Paulina Morris applauds Governor and Legislature for Defending Arizona from Obamacare

Paulina Morris

For Immediate Release: April 1, 2010

Former legislators no longer around to help Arizona join lawsuit

Phoenix- Paulina Morris, candidate for Arizona Congressional District 3, criticized today the recent passage of the Obamacare Health Plan and throws her full support behind efforts to stop the unconstitutional Federal mandates. Along with the billions of dollars of increased Federal spending; this plan will cost the State of Arizona an estimated $3.8 Billion over the next three years and nearly $11 billion over the next ten years. With our state facing unprecedented budgeted deficits, these additional federal mandates could literally bankrupt our state.

“I have seen firsthand the effects of healthcare costs while serving on the Maricopa County Special Healthcare District,” said Morris. “Just like the bailouts on Wall Street and the banking system, in healthcare, we now are faced with a system of little transparency and increasing bureaucracy, which few understand and even fewer will be able to regulate.”

Over 62,000 voters elected Paulina Morris in 2004 to the inaugural Maricopa County Health District, whose boundaries nearly match those of Congressional District 3. She served as Chairman for two of those years. The Board oversees and directs the Maricopa Integrated Health System, which consists of the Maricopa Medical Center, 11 family health centers, psychiatric facilities, a health plan and a $700 million budget.

“It is unfortunate that the State Legislature is missing a few members who decided not to stick around to tackle important issues such as this,” said Co-Chair Phil Francis. “That’s the difference between those just looking for a new job and someone working hard to get the job done. Paulina served four years of countless hours, at no salary, to save the Maricopa Integrated Healthcare System. She’s not an elected official looking for a soft place to land or someone doing this for a hobby, she is in this race to serve and give back to a country who has given her so much.”

Morris congratulated Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Speaker of the House Kirk Adams, Senate President Bob Burns, and members of the Arizona House and Senate for passing legislation to allow Arizona to seek legal remedies in stopping the Obama Healthcare plan.

Morris said, “I want to congratulate Arizona’s leaders for taking a stand. With Obamacare, the control is no longer in the hands of the consumers or the taxpayers. This bill puts government bureaucracy squarely in the driver’s seat, which is something we should fight at all costs. We must demand transparency and real reforms to protect consumers instead of government-controlled medicine. As your Congresswoman, I will take my experience to Washington and fight for real reform that is right for Arizonans.”


  1. Yah right. says

    any comment on the new times blog link on the lawsuit by the woman you fired while working for the state?

    Did the Gov order that one?

    Another half million in state funds down the drain.

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    I’d spend half mil to save billions in a heartbeat.

  3. Hey Paulina I thought you liked Obamacare since it will provide taxpayer funds for abortion. Aren’t you pro-choice?

  4. I met her at the National Convention. Sharp woman but Franks is my CM. Abortion came up in our conversation. She’s against federal funding of abortions. I wanted to clarify for her.

  5. Cola drinker says

    She’s pro-choice according to a video of her answering the question on Arizona Guardian a few weeks ago.

    If someone is that sly at dodging a major issue like that, can you trust him with anything?

    Now on to the important stuff: the really poor grammar, randomly capitalizing: (F)federal, (B)billion, writing “budgeted deficits” when you mean budget deficit, etc. Hey, a district is not referred to as a “whose” but a “which” and is it the Obamacare Health Plan or the Obama Healthcare plan? All in one release, oh please you are running for Congress, buy a style guide.

  6. Paulina Morris would be too liberal for most Democrats. This woman gives RINO’s a bad name.

    Do some digging on her and you’ll see she’s no conservative.

  7. Daniel D says

    Most of these comments have nothing to do with the issue presented in this article. Let’s discuss the facts and quit slinging the mud. Bottom line, Obama Care is going to cost this state, country and individuals billions of dollars and is simply another entitlement program that our government officials will exploit to their advantage while continuing to tax and erode the freedoms of the common man. We cannot afford not to fight this bill!!!

  8. Thinking the same thing, Daniel.

    A press release on health care gets turned into a “trash a fellow Republican” rodeo.

  9. Beatrice B says

    I do think we need to get back to the key issues here which is talking about the most historic debacle passed by Congress in a long time!!! Obama’s “healthcare reform” is big government growing faster than we can imagine. Paulina Morris is the only one in the CD3 race so far who has any idea or experience on how to get out-of-control healthcare spending under control. It’s good to see there’s finally a candidate who can step up to the plate to be a leader in turning this mess around.

  10. What a fraud, does anybody believe Morris would have even insisted on the Stupak amendment before Obama bought him off?


    Wonder who her idle is Susan Collins? Just what we need.

    Paulina why don’t you admit you are so liberal that you wouldn’t even side with blue dog Democrats on the abortion issue?

    Hope I didn’t make you mad, maybe you will do another lame video response complete with a wig!!!! If you approved that you must be a fool. Oh wait… Never mind.

  11. I agree that it isn’t right to bash fellow Republicans, but this woman is NO Republican! Her husband is a Harry Mitchell donor/supporter! That’s public record! That AND the fact she’s trying to pass herself off as conservative when she’s a proud pro-abortion government bureaucrat, Paradise Valley million dollar mansion-living lawyer driving a 75K+ range rover…..that may have flown back in 2008, but NOT this year!

  12. Obamanation says

    Met this woman at the Republican National Meeting- she’s pretty liberal, her husband was on Board of Directors at Planned Parenthood. What does that tell you about her core values? RINO

  13. right wing conservative says

    I am leaning towards Paulina Morris. I did hear her speak. I have also read some of her political views and I don’t see her as a liberal. I happen to be very conservative. One main issue of importance to me is her support of gun owner’s rights. I believe I read that her family was persecuted under Castro’s regime. Maybe it was her family’s experience under a socialist/communist government that causes her to support our Constitution unlike some of those sell outs we have in Congress currently. She is also opposed to Obamacare. On another note, I do not support abortion and I am not sure of her platform on this issue. I am not against Planned Parenthood providing birth control methods to the lower income. I think that this approach is less expensive than taxpayer funded welfare and food stamps for lower income families who probably need to consider having fewer children. Her husband’s views won’t impact my opinion of her. My husband and I have many opposing political views and often vote differently. She is a very successful lawyer. I just don’t see her husband dictating her policy decisions behind the scenes.

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