Paton: You’ve had a year; Where are the jobs?

For Immediate Release: January 28, 2010

The one-year anniversary of the stimulus spending bill, Where are the jobs?

One year after Congress approved the nearly $800 billion federal “stimulus” bill, Jonathan Paton is asking: “What happened to all the jobs?”

“Maybe we should call in Jack Bauer to solve this mystery. Gabrielle Giffords said that record spending would create at least 40,000 jobs, but our economy keeps shedding them,” Paton said. “Nationally, we’ve lost 3 million jobs in America since this spending bill was passed and the unemployment rate has soared to 10% — not including those who have given up hope and stopped looking for a job.”

“I think it’s safe to say that the verdict is in on last years ‘stimulus’ bill, “ Paton said. “The only thing it actually helped to stimulate is the rate of job loss over the past year.”

Paton, who was named a “Champion of the Taxpayer” Tuesday by Americans for Prosperity, has a record of fighting against wasteful spending and voting for tax cuts for families and small businesses. He voted for both the largest tax cut, and the largest cut to government, in Arizona history. Active duty military personnel don’t pay state income taxes in Arizona today because of a bill that Paton wrote — and passed. And his call for more oversight of downtown Tucson’s Rio Nuevo project ruffled the feathers of the local establishment and has provided oversight of taxpayer money after years of mismanagement by the city council.

“Those are the type of spend-thrift meaningful tax relief policies we need in Washington right now, rather than reckless spending and tax increases, like the cap and trade bill,” Paton said. “Someone needs to be an advocate for the taxpayer and for families who are struggling to make ends meet.”

“Equally disturbing,” Paton said, “is that last year’s stimulus spending bill included millions of dollars in waste, which Rep. Giffords had to authorize in order to vote for the whole package.”

“These many wasteful projects included $200,000 to fund an anti-capitalist puppet show in Minnesota, nearly $400,000 to study people who drink malt liquor and smoke marijuana at the same time, and $219,000 to figure out whether women are more likely to ‘hook up’ after drinking. Talk about weird science.”

“Enough is enough,” Paton said. “Taxpayers are tired of being fooled by those who say one thing to get elected, yet when no one is looking they do something entirely different.”


  1. Just another PC says

    Mr. Paton voted YES for every Napolitano budget in 2007 getting Arizona in to this mess. Where is he now and what is he going to do to fix it? I’ll answer that for it isn’t a rhetorical question: He is quitting his Senate seat and running for Congress. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll vote for a real limited government conservative.

  2. downtownGOP says

    I was told at a gathering today that Payton’s got a higher rating than Al Melvin on the Americans for Prosperity rating despite the misinformation being spread around. And the vote he, Dean Martin, Russell Pearce and others made for those budgets actually forced J-Nap into getting rid of the state property tax. Plus, Sen. Paton can win in November. I hope he’s our Scott Brown!

  3. HondoScott says

    With anyone except Jonathan Paton you will get another term of Gabby Giffords. Why is it that Gabby had nothing to say about her race UNTIL Jonathan entered the race? Jonathan has her running scared! Only one candidate will stand against the Cap ‘n Tax bill, the Obamacare monstrosity, and end the big government intrusions of the Obama Administration. That candidate is Jonathan Paton. He IS our Scott Brown!

  4. downtownGOP says

    Good point, Scott. Giffords is quaking in her cowboy boots because she knows Paton has a better chance of beating her than anyone she’s faced in her political career.

  5. Just another PC says

    Senator Paton received a score of 41 from AFP in 2007! Melvin wasn’t in the Az Senate yet btw. In 2008, he received a score of 69. In 2006 a score of 51 and in 2005 a score of 58. Listening to what someone tells you versus looking it up for yourself tells a different story. He finally got his act together somewhat in 2009 and scored an 87. Of course he already sent Arizona down a path to insolvency.

    Senator Paton didn’t fair so well with Goldwater either:

    An overall score of 60 with an overall grade of B–. In 2008 he scored a 55 overall with an 88 in education, a 60 Constitutional Government, a 46 Regulation and a 67 Tax and Budget.

    The Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen endorsed Paton for pete’s sake!

    In my view, your choice is this: If you nominate Paton to represent the Republicans in 2010, you get a big government Democrat or a big government Republican.

    I would like to nominate a “r” republican to represent republicans in the 2010 General Election and Paton is not a “r” republican.

  6. Just another PC says

    In the Pachyderm Coalition Republican Legislator Rankings, Paton received a 69.3.

