Party-flopping Nunez Re-Registering Hispanic Democrats as Republicans

As an earlier post noted, Somos Republicans supports Eve Nunez for the Senate seat in LD 12. Ostensibly, they say they’re interested in registering Hispanics as Republicans. However, in LD 12, they’ve been walking precincts, visiting hispanic Democrats and asking them to reregister as Republicans. SR is basically trying to stuff the ballot box by having Democrats meddle in Republican politics in LD 12. Eve is an interloper herself. She changes her party registration with the political winds from Republican, to Democrat when Barry Hussein Obama was popular, and back to Republican when it seems the Tea Partiers are ascendant. That’s not something a dedicated Republican does. She’s a RINO and interloper at best. It also reflects a desire to attain office at any cost. That’s the LAST person LD 12 and Arizona need in the state Senate.

LD 12’s Republican and Independent voters should be aware that Somos Republicans and Eve hope that enough Republicans will split their votes between true small government conservative challenger Clark Silver and middle-of-the-road and absentee incumbent John Nelson enough that inattentive voters and reregistered hispanic Democrats will be enough to vault her into office. Those who believe that a lack of adherence to Republican principles lead to electoral defeat in 2006 and 2008 should get behind Clark Silver whole heartedly…otherwise, LD12 will suffer at least two years under a liberal Senator that doesn’t care about Republican principles.

Nelson is little better than Nunez. In 2009, he missed 20% of his votes. So, in 1 out of 5 bills going through the Senate, LD 12 didn’t have a voice. Only Democrats missed more votes than Nelson in `09. Nelson missed important votes like voting on the anti-sanctuary cities bill…TWICE! He’s also consistently receives D’s and F’s from the Goldwater Institute for voting to regulate the economy. Republicans are supposed to believe in the free market. Nelson doesn’t. Voting to place government burdens on an economy during a downturn is foolish at best. His grades from Americans for Prosperity and Pachyderm Coalitionare little better. Weiers and Montenegro both are to the right of Nelson. If the voters in LD 12 want to see real conservative change, it would behoove them to vote for the most conservative candidate.

Beware LD 12 voters. Do your homework. Don’t be fooled by moderates and wolves in sheep’s clothing.


  1. Republican Rich Crandall of LD19 missed more votes. In 2009 during the 49th legislatures first regular session he missed 258 of 394 votes witch is over 60%. Because of that I filed recall papers.

  2. Seems the AZ GOP should be alerting voters to this.

  3. Eve is a minister. Of course she is a conservative. Eve reached out to the GOP and the GOP members simply did not return her phone calls when she wanted to run under the Republican ticket.

    I’m certain that Eve believes that God does not ask you if you are Republican or Democrat in order to get into heaven. Eve will work with anyone who accepts her.

    Further, Eve saw what Somos Republicans was doing in the name of pro life, and other social conservative values, and she immediately took the opportunity to latch on and work with that even though the AZ GOP has not been “Hispanic-friendly”.

  4. From Esperanza…..a group that EVE associates herself with.

    The state of Arizona has decided to take immigration reform in their own hands by writing a bill that allows local law enforcement to stop people on “reasonable suspicion” that they might be undocumented immigrants. Senate Bill 1070 would make illegal immigration a state-level misdemeanor offense, allowing local law enforcement officers to arrest individuals on suspicion of being in the country illegally if they cannot produce a valid government ID or registration card.

    In a statement yesterday, The Reverend Luis Cortes said, “…SB 1070 is not a solution. SB 1070 is so extreme that ‘Driving while Hispanic’ will be a stoppable offense. If my children go to Arizona, I will have to tell them to carry their passports.”

    Esperanza for America leaders in Arizona participated in a press conference yesterday to deliver thousands of petitions to Governor Brewer asking her to veto the bill. After the press conference, they delivered bibles in the State Capitol to legislators that voted for the bill with the following scripture attached: Isaiah 10: 1-3 “Woe to the legislators of infamous laws, to those who issue tyrannical decrees, who refuse justice to the unfortunate, and cheat the poor among my people of their rights, who make widows their pray and robs the orphan. What will you do on the day of punishment when destruction comes from afar? To whom will you run for help? Where will you leave your riches?”

