Patton on Iraq… YouTube Style

Rumors are that Patton has been brought out of permanent retirement…


  1. Well done!

    Because we can’t salute our County’s Flag in schools anymore, our Patriotism has vanished.
    If Patton was here now, we would not be fighting, we would have won!!

    The people who sound off, most, have not had any of their loved ones served or died for their FREEDOM they enjoy now.

    This country needs to wake up. But with the corporations feeding the young with fake gold, they are all asleep. Too bad.

    I Love My Country, The Flag, and The Troops who are putting Their Lives on the line for the rest of Us.


  2. How many of us wish we had our very own Obi-Wan Kenobi? Giving your audience your best makes them feel like youve got their backs. That feeling can be hard to come by. If you really care about your people, they know it.


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