Paton: Giffords Voted for a Room With a View

Jonathan Paton

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Giffords voted for $50 million appropriation for beach front property in Virgin Islands

GabriellIe Giffords voted with Democrats last month to spend $50 million to buy beach front property in the Virgin Islands, an excessive waste of U.S. taxpayer dollars, Jonathan Paton said today.

“Gabrielle Giffords’ continued disregard for our tax dollars is outrageous,” Paton said. “The nation is nearly $13 trillion in debt, and she continues to spend on these wasteful projects that have no benefit for the American people or residents in Southern Arizona.”

Fox News reports that a huge Democratic majority approved the purchase of 3,000 acres in the Caribbean, in hopes of turning it into a national park. But the National Park Service hasn’t even completed a study of the land and most Americans will never even see the park.

If it opens, the park will costs another $1 million a year to maintain, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate.

“Maybe Nancy Pelosi, Gabrielle Giffords and company are planning to fly to the island on the taxpayer dime like they did to Copenhagen, but most Americans will never see this pricey park,” Paton said. “With such a blatant record of supporting wasteful spending, Rep. Giffords will be held accountable this year. Touting phony ‘pay-as-you-go’ legislation means nothing if she can’t stand up to Nancy Pelosi and say ‘no’ to this kind of pork barrel spending.”

All but four House Democrats voted for the $50 million appropriation. Here is the roll call vote:

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  1. Let’s face it Jonathan is the guy to beat in this one. Jesse who?

  2. I bet that most Americans will never visit Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. Does Mr. Paton say the US government shouldn’t own and operate it?

  3. She is so toast.

  4. Jonathan Paton is an elected leader I truly respect. He’s tough as nails, smart and a great campaigner. Gabby is in for the toughest race she’s ever faced. I hear the DCCC has polled here and she’s in a dead heat with Paton even though his name ID is nothing compared to hers at this point. A storm is brewing, folks.

  5. I’ve never seen Gabrielle look so scared and desperate. Paton obviously has her running scared. Love it.

  6. Well, well. Meanwhile AZ NEEDS needs needs needs a tax increase to keep our parks operating. $50 million of taxes to invest in a beach, while letting our current parks twist in the wind.

  7. LD 26 voter says

    Why would the American people spend millions
    to build a park that most of us who are cutting our budgets just to survive will never be able to visit? Meanwhile back at home we are seeing many of our local parks close due to lack of funding! Jonathan Paton is staying right on target with his overview of Gifford’s uncontrolled spending! Thanks to updates like this one “WE THE PEOPLE” are finding out where our money is going and who is spending it!

  8. Conservative 2 the Core……..Really? So you support JD and Paton even though Paton was recruited by McCain to run against Jesse Kelly? I question your “Conservative” tag.

    I guess Paton’s lifetime rating of 61 from Americans for Prosperity and D grade from Goldwater make someone a conservative now. He is nothing short of a McCain Populist RINO.

  9. Anyone who has known Jonathan knows that he is a committed conservative and will serve CD 8 and all of Arizona proudly in the U.S. Congress. Those of us who really know him don’t need any group’s rating to tell us that. Jonathan has served District 30 proudly and his constituents have rewarded him with strong majorities in every subsequent election.
    THAT is why Gabby is so desperate! Jonathan is going to Congress!

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