    Our Arizona team NEEDS YOUR HELP! The Governor has three more days to either sign or veto the bill. Take 5 minutes right now, call Governor Jan Brewer’s office at (602)542-4331 and tell her to veto SB 1070 today! You may experience a busy signal because they are receiving a lot of phone calls, but call back. This is a chance to make your voices heard – don’t let the other side be the only ones that are calling!

    It’s an important time for immigration reform. Others states like CO and UT are considering a similar bill to SB 1070 due to the lack of action at the federal level. This should be handled by our U.S. Senators and Congress members. That is why we launched our national grassroots campaign, Esperanza for America, so that we can help you take action in this political process. Thanks for joining us and please tell others to join too, so we can persuade our elected officials in Washington, D.C. to fix our broken immigration system.

    Thank you for taking the time to make a difference!

  5. Antifederalist says

    The above posts by “nun” (short for Nunez?) are proof positiove that Eve Nunez is a pro-illegal immigration RINO. LD 12, if you elect her, you deserve her.

  6. Pastor Marcos says

    Rev Eve Nunez has never changed her values. The fact that people would call a minister and longtime child advocate a liberal is simply a big lie and reflects the fear her opponents have of her winning the seat. She possesses qualities such as integrity and good character that, quite frankly, her opponents lack.

  7. Minister of …?

  8. Antifederalist says

    If Eve has changed her party registration, then she HAS no principles. No conservative would change their party registration as frequently as they change their clothes. If she’s therefore not a conservative, what does that make her.

    Sad that a pastor would make comments intended to mislead. Wasn’t there a commandment against bearing false witness?

  9. sam howard says

    Clark Silver is SLIME!!!! He is the one that really wants to be in office! He ran for City Council in Surprise and got creamed! What like 3rd or 4th place? Then he wanted to run against Max Wilson, now he wants to run for what? Another office? Why Clark? Because of his kid’s school teacher because she didn’t get the grade YOU thought she should have? That is not “conservative” that is ignorance! Run for the school board if your concerned about “School Issues”

  10. This post is totally full of CR@P! Somos Republicans isn’t trying to get Democrats to just tactically change registration to influence one election or “meddle” in Republican politics. Somos Republicans is trying to get ***CONSERVATIVE*** Hispanics to permanently become registered Republicans whether they not registered to vote, registered independent, registered Democrats, or anything else.

  11. With over 70% approval by Arizonans of SB 1070, candidates like Eve Nunez will be soundly rejected by the voters. She can hide behind religion and pretty words like “social justice” but the voters see right through it.

  12. Eve N in her own words says

    The Rev. Eve Nunez, Vice President of Networking for The National Hispanic Leadership Conference, addressed the panel and the Administration stating, “It is critical to invite the faith based leaders to these forums. When we speak of bringing immigrants out of the shadows they will first turn to their Pastors, Priests and Clergy before they confide in law enforcement officials.” (NHCLC News)

  13. “With over 70% approval by Arizonans of SB 1070, candidates like Eve Nunez will be soundly rejected by the voters.”

    I’d say that about 90% of Arizona voters have no idea what is in SB 1070 particularly the language about data sharing of license and benefit information with the federal government.

  14. Reverand of what …? Which denomination, what school provided the diploma?

  15. Sam, Sam, Sam, says

    Tell the truth, Sammy. When Clark ran for Surprise city council, the difference between 1st and 3rd or 4th place was only a couple hundred votes. He didn’t get “creamed”. Also, it was YOU who approached Clark about running against Wilson. Misrepresentations will get you nowhere. I think your pants are on fire, Mr. Howard.

  16. Eve supports Dem. Pastor for Congress says

    Before she takes it down, note that Eve Nunez’s Facebook page (!) has a link to “Pastor for Arizona” (!/pages/Pastor-for-Arizona/257766235846), a Pastor Facebook page. I think Rob Haney needs to know about this..and he will…first thing in the morning. If Rob raked Brian Symes and Farrell Quinlan over the coals about befriending Goddard on FB, I think he’ll have a similar reaction to Nunez linking to Pastor.

