Pelosi-Gate Seems Fake

by Gayle Plato
Is it not odd how CIA Director, Leon Panetta, threw Nancy Pelosi overboard like shark chum? It definitely smells a bit fishy.  Speaker Pelosi might just be the least liked member of Congress by the voters too. Pelosi’s unfavorables are at an all time high, with a Rasmussen poll from about six weeks ago putting her unfavorables at 60% (
What a perfect time to distance POTUS.  Just get a Pelosi staffer to suggest that nobody trusts the CIA, put it out there that they lied to you.  Then in moments, Panetta will have a stern statement. That is poetic license of the administration Book of the Dead witchcrafting. She may be wiccan but the warlocks on top are casting her out- a French Queen offering us all cake.
Barack Obama can seem centrist as Pelosi sounds like a jerk, arguing.  No one likes an older woman who’s flustered either. She is a screeching finger nail on the chalk boards of Coach Axelrod’s war room.  She’s your mom driving you crazy as she doesn’t listen while looking for her glasses, on her head the whole time.  She’s politically expendable.  Another great move by the Chicago Machine.  Top it off with truly a beautiful speech at Notre Dame.  I feel like Quasi Motto shouting ‘the bells”  
Next thing you know, they’ll nominate Bill Clinton to the Court… do you hear the bells too?

Check out the interesting parallel comments ( thx JR): WSJ


  1. Grumpy Gus says

    The first order of business for a tyrant is to either weaken or control any remaining rivals. Turning over legislative leadership weakens the entire Congress. An example of controlling a rival would be putting Hillary in the cabinet.

    So it make seem fake, but it’s entirely deliberate.

  2. I agree Gus- We are saying the same thing actually. I think they purposely set her up to weaken.

  3. It seems the norm that presidents have weakened congressional leaders of their own party. Maybe he’ll replace her with a Republican like Jon Huntsman.

  4. Huntsman–LOL he’s on a slow boat to China

  5. I always considered wicca a very unique religion. I love the idea of not making any “set” way of worshipping. Also you’re able to celebrate by yourself or in any sized group.

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