Paulina Morris Raises Over $100,000 in a Few Weeks

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Pushes to raise another $200,000 in April

Phoenix- After filing a very successful six-figure fundraising report, congressional candidate Paulina Morris is setting a new goal to raise another $200,000 in April.  Morris announced today that she surpassed her initial fundraising goal by raising $102,315 before the end of first quarter on March 31, 2010.  Over 90% donated to Morris was received in the last two weeks of the reporting period.

“My message is resonating with CD3 voters,” Morris said. “We couldn’t be happier with our first quarter numbers considering our first fundraising event took place on March 17th.  We have an extremely busy April planned and I’m confident we will continue to hit our aggressive fundraising goals.”

Paulina for Congress Chairman and Petsmart Executive Chairman, Phil Francis said, “I am proud of the strides we continue to make in fundraising.  We have strong support coming from all over the community.  As word about Paulina’s run for Congress spreads, more and more people are joining her team and supporting her campaign.”

“We’re very excited by our showing,” Francis continued.  “Unlike much of our opposition who had previous campaigns in place for governor, state treasurer or attorney general before jumping into this CD3 primary, our results represent support we’ve received solely for the Congressional District 3 nomination.”

Paulina Morris’ experience in Congressional District 3 provides a distinct advantage.  In 2004, over 62,000 voters elected Morris to the inaugural Maricopa County Healthcare District, which covers roughly the same geographical area as Congressional District 3.  During her four-year term on the District Board, her colleagues elected Morris twice as the Chairman of the board.

Morris’ family escaped Communist Cuba in 1960.  Her mother raised Paulina and her three sisters on her own.  Through hard work and dedication, Paulina earned both a law degree and two Master’s degrees.  Her upbringing instilled a love of country and dedication to serve which is what has driven Paulina to dedicate herself to public service.

Fundraisers Currently Scheduled:

April 10th, Friends of Paulina Event – Paradise Valley
April 11th, Meet & Greet Paulina – Phoenix
April 13th, Independents for Paulina – Phoenix
April 15th, Attorneys for Paulina Event – Phoenix
April 16th, Business Leaders for Paulina – Phoenix
April 18th, Meet & Greet – Phoenix
April 20th, Friends of Paulina Event – North Central Phoenix
April 22nd, Friends of Paulina Event – Denver, Colorado
April 24th, Healthcare Event – Phoenix
April 25th, Desert Ridge Supporters – Event
April 27th, Jewish Community for Paulina Event – Paradise Valley
April 28th, Education Event – Phoenix
April 29th, Friends of Paulina Event – Paradise Valley
May 5th, Cinco de Mayo Event – Phoenix

Additional events will be posted to in the coming days.


  1. She has an uphill climb. If anyone has the fortitude to do any digging on her, they’ll see she’s no conservative.

    Even the term RINO doesn’t do her justice…she’s more liberal.

    She will NOT get my vote, nor my spouses’ vote, nor the votes of my parents and many of our friends…we all reside in District 3.

  2. My husband and I will be voting for Jim Waring.

  3. This Planned Parenthood supporter should be running as a Democrat. She sure is a nasty campaigner, when will she be releasing some more attack videos???

    How about one where she dresses up and pretends to be a Republican, oh wait she does that everyday!!!

  4. Beatrice B says

    Paulina’s message resonates with our family. She has a long standing, true conservative record. It appears she has a great chance of winning our Republican nomination given the amount of local support she has already received and money she was able to raise so quickly.

  5. I suppose Paulina’s message resonates with people if those people are pro-choice, Harry Mitchell supporters (look it up on the FEC website!), believe in sucking the taxpayers dry, and live in a million dollar house in Paradise Valley.

  6. Sophie is right…..she is not a R…..

  7. If anyone does have the fortitude to dig deeper they will find Paulina Morris has done a lot of work in the past for the community. I’m very tired of people saying she’s not a true Republican because she’s pro-choice, Barry Goldwater was also pro-choice and there is no question he was a true Republican.

  8. CD-3 Undecided Voter says

    Honestly, I don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but I’ve been a life long Republican and Paulina seems to be an ok candidate. I’d rather have her than Quayle who thinks he’s entitled to the spot or Moak who is trying to buy his seat.

  9. Obamanation says

    Agreed about Quayle, but her core values are at best liberal. This one needs to reclassify herself as a Democrat

  10. Paulina is raising money from national pro-choice groups. They have targeted this district because it’s a pretty conservative, pretty Republican District … and if they can unify national pro-choice, pro-abortion money … and get all the single-issue pro-choice voters to support her (and the pro-life vote gets divided) … they have a chance to put a pro-choice/abortion Republican in Congress in a “conservative district” which they would consider a monumental accomplishment.

    Only one candidate in this race has introduced affirmative pro-life legislation … Pamela Gorman. Others, to their credit, have voted pro-life … but not get out and were willing to put their necks on the chopping block. And of course, the other politicians say they may be pro-life (and I’m sure they are), but will they sacrifice their political capital on the issue? Lots of politicians talk a good game when running for office.

    Gorman is always willing to do those things like opposing the Governor’s tax increase … that offend liberal Republicans (and Democrats) because she puts conservative PRINCIPLES before the party …

  11. No guts, no glory says

    Dusti Morris good! Paulina Morris NOT so good.

    Do not confuse the good for the not so good.

  12. If Ms. Morris is so ‘conservative’, why does she fail to mention her party affiliation in her ads? Just what is Ms. Morris afraid of?

  13. Mary Lavin says

    Good luck with that… a woman how could you support such an illegal law?

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