Patriots, one and all


“In the following sheets, the author hath studiously avoided every thing which is personal among ourselves. Compliments as well as censure to individuals make no part thereof. The wise and the worthy need not the triumph of a pamphlet; and those whose sentiments are injudicious or unfriendly, will cease of themselves, unless too much pains is bestowed upon their conversion.”

October 5, 2009

Patriots, one and all
Let us show gratitude

They pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor so we can live in freedom in the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Their names are legends – Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, along with many others. They were the Founding Fathers, and left us a priceless legacy now under assault by people whose values are antithetical to all we hold dear.
The enemies of liberty are at work every day. We saw the results of their craft when they took down Congressman JD Hayworth in a bitter election. Democrats lied and smeared their way to the House of Representatives with slimy allegations that proved to be false, but too late to save the seat for a champion of the people. That campaign cost Congressman Hayworth dearly. Like the Founding Fathers, he drained his personal resources so he could defend us against scoundrels, but that debt still hangs over his head like Damocles’ sword.

We are all too young to have fought for the Founders in the American Revolution, but can honor their sacrifice and that of Congressman Hayworth by helping him dig out of the onerous burden bogging him down. This man served us well; we cannot begin to count the money he saved us. The least we can do is show our gratitude by opening our hearts and wallets. They say many hands make light work. Do your part now. The deadline is January 2010. Send however much you can to: “The Freedom in Truth Trust,”

The FIT Trust
P.O. Box 984
Willows, California 95988

Perhaps, someday, JD Hayworth will be able to repay our efforts by re-entering political life. Visit for full details.

Who the author of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the Public, as the Object for Attention is the Doctrine itself, not the Man. Yet it may not be unnecessary to say, That he is unconnected with any Party, and under no sort of Influence public or private, but the influence of reason and principle.

Philadelphia, February 14, 1776


  1. Republican SOS says

    We all need to help this great American who had to needlessly defend himself against scurrilous accusations. My check has already gone out.

  2. JD is in the ranks with Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, and Adams? Really? I mean did the author of this not even have the slightest cringe of embarrassment in writing this? And he spent his money to defend us? No, he spent his money to defend himself.

  3. You can’t be serious.

  4. JD can beat McStain in the Primary because he knows the Conservative Primary ropes.

    JD will lose in the General because the Demorats will put his ass up against the ropes again.

    JD will get horsewhipped in an Arizona General Election!

    Sticks and stones and dirty names win elections.

    Being nice means that we will have a liberal Arizona political future to contend with for many years to come.

    Who will come to fight?

  5. This piece fits JD perfectly. He stood strong on ALL conservative principles while facing the Democrats and cry baby liberals in CD 5. They attacked his wife his integrity and his fortune. So yes I think this fits and we need him more than ever. He did not back down when McCain was trying to force amnesty down our throats.

    JD knows and understands the base. McCain attacks our State and County leadership because they dared to disagree with him. McCain needs to go away and enjoy what is left of his life and his wife’s money

  6. Bilbo:

    And unless the Dems manage to get all the illegals on the rolls, J.D. will wipe the floor with ’em!

    This administration is well on the path that Hill n’ Bill took between 1993-5. And for the same reason, an inability to acknowledge the limits of government!

    Look for a major GOP sweep next year in the off terms!

    BUT there is a caveat! We need Republican candidates who will walk the walk otherwise we’ve wasted our time as we’ve done several times before.

    Hayworth has a far better record than McCain when it comes to voting and more importantly, carrying water for laws and practices based upon GOP principles!

    Flush the John!

  7. I had heard that legal debt and other obligations were keeping JD tied to his microphone. Many pieces are falling into place and the actions of a few are making more sense than ever.

  8. alicia gegner says

    oh Todd, do you really believe that the Founding Fathers were gods? Human, just like us.

    Washington was packing up at the end of his presidency. Martha asked him to shlep the dogs and parrot with him back to Mt. Vernon. Typical husband – he complained to a friend. Human, just like us.

    Hayworth has values exactly parallel to those of the Founders. Keep in mind they were not of one mind, but sniped at each other over their differences, just as we do today.

    Yes, Hayworth did spend his own money to serve us. If it had been only for himself, he might have invested in gold, real estate or grain futures. He might have stayed in broadcasting. One can be a high paid sportscaster for years without shelling out the family fortune and getting beaten up in public by guys named Todd.

    JD has genuine principles. He does believe in border security; he does want immigration control; he wants restricted taxation; he believes that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Does McCain share these values?

    Last time I heard, John had troops working the precincts to oust real conservatives to clear the field for the RINOs – you know who they are, the guys and gals who register GOP but vote like Democrats.

    Sorry Toddy, in this round, JD is the winner. Let’s help pay off his debt to free him up for the political arena. Maybe he can stage a comeback that will benefit all of us, even if some folks would never admit it.

  9. Uh, no alicia gegner I do not think the founding fathers were gods – I just think holding JD Hayworth up to be somehow in the same class is one of the silliest things I have read.

    JD spent his own money to defend himself from charges he was involved with the dirty dealing of Jack Abramoff. His debt has nothing to do with service to us.

