geez Ann…
    Go get ’em girl!

  7. Walt Stephenson says

    Most of the Pima County folks were at McCain headquarters in Phoenix, about 1000 strong.

    I suspect you should judge the turnout at the Candidates Headquarters not the Party’s.

  8. And Romney’s local folks publicized several get-togethers in town.

    Hey x4mr….and exactly how is the mortgage crisis the President’s fault? Speculators, buyers who bought into the financial equivalent of hop and horn bets on a craps table. The no interest and ARM loans to get a bigger house. Oh, when the interest rate goes up and I can’t afford the payment, I’ll just sell the place and pocket my quick equity. Oh, when the balloon payment is due I’ll just sell the house at a profit and buy another place. People buying multiple houses to flip at a $40K a pop in six months. Works fine as long as the market is going up but how long can that crazy growth last? It always stabilizes or corrects. And those unscrupulous ones in the loan industry who actually encouraged applicants to lie on their forms or employed unethical appraisers in cash-back schemes that have caused losses to whole neighborhoods and areas of town. In fact, it’s much more accurate to blame our governor Napolitano for allowing Arizona to lead the NATION in mortgage fraud. This from someone from a prosecutorial background. I can do without that kind of “change” thank you very much x4mr. But you can rally for it all your independent-ness wants to.

    If Hillary gets in and “stops foreclosures” or “freezes interest rates” (her words), how do you think this is going to make home buying easier? Who will loan money when they can’t get the market interest rate? If banks have to accept nonpayment on their loans, how do you think that will affect the overall economy? Want to hazard a guess? Freeze the money market right in its tracks. Price controls, ‘stagflation’, Nixon anyone…great strategy Hillary. You think the Dow is down now?

    People want change? No, liberals want more free stuff from the government…college education, medicine, condoms.

    The current administration has done what they’ve done. But they’re not up for re-election are they so dragging out that argument really doesn’t hold water. Hey, you assert Cheney or Rove are “evil”? How about Diane Feinstein steering half a BILLION dollars to her husband’s company. You think that’s ethical? You want a change? Great. For all I know the tidal wave is coming and Ronald Reagan himself could not get elected today as a Republican. Of course, that’s why they have the election in November and we shall all see. And if Hillary or Obama win, well then they’ll have their turn in the barrel and you independents can be against them for a change.

    And although this is completely off the subject, I’m on a roll so I’m not going to stop….They should fire Mike Stoops for apologizing for his “junior college” comment about ASU. The guy finally showed signs of “getting” the rivalry with ASU and the moron apologizes the next day. He had the chance of elevating his stock with the masses here in Tucson after his indifference to the importance of the rivalry game last year. Then he puts on lipstick, panties and a skirt and begs Erikson’s forgiveness? What a dork! It was his recruit’s comments about ASU being easier to get into than UA.

  9. One more thing…with interest rates at HISTORICAL low levels…why were people getting ARMs in the first place? Let’s see, interest rates at fifty year lows, are the rates likely to go up or down even further? Or, Mr. x4mr, was that George W. Bush’s fault too. Cheney’s? Rove’s? Why don’t you throw halitosis in there too while you’re at it.

    Again, if you’re correct and the GOP baby is thrown out with the Bush bathwater, so be it. Hillary and Obama can come in, “change” and we’ll see what happens. They can start by mandating that Detroit make cars that people don’t want to buy. That will kill the auto industry. Because, you know, we can’t depend on the free market to drive change. Then they’ll mandate ethanol which a) will cost more than gasoline, hurting the folks they have promised a cheaper tank of gas and b) bayonetting the wounded and the rest of us again buy driving up the price of produce, meat, dairy as the demand for corn skyrockets and the price goes up even more. Again, why trust the market to switch to alternate fuels, hydrogen cells, etc when the price of gas passes the price of alternatives? That’s just craziness. Then they’ll stick it to the little guy again, mandating solar energy that is more expensive than what we get now. Because we need to change. Then they’ll get us out of Iraq. I guess we’ll see if that’s a good change or not. I’d rather be fighting al Queda somewhere other than here but you know, maybe you folks are right and it was just all one big mistake, I guess we’ll see if the Dems win and pull out of Iraq. Change, change, change, we’re all so busy changing. Then they’ll tell us to change the way we go to the bathroom by telling us to flush once a week. Change may be coming but it does not smell very good.

    You may be right about it being an inevitability but, again, that’s why they have the election–and then we shall see.

  10. One of the things I find interesting about these threads is how certain interpretations are made. I do it too. We all do.

    Regarding the mortgage mess, I don’t blame Bush. The man doesn’t know what a mortgage is and has never paid one. I point to the recession at the macro level of a very upset country going to the polls, and also at the macro level that we cannot spend ourselves into oblivion and expect the economy to remain sound. Look at our debt. I am on a conservative blog and appear to be the only one fuming about deficit spending irresponsible beyond language.

    I find it interesting how money for something like education, health care, is handing out freebies, but stuffing Halliburton, Blackwater, ExxonMobile, Pfizer, ADM, Aetna, is helping the economy.

    Will spare you, but I have seen bleeding heart freebies turn people into irresponsible cheese that think it’s my job to make their lives work.

    Of course some of the Dems have done favors for friends. That’s pot and kettle turf, but what Bush and Cheney have done is beyond beyond, and no I won’t forget. It’s called crime. They lie. They steal. They cheat. They murder. They torture.

    Know about the folks that protested near Blackwater HQ?

    Secret trials and prison. I wonder what would be posted here if some Pro-life sign carriers were abducted, tried in secret, and sent to prison. It’s legal to protest. Well, it used to be when we had a democracy.

    I find it amazing you aren’t screaming for Bush’s head on a plate. The man is guilty of treason.

    For what it’s worth I think McCain is a good man, but if he wins, I don’t want his job. I must say I see a certain irony if McCain inherits the worst mess an incoming president has faced since Abraham Lincoln, the best president this country ever had.

    McCain would take over after the worst president the country ever had. Consider the following or not. I am the one being vocal. I can promise you the hatred for that demon in the White House is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

    Oh, they suppress the Iraq numbers by a factor of three with fancy classification games. They can’t mess with fatalities, but the injury figures are a farce. The real number is about 75,000, not 28,000.

    If you’re a soldier in the heat of combat taking fire, but the bullets don’t hit you directly and instead the flying debris takes your hand off, you are not wounded.

    They are liars. You want to know what’s really pathetic? It’s all for money.

    Abraham Lincoln gave everything he had (I am not referring to the assassination), everything, his mission in life, to save this nation. I respect few human beings more than Lincoln.

    Bush ate US for breakfast and dumped the leftovers in China at a fire sale.

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