    Is linking to an ultra-liberal’s FB page the action of a Republican? Or an ultra liberal posing as a Republican? Oh, and uh, just because someone is a self-proclaimed minister (note no one has answered Wanumba’s calles for Eve to disclose which demonination she’s from or where she got her degree) does NOT support the conclusion that therefore the individual is a conservative. Anyone ever heard of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Or Rev. Pflegger?

  17. Birds of a Feather says

    Eve Nunez is anything but a Republican. If you believe she is, I have some prime oceanside property in Arizona I’d like to sell you…cheap! I ask you, how many Republicans link to this many Democrats on Facebook? Check out some of Eve Nunez’s 91 friends:

    1. Ed Pastor
    2. AG Terry Goddard
    3. Phil Gordon, who was considering a run for the U.S. Senate as a Democrat.
    4. David Lujan, a Democratic state legislator.
    5. Carlos Galindo, a pro-illegal immigrant and Democrat activist.
    6. Carlos Garcia, a Raul Grijalva lover, Arpaio hater, ACLU supporter, and someone who believes la Raza studies are a GOOD thing.
    7. Butch Montoya, a man who links to quite a number of Democrats on his FB page including Ken Salazar and Ed Perlmutter.
    8. Daniel Delgado, who links to Democrat Congressmen Jose Serrano and Nydia Velasquez.
    9. Daniel Grijalve, who links to Ed Pastor.
    10. Christy Lopez, who links to Planned Parenthood and numerous Democrat organizations.
    11. Daniel R. Ortega, Jr., who links to the Grant Woods show and a number of Democrat organizations.
    12. Elias Bermudez, a Joe Arpaio and Russel Pierce hating individual who favors Prop 100 and links to numerous Democratic orgs.
    13. Cynthia Aragon who links to Kirsten Synema, Rae Waters and page organizing Arizona for Obama.
    14. Jose Rivas, a Pastor supporter.
    15. Michael Nowakowski, who displays a picture of himself with Justice Sotomayor and links to numerous Democratic organization.
    16. Martin Quezada, who links to Chicanos por la Causa, MEChA, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and numerous Democratic organizations.

    I’m sure there’s more dirt on this list of 91 friends to be found, but I’m tired of digging.

  18. Oh my, really? I do not appreciate Mrs. Nunez’s interjection into the LD12 primary. She is an opportunist at best and without scruples at worst.

    But…facebook? Really?

  19. “# wanumba Says:
    April 21st, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Reverand of what …? Which denomination, what school provided the diploma?”

    Eve Nunez is a Reverend of Iglesia Para Las Naciones (Church For the Nations) which is an evangelical protestant church. I believe she also runs/owns the local Phoenix affiliate of Almavision, a Spanish language Christian TV station.

    I’d say she is closer to being an Hispanic Falwell (wasn’t he a Democrat?) or Robertson than to being like Wright or Plegger.

  20. Eve Nunez is a hard core conservative evangelist. She is extremely pro-life. Whether you like it or not, that pro-life position has taken her to be concerned about the children of immigrants (many of whom are legal) who will get swept up in the frenzy of immigration enforcement that will be unleashed by SB1070. She is pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional values. You may not agree with all her stances but DO NOT insult her faith.

  21. She is pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional values. You may not agree with all her stances but DO NOT insult her faith.


    Seriously, what faith is that?

    What do the Scriptures say?
    “obey the authorites.”

    Let’s review: CHurches giving sanctuary in the Middle Ages was to shelter people from persecution for their faith and the INNOCENT from lynch mobs.

    A Christian church doesn’t have any legal or moral or religious basis for providing “sanctuary” for people who’ve actually broken the law. That’s just aiding and abetting a crime. Despite much of the hysterical rhetoric, no one in this country is in ANY danger of being burned at the stake for being illegal – they are simply deported. ANd deported FAR nicer than MOST other countries roughly deport their illegals.

    Ridiculous to see “churches” pretending they are doing something God would approve. How? Just manipulating emotions and double-talk.

    WIth THAT, I do not detect markers of “conservative” or “evangelical” in the “Protestant” sense. WHat is evident is all the markers of the Progressive Left “social justice.” “Hard Core.”

