Pathway to Anarchy.

     It is becoming pretty obvious that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill (S.1348) is an unworkable mess in its current form. For anyone who has questions about the bill we recommend they read the analysis by Hugh Hewitt, who actually spend last weekend reading the bill. We are also looking forward to the review of the bill by The Heritage Foundation. Last we checked they are commenting on the bill but do not yet have a thorough analysis available.


  1. This is probably the longest run-on sentence ever but….

    If Senator Kyl, as he has said, felt this was the only way to get something to the floor yet is not “happy” with some of the details that were compromised upon in order to reach a consensus…. would that mean if the people actually stood up to the Dem leadership and other libs who would give our country away, that his original position would be better served and have a chance of revival? That perhaps the changes to the bill would represent the real desire of the electorate? But, in order to get to that point there must first be something on the table to work with?

    There are many, many registered Dems who are just as angry about this as conservatives. Perhaps, the strength in unity among grassroots Americans of ALL parties would establish a truer picture of what America wants and NOT what Ted or Nancy push down our throats.

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