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Sonoran Alliance just received a copy of the latest Russell Pearce Newsletter. Senator Pearce provides an update on the state budget crisis and his expectation that it will be completed this week and WITHOUT a tax increase. He also lets us know that as soon as the budget is complete all the other critical bill will begin to move again fast and furious because the legislature has held all else up until the budget was passed. Be sure to make the phone calls right after the budget is complete.


As we Republicans “finally” get close to a budget deal to close the $3 billion deficit without a tax increase on families (Next Week I hope and pray). We have taken 90 years to get to a $6 billion budget in 2002 and now in a short 7 years in ’09 we were at a $11 billion dollar budget. A 100% increase in just a short 7 years. The last six years your governor with the Democrat legislators and with the help of a handful of fiscally irresponsible Republicans have grown the budget at an average of 12% each of the last 6 years while inflation plus population growth has been about 6%. We can and must protect taxpayers, families and small businesses already struggling by reducing the burden of government.

SENATE BILLS HAVE NOT BEEN ASSIGNED YET. THE DECISION WAS MADE TO WAIT UNTIL WE GET THE BUDGET DONE BEFORE ANY BILLS GET ASSIGNED OR HEARD IN COMMITTEE IN THE SENATE: Now is the time to make your concerns and wishes known. Call and e-mail your legislators . Next week we should pass out a budget. We will have a very short time and we must have our legislators stay and finish their duty to hear critical bills to promote liberty, good fiscal reforms, 2nd Amendment rights, parental right to be involved in their childrens decisions, to eliminate government quata’s that are discriminatory and to eliminate all so called “sanctuary” policies by our cities.

WHEN WE GET THE BUDGET DONE THE PROCESS WILL GO FAST; I ASK YOU TO SUPPORT AND HELP TO PASS THESE BILLS LISTED BELOW: E-mail members (especially leadership to make sure they get assigned and heard). To e-mail you legislator go to

I am working on TORT reform for doctors in emergency rooms and patients that are new patients for doctors, along with changing the standard for “expert witnesses testimony” to be elevated to the reasonable standard used in federal courts.

I am working on a comprehensive piece of legislation to strengthen the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens and limit no defense zones and strengthen citizen rights, etc.

I am working on language to fully enforce Prop. 200 that was passed overwhelmingly in ’04 by Arizona voters, that our former Governor and AG Terry Goddard did a back door veto and refused to fully implement Prop. 200 and blocked most of its implementation to prevent welfare fraud by illegal aliens.

Trespass: I have a bill to make it a state crime to enter or remain in Arizona in violation of federal law.


SB1160 vehicle title; registration; legal presence (requested by law enforcement)
This bill would put the same requirements on titling or registering a vehicle of legal presence as required to get a drivers license. Will have a tremendous affect on illegals driving around illegally. According to law enforcement a large percentage of hit and runs and serious and fatal accidents are involving illegal aliens.

SB1172 schools; data; non citizen students
This is needed to really know how many illegal aliens and non citizens are in our school. It does not prevent them from attending, but the debate continues on how many are really in our K-12 system at a cost of $9700 per student. The taxpayer has an inherent right to know who they are paying for.

SB1173 public housing; legal presence
Requires proof of citizenship to get public housing.

SB1175 illegal aliens; enforcement; trespassing. (remove handcuffs from law enforcement – Supported by Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Sheriff Joe, County Attorney Thomas, Border Patrol 2544, law enforcement, Republican Party, and others)

SB1176 military family relief fund (no public dollars involved)
Allows more flexibility to help families of returning veterans and is great voluntary program.

SB1177 unauthorized aliens; employment; application; transporting (a good fix to the day labor problem)
This bill makes it a misdemeanor to solicit employment and makes it a state crime to employ them and requires anyone transporting them for purposes of work to have their vehicle impounded for a mandatory 30 days.

SB1243 justification; defensive display of firearm
This is a simple bill supported by the NRA and Citizens for Self Defense. It allows citizens to display a weapon in self defense without being charged with a crime.

SB1334 workers’ compensation; unauthorized aliens
No workers compensation for illegal aliens. An employer who illegally employees them must be totally responsible for any injuries. This is needed because of a silly Arizona Supreme Court ruling.