  7. Just another PC says

    Did you know that in 2009, Sen. Paton voted no on SB 1018 – a TORT reform bill?

  8. Just another PC says

    Did you know Sen. Paton voted for baseball stadiums in Pima County?

    Then there is the interference in the City of Tucsons method of elections. Whether you agree or disagree on non-partisan elections (I disagree) and ward only general elections (I agree), that is up to the voters of Tucson to decide that issue, not Senator Paton!

  9. About that 2007 score–wasn’t he in Iraq at the time? SB 1018, I looked it up and saw it was a Carolyn Allen bill. I guess he must be a real RINO to vote against her. After all, she’s pro-choice, pro-spending, so you can pretty much count on her to be the perfect guide for everything Republican, right?

    As for the non-Partisan elections, you’ve got to be kidding me. So helping the City of Tucson get rid of the democrats who have mismangaged it makes him a bad guy. This is truly the lamest of the arguments.

  10. Helene Atha says

    It is my understanding from current direct information from Jonathan Paton himself, that he is interested in stopping the unethical flow of support to the Pelosi organization that Giffords is giving right now in DC. Giffords is nothing more than a “yes vote” for Pelosi demands, and Giffords does not give a hoot what her constituents have told her to do or not to do. Giffords is NOT working for CD8; she is working for Pelosi’s machine. Paton, regardless of what anyone thinks of his record, true or false, will work for CD8. That is a fact. He said that to me and a good many other people in numerous meetings and the debate in Vail the other night. I believe him with all my heart. He is informed and has experience in problem solving. He is experienced and will not buckle to the established RHINOS because he knows that will lead us back to square one. That is something he definitely does not want to do. He will serve and do the right thing. I know this, and he will not let us down because too much is at stake-our Constitution and our liberty. He respects and loves our gift of the Constitution. He will also fight for the correction of our economy by finding ways to make our country “business friendly” again. He will defend our country against terrorists. He will not advocate for prosecution of these illegal terror combatants in our legal system. Instead he will fight for prosecuting them in their element- in military installations where they will be sentenced by military tribunals. Jonathan Paton is savvy, and I trust him to take up the mantel of government with an honest heart and act responsibly. I think Jonathan Paton is the one who can and will beat Giffords, ending her rein of political chaos and terror right here in CD8 and across the USA! Giffords must be removed from office; Jonathan Paton is the man to do it.

  11. Just another PC says

    Supermax, All non-partisan elections do is give both Democrats and Republicans cover. I don’t like them and I don’t want them. If the voters of Tucson want non-partisan elections, and I don’t recall the issue ever coming up, they can either put it on the ballot through an initative or get their council member to put it on the ballot through referendum. The Ward only election question was raised on several occasions and it failed [:-( but that doesn’t mean I want Paton & the Az Legislature telling Tucson that is how their elections shall be.

    As much as I dislike Tucson and its politics, I don’t want Paton or anyone else telling Tucson what kind of city elections it should have when it is a home-rule city and their isn’t anything in our Arizona Constitution dictating how home-rule cities shall conduct their elections.

  12. Just another PC says

    Helene Atha, you write as though Paton is the only candidate and their isn’t a primary. I personally think Mr. Paton is the wrong choice for AzCD8 at this time and that Kelly, Miller or Goss would serve the district much better.

    Additionally, the only way I know to guage a politician is by their votes. Every vote I have written about above may be verified at the Az Legistature web site.

    I see a clear choice, another big-government politician or a real conservative (either Kelly, Miller or Goss) which Paton is not.

  13. Yah, right! says

    Paton hasn’t done squat for the people of Arizona. As for his military career, if it is sooo important, he can reup go another round.

    They really need folks over there, instead of losing politicians here.

    Got guts? Vote for a balanced budget in Arizona- raise our taxes and balance the budget- if the people howl, then have them vote out Ja No’s propositions.

    Gutless worms.

  14. LD 26 Republican says

    It amazes me that there are some people out there that think we are going to be blessed with the perfect politician! No one can be what everyone wants! Just a PC states the only way he can guage a politician is by their voitng record. The only one who has any experience at all voting or otherwise is
    Jonathan Paton. So how can you even consider the candidates who have never voted for anything!Do they even know what it takes to write legislation or get a bill passed? Brian Miller, Andy Goss and Jesse Kelly are great guys who have the best interests of the Nation in mind! Washington DC and the Political arena will eat them alive!The reality is you can’t change DC overnight.Politicians don’t have to give into playing the game but they better know the pitfalls and how to avoid them!All three need to get experience at the local or state level and then move on to represent us in DC.

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