Patricians want to re-take District 11.

frick.jpg     Rob Haney has committed the worst of sins in Republican politics, talking back. Apparently, the grunts of the party are supposed to sit by quietly as elected officials stray from and trash the values that draw many people to volunteer for the party.

     It seems District 11 passed a motion to censure John McCain. Given McCain’s membership in the Keating Five, the McCain-Feingold anti-speech, incumbent protection act of 2002, McCain’s war on private transfer of firearms, and McCain’s program for a path to amnesty a censure rises to the news level of dog bites man.

     In addition to the censure Haney is supposedly responsible for other sins according to Greg at Espresso Pundit. Greg seems to fault Haney for the defeat of John Allen. Funny thing, I thought the defeat of Allen was because of the 6,369 people who voted for Driggs and the 6,165 people who voted for Hesselbrock. Does Rob Haney control 6,000 votes? He must be a very powerful district chair. No wonder they want him out.

     That brings up the next topic. Now that Haney has been identified as a heretic in the party (forget all McCain’s statements and action against the party) he is being targeted for replacement. By whom? A grassroots organization supported by Jon Kyl, John Shadegg, Jeff Flake, Rick Renzi, Tom, Horne, Gary Pierce, Jim Waring, Laura Knaperek, Steve Tully, and Andrew Thomas. Grassroots my a**. Haney has been target by the powers that be for the sin of speaking out. Despite Greg’s puff piece interview with Fife, the truth is that Haney has been targeted by McCain and the other anointed ones. Problem is that even if they take out Rob there are still those 6,000 voters who strayed from the script during the primary. And we have not even got started on the other districts where the same thing is happening without any help from Rob Haney. LD 26 comes to mind where 10,924 voters missed the memo about supporting moderate / liberal incumbent Republicans in the state senate primary. Interesting thing there is that the moderates are firmly in control of the district leadership and the great unwashed still rose up.

     McCain and Kyl and Shadegg and Flake and Renzi, et all can go after Haney all they want but the people that put him there will not go away and if they do have fun trying to win the next election. Which brings up another point from Patterson’s little rant about Haney. “Haney worked incredibly hard, recruited a ton of Precinct Committeemen.” Funny that sounds a lot like the job of the local Republican county party. You don’t imagine that the county party was derelict in their duties and left the door wide open for Haney to get the base involved? I am not the only one who thinks that similar conditions exist in Pima County.

     The upshot is that the Republican Party is cursed or blessed (depending on your perspective) with a very conservative base and the higher ups had better find a way to live with that or Rob Haney will be the least of their problems.

BTW – Before anyone votes for Symington they should read this article and make sure that they can publicly and convincingly refute every one of the charges or else the Democrats will make Fife the new poster child for the Republican Party in Arizona.

Saturday 11-25-06, 11:50 am

Randy Pullen comments on District 11.

Symington weighs in.


  1. McCain scares the hell outta me and he should do the same for everyone else! If he is orchestrating the whole Republicans-eat-their-own fiasco in district eleven, what does this say about his potential candidacy for President. This man is entirely unstable and obviously will do anything for a little vengeance. McCain will definitely NOT get my vote!

  2. If the RINO’s take over control of the GOP, should we expect to see more “Republicans for [fill in the Democrat’s name here]” in the upcoming elections?

  3. Uh, for a site “dedicated to promoting conservative thought and principles” to link to a Phoeniix New Times story is pretty ironic. Moreover, the PNT story makes some pretty baseless charges that could never be refuted, publicly or otherwise. Hey, let’s ask Fife if he still beats his wife. It’s a simple question, Fife, and we demand an answer.

    The D’s have a similar group of “conservative” dissenters in the Blue Dogs. Why can’t Republicans create such a group and then maybe we’ll all have some more realistic expecations of what a political party is supposed to be.

  4. Oro Valley Dad says

    We normally don’t depend on the Phoenix New Times but the article is relevant at this point because if Fife gets involved again in the Republican Party then those allegations will be in the papers again. Symington may be a great guy but at this point the party should be led by people who do have any hint of scandal. Having a federal conviction overturned and then getting a pardon from President Clinton is not the best record in the current environment.

    The D’s do have some conservatives in their ranks. The best thing McCain and company could have done with Haney was ignored him. Now Rob is achieving cult figure status within the conservative ranks. If he looses to Symington he will be martyred. If he wins he will achieve a lot of notoriety for standing up to the power that be and winning. Either way the party moderates have made him more than he would have been had they just moved on to something else.

  5. Honest Abe says

    Honest Abe Says:
    Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Haney had the support of the majority of LD11 elected precinct committeemen to achieve his re-election bid. Certainly the votes reflect that theory, but then again, maybe not .Through exhaustive research I have uncovered the genuine, intellectual prowess of the newly crowned “King”. Perhaps, the most befitting title would be of course, ” King Haney”, since he presides over a kingdom of Haneyites. King Haney, by his own admission, has single handedly recruited more than 400 Precint Committeemen in LD11. This would be considered a remarkable achievement in its own right, yet for King Haney, pursued for a dubious outcome.

    You see, King Haney denuded the vulnerabilities of LD11’s ByLaws, which permits for the chairman to carry the Proxy vote of each and every precinct committeemen he recruited. Thus, allowing the King to converge upon his personally selected Kingdom of followers, obtaining their proxy vote, to be cast in any way he personally deemed necessary to
    acheive a predictable outcome. King Haney essentially crowned himself in this election by voting a number of proxy votes that outnumbered his rival by more than three to one.

    The victory was a forgone conclusion evidenced by the speech Haney recited prior to the ballots even being cast Tuesday night.

    In the Kingdom of Haney we see mostly court Jesters, and the King has no clothes.

    Honest Abe

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