Paranoia runs wild at the AG’s Office

The newspapers went crazy reporting on how AG Goddard complained there was an undercover Sheriff’s car parked near his house for 90 minutes. Goddard, full of self-importance (or a guilty conscience?) complained to the media about it, since it occurred on the same day the Arizona Republic ran a nonstory about some public officials who had called the FBI to complain about Arpaio, which we reported on earlier today.

Turns out the Sheriff’s office was conducting a drophouse smuggling sting! Had nothing to do with “I’m so important” Goddard. Too bad it got to this, now the Sheriff’s sting location is public, probably thwarting the investigation.

The Arizona Republic reports that Presiding Judge of the Superior Court Barbara Mundell, another pretentious self-important liberal who has opposed the Sheriff on illegal immigration every chance she gets, has also recently reported Sheriff’s cars outside her house. Way to thwart another illegal immigration investigation, Mundell!


  1. BSExpress says

    Yeah, Arpaio would NEVER abuse his office to harass his political enemies. Just ask the former mayor of Fountain Hills.

  2. Tucson Vice says

    Thwarting the investigation? The car was noticed by everyone else in the neighborhood…you