Parker News: PV Mayor Raises 230k In Shadegg Replace Race


Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker Reports Near Quarter Million Dollars
For AZ Congressional District Three Race
PHOENIX, ARIZONA. April 1, 2010. Despite entering the Republican race in late January to succeed Third District Congressman John Shadegg, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker is raising some eyebrows with his first quarter fundraising totals.

With the March 31st deadline now passed, Parker said his “Restoring Faith In America” campaign had raised more than $230,000 in just over two months from a broad, Arizona-based group of some 700 donors. Contributions were still coming in late Wednesday night.

“Ours is an inspirational message and one people are excited to be a part of. I’ve turned challenges into opportunities all my life and that’s what Washington needs now,” Parker said.

Parker’s figures reflect actual contributions received, not loans made by candidates that may or may not be used by their campaigns.

Parker, 50, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona. He previously served the administrations of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush as an Assistant Secretary for the $90 billion United States Department of Agriculture , small businessman, and as a pastor for two years at a small non-denominational church in Paradise Valley.

As Mayor, Parker has voted for substantial cuts in municipal spending to balance the budget and opposed tax hikes that have been proposed at the local and state level.

He is supported by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Congressman Matt Salmon and Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio among many others.

Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood, Parker was able to escape the drugs and violence through love, education and the commitment of family. He was recently recognized by NBC News/ as one of America’s top 100 African American leaders.
For more information or to contribute to the campaign, please go to

Contact: Jason Rose
Rose & Allyn Public Relations
Office: 480.423.1414
Mobile: 602.791.4488

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  1. Yeah, right. says

    Vernon should fire Jason right now and drop out of the race.

    That is pathetic. No money for Vernon.

    To make it.

  2. That’s a good chunk of change. How does it compare to the others?

  3. Good job for the first report. Curious to see what others get.

  4. Wonder why the only 2 people to announce their money is McCain and Parker? Seems odd. Seems more odd that nobody else has.

    Waring, Crump and Gorman probably aren’t getting any lobbyist money now that they are out of the leg, Moak doesn’t need money he can write a check, Morris is probably too busy working at Planned Parenthood doing you know what, and Ben Quayle’s daddy is doing all his work for him.

    Looks semi official that Parker is king of the hill, for now.

  5. Actually Hayworth announced his fantastic fundraising results. Other sites were able to publish the numbers, here we get Molly Pitcher pouring Kool-Aid.

    As to Vernon, he didn’t raise any money. Any money that came to his campaign was raised by Joe.

  6. Julie Ann says

    Vernon Parker is really looking solid, sounds like the other contenders have poor numbers, that explains why they didn’t release them.

    I really see Parker being a superstar in the Republican Party.

    The lamestream media is going to have a hard time painting the curent anger towards Obama and the Democrats as racist when we have Republicans like Parker leading the charge.

  7. Let’s hope that Vernon doesn’t become like all too many Republican officeholders!

    I for one, am sick and tired of GOP candidates running on one platform and governing from another!

    As bad as the Dems are (European Socialists) you know what you’re getting!

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