    Where are the Biblically Correct exhortations to the illegals to NOT become parents of AMerican-born children so that they won’t put their own children in a terrible spot a couple years down the road?
    Legal immigrants who took the effort and time to legally enter the USA DON’T HAVE THIS STRESS and STRIFE. They protected their children and their families by doing the right thing. Family values. THey valued RULE OF LAW and their families sleep peacefully.
    THe parents who were encouraged to short the system and have American-born kids without taking care of their own immigration status FIRST have only themselves to blame – AND the people who coached them to go that route. They do not sleep well, they have not built a strong family structure.

    It’s a dodge of responsibility to blame people who had nothing to do with this and would counsel going by the rules if anyone had asked.

  22. “wanumba Says:
    April 22nd, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    WIth THAT, I do not detect markers of “conservative” or “evangelical” in the “Protestant” sense. WHat is evident is all the markers of the Progressive Left “social justice.” “Hard Core.””

    LOL! How many of the Progessive Left social justice types are extremely pro-life, strongly anti-gay marriage, etc?

    Here is Eve Nunez at a rally in Denver where she is preaching in Spanish and railing against gay marriage and calling for strong family values:

    Not exactly the type of stuff you hear from the “social justice” left. I only know the Spanish that I learned in High School and even I can tell that.

  23. WHy do you keep throwing out stereotypes? “against gay marriage and for strong family values” is SUCH a cliche.

    ANyway, I posed earlier, just generally, exactly what her faith was and which denomination, and from where she got her “reverend” title and the decidedly chilly defense was that I was somehow insulting her faith. I can’t insult it until I know what it it is, can I?

    It is BIBLICAL to ask such questions, to verify. It is Biblical to answer a straight question, without any thin-skinned irate.

    So, all the talk rings a bit hollow.


  24. Thanks for the video link.

    Totally confirms my impressions of her.

  25. There’s a saying in Japan that goes:

    “The weakest dog barks the most”

    *Looks in wanumba’s direction*

  26. There’s an old English saying that goes:
    “He who laughs last laughs best.”

  27. young patriot says

    Do any of you know Eve personally??? Have any of you, who are making such strong assumptions, talked with her personally on her views and standpoints???

    From an individual who has, I can attest that this woman is anything but the accusations you all are imposing. She has strong conservative values and she always has. If any of you would have done any type of research into her you would’ve found that she has been a republican her entire life and has received awards from the former president, George W. Bush, for her work. She has been an activist for conservative issues in the state of Arizona for years. She switched party’s for one year. Is it written that one must loyally stick to one party? You choose a party based on the issues and the beliefs of the party. I didn’t know that we must mindlessly follow our party where ever it leads us. Excuse me, but I thought we had an option to have an opinion.

    @Birds of a Feather–
    Wow, great job! You looked up her Facebook friends! Investigative award of the year goes to you! I was not aware that Republicans cannot have friends who are Democrats. So she has Democratic friends, she also has Republican friends. Do you propose that Republicans only befriend Republicans and Democrats only befriend Democrats? How can we learn about the other party? How? Do we make assumptions, generalizations and stereotypes like all of you do? I think not. If we want to effectively make a difference in our communities, our states and our nation we must understand every aspect of the game. We work for bi-partisonship. Eve Nunez cannot be dismissed as a legitimate Republican simply because she has friends who are Democrats.

    For the rest of you–
    Go ahead, continue to make assumptions about this woman. Go right ahead. You are only making yourselves look foolish. The fact that you believe this non-journalistic and completely biased blog, that’s not even a creditable source, displays your amazing ability to choose true from false.

    God bless you all.

  28. ……………
    The fact that you believe this non-journalistic and completely biased blog, that’s not even a creditable source, displays your amazing ability to choose true from false.

    God bless you all.
    uh huh. Very “Christian of you.”

    She switched party’s for one year. Is it written that one must loyally stick to one party? You choose a party based on the issues and the beliefs of the party.

    She switched to a party that has an official political plank of ABORTION and promotes gay marriage?

    Huh? HUH?

    Just kidding, not the LEAST surprised.

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