    You people need to realize you sound more like brainwashed cult members than thinking adults.

  10. JD for U.S. Senate! says

    McCain has betrayed us time and time again. The final straw for me was backing down on opposing the bailouts. He likes to play the maverick, which means opposing Republicans as much as he can get away with. Those of us Republicans who live in Arizona have seen this pattern for years and are sick and tired of it. It is going to be an anti-Obama, anti-big spending, anti-liberal, anti-incumbent year in 2010. McCain has shown his true colors yet again and will not make it through the primary past a principled conservative like J.D. Run, J.D. run!

  11. MaskedTruthman says

    SeeingRedaz quoted a poll which had 61% of Republicans tired of McCain antics. That should encourage J.D. to run and win. My check is in the mail today.

  12. It is simply time for all of us in Arizona to take a breath and think very deeply about which candidate for Senate has truly lived and fought for the basic platform of the Republican Party–the clear winner is Mr. J.D. Hayworth! (by a large margin) Forgeting the self imposed moniker of “Republican” Mr. McCain has repeatedly voted along openly liberal and Democratic lines. He is a two faced liar: he says one thing and then does the other. He enjoys the power and trappings of the Washington “royalty” and needs to recognize a new day is at hand. I personally am in favor of the group “” that wants to replace ALL of the current batch of lying, cheating, and basically non-representative Reps and Senators that live in our Congressional buildings. We need someone with integrity and some who will fight to restore our nation’s vaules to what our Founding Fathers intended.

  13. This guy couldn’t defeat one under funded grandpa what makes you think he can beat this under funded grandpa!?? And even if he does this is a guy who didn’t run for governor because his own polling had him getting killed to napolitano. How is he going to win a general now?

    All that had changed is this state has gotten more liberal with electing 5 dem congressman. So if you want a democrat senator in 2010 vote jd!

  14. Frederica Sinclair says

    We must act ASAP: the moral, ethical, fiscal and miitary fiber of our country is being destroyed by Obama and his cronies as we speak. A tepid Republican like McCain will not do what it takes to fight the vast Left wing coalition bent on creating a weak, broke submissive and Socialistic America.
    We need a real “maverick” like JD to restore our strength, our liberties, and our will to do the right things, not what feels good or keep our elected officials in their senatorial and congressional seats

  15. Frederica Sinclair says

    JD needs our support; and at this point, it’s money to help him run a powerful campaign. Every little bit helps. If most of the Precinct Committeemen and registered Republicans in CD 5 who believe in restoring America to her initial strength sent him a few dollars, he would be in great shape. So, fellow Conservatives, go to your chackbooks, I am wrting a check right now.

  16. You have got to be kidding says

    This is the sorriest excuse for JD I have EVER seen!

    He sucked as a politician.

    If he was innocent, why did he have such HUGE LEGAL BILLS?

    Further, he fricking lost to Harry, “Where are my granny glasses?” Mitchell?

    And you think he has a fart in a hurricane’s chance against McSame?

    Why not Jeff Flake- at least an honest loser is better than an idiot winner.

  17. The Dems went after JD harder than any other Congressman. Combine that with the nonstop media onslaught against him, including a nasty column right before the election by one of the so-called conservative writers for the Republic (I forget if it was Robert Robb or Doug McEachern) and it’s easy to see why he lost. Nothing ever did come against the Abramoff accusations against Hayworth – proving he was innocent and it was all a witchhunt.

  18. Tucson Vice says

    Democrats are the enemies of liberty?

    Hard to avoid me sounding like an elitist when you people exalt only the stupidest in your ranks. Palin for president? Mike Steele as chairman of…well, anything? Hayworthless for senate? It seems to me like nominating these morons for ANY position of authority makes you more an enemy to our liberty than I. By doing so, you place in immediate jeopardy our future well being and our good name around the world.

  19. Wake Up Call! Yes, Democratic leadership in this day and age is the enemy of liberty.

    And I hate to admit it but sometimes the GOP is the party of stupid (when it comes to tactics).

  20. lyle tuttle says

    I am sending a check and will do what I can to help elect JD.

    I have had enough ‘comprehensive immigration”, McCain-Finegold, cap and trade and other such baloney.

    If you like what you have, then sit on your checkbook, but if you are not happy with the policies of our Senior Senator, do something to change it — I am!

  21. There truly is nothing more funny then the “help pay off legal bills so he can run” post.

    And we wonder why our party lacks direction. We spend our time running around in circles and shooting ourselves.

  22. nightcrawler says

    There is some very fuzzy math going on here. The so called grassroots hear themselves in an echo chamber. Are some people ticked at McCain ? Yes. Is that number 70% of PCs ? Not at all likely. Let’s for arguments sake just say it is..

    Do the PCs represent the voting electorate ? No. See District 11 for two consecutive defeats to Dems despite a voter advantage.

    This effort will help JD clear up past debt temporarily, but in the long term sink him back into the political abyss.

    I like JD personally, he needs to do right by his family, foresake the ego and cash in on his biggest asset, his mouth. He could really notch up his TV and radio presence on a national scale if he focused.

    I realize many of you out there are filled with passion just looking for someone to believe in. Think it through..For your sake and JDs.

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