SB1335 unauthorized aliens; licensing ( an enhancement to the Employer Sanctions bill)
This strengthens our Employer Sanctions bill (by the way we just won for the 5th time in court) This puts more teeth in requiring businesses to sign up for E-Verify and gives the County Attorney’s civil subpoena authority to look at personal files of a business if the info that gives reasonable cause to believe they have illegal aliens employed (we will get a ton of resistance to leadership to not give this bill a hearing)

SB1337 driver license violations (a law enforcement request and just puts it back to how it use to be)
Makes not having a drivers license a misdemeanor so they can arrest them. Today they cannot because it is a civil penalty. If they are lying, no ID, speak no English and they know they are a gang member or an illegal alien they must let them go. If you have a drivers license and just don’t have it on you it will not affect you.

SB1242 weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves (a fix on Reserve Officers that was left out accidentally)
Gives the Sheriff’s more control over their voluntary Posses, Reserves when it comes to allowing them to carry Concealed and ability to use them in a greater enforcement capacity, especially needed in these tough budget reduction times.

SB1467 county elected officials; authority (Just recognizes ‘elected’ officials rights to run their elected offices)
This one is important that all of our elected officials can properly run their offices and not have their budget decisions by other elected officials. Does not diminish the budget authority of Boards of Supervisors, but once a budget is given it is the elected officials right to run their office. We elect them for that reason.

SCR1006 state appropriation limit; reduction (a Americans for Prosperity bill, TABOR light)
Lowers the Constitutional limit on revenue that can be collected to a reasonable level. This would not allow the legislature to spend at a reckless rate.

This would limit the growth of government to no more than inflation plus population without a 2/3rds vote of the legislature. If we had this in place in 2004 as I tried we would not have huge deficit we have today and would have retuned $4 billion dollars back to the taxpayer.

SCR1012 spending accountability and transparency act
Simply requires ALL government agencies to post all salaries, spending on line. Sunshine is the best medicine and especially for government. It is you money and your government.

SCR1031 discrimination; preferential treatment; prohibition (Stops all affirmative action)
Every Arizona resident should be treated equally and fairly by the government. This bill does not affect private citizens or businesses at all. This is a great bill to eliminate all government discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnicity or national origin. We want everyone to be successful and not allow government to discriminate and pick winners and losers. Many will try and tell you Arizona has not quota programs, I have examples of many if needed.

HCR2024 A resolution to assert our 10 Amendment Constitutioanal States Rights. We have started a “Liberty Caucus” here at the legislature to Take America Back, One State at a time. State Sovereignty was always intended to keep the federal government in check and to preserve our freedoms. Havoc being wreaked in the oval office through a powerful coalition of like-minded patriots whose ancillary interests may not always align but whose primary interest rises to the occasion. We must leverage our strengths to starve this bloated political behemoth of the financial resources required to sustain itself through a return to constitutional government.

Our country has lost its way. Can you afford not to be part of the solution? Thirty five (35) states are exercising sovereignty rights under the 10th amendment from an out of control federal government currently gutting our constitutional rights at nano-second speed! With a 60/40 senate majority, our 1st and 2nd amendment rights are about to be raped and pillaged by the new regime. Our US elected officials are now impotent in their well-earned minority. The burden is now with the states to prioritize the passage of sovereignty legislation at once to shield its citizens and their children, your children and everyone’s grandchildren from the pending loss of liberty.



  1. I feel’SB1176 military family relief fund (no public dollars in evolved)
    Allows more flexibility to help families of returning veterans and is great voluntary program’ is a hugely important bill!
    legal help for veterans

  2. I wish Senator Pearce would run his newsletter through his spell check and then by someone else to catch some of these errors.

    e.g. (no public dollars in evolved)

  3. “SB1467 county elected officials; authority (Just recognizes ‘elected’ officials rights to run their elected offices)
    This one is important that all of our elected officials can properly run their offices and not have their budget decisions by other elected officials.”

    Would this mean that the current ‘raid’ on city and county budgets as proposed by the current state legistlature would be unlawful?

  4. legislature – sorry about that.

  5. Corrected “in evolved” => “involved”

  6. kralmajales says

    Not a single thing in his agenda designed to improve our education system, create real economic development, and make our liveable to those who wish to come here.

    Just an agenda against illegal aliens, taxes, and government.

    I look really hard sometimes to see if I can see anything in this guy that might be truly that of a public servant or a problem solver…and I find little to nothing.

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