Pelosi Index Ranks Arizona Dems

A new website to tell you about (H/T to Harry Mitchell Watch). The National Republican Trust has researched and correlated all critical votes taken by the current Congress as to how they tie back to Nancy Pelosi. According to their summary of the Arizona delegation, both Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva tied with their 100% vote for Pelosi’s agenda. Gabrielle Giffords came in 2nd place at 89% with Ann Kirkpatrick placing 3rd place at 78%. Then there’s Harry Mitchell who voted for Pelosi’s agenda 67% of the time. Here is the chart:

Pelosi Index

To see all the votes in detail, visit Pelosi Index.

Since this chart only summarizes Arizona’s Democratic delegation on only 9 votes, we thought you like to know where they also stand on the entire “Pelosi Unity Team.” Here are those ratings:

Ann Kirkpatrick, (CD-1)
Votes with the party 86.2% of the time (as compared to 78% of the time, which the chart shows)

Harry Mitchell (CD-5)
Votes with the party 80.8% of the time (as compared to 67% of the time, which the chart shows)

Gabrielle Giffords (CD-8)
Votes with the party 90.4% of the time (as compared to 89% of the time, which the chart shows)


  1. How about an “effective vote” index for the bluedogs. Show how many times a representative voted against Pelosi’s position and won. Mitchell likes to say that he’s independent of Pelosi, but I don’t recall when he has ever voted against her position and been on the winning side. He seems to only vote no when it doesn’t matter.

  2. Scott,

    That has to be the dumbest argument I have ever heard. Every time Shadegg, Franks and Flake vote no, the bill also did not pass. Are their votes irrelevant?

    The Speaker like ALL speakers rarely brings things to the floor when they are going to fail. That would make her a stupid speaker.

    The only thing I can think of where she brought something to the floor and it failed was the initial bailout in October of 2008 which sent the market down about 500 points that day, and Mitchell voted No.

    So while I am not a fan of Mitchell, and we need to find a candidate to go out after him, this is such a stupid Scott. Next time think before you post.

  3. Let me put it a different way. When Pelosi really needs a vote for her position, it appears that she can always count on Mitchell. How independent does that make Mitchell?

  4. Cool chart. Very useful!
    Got potential for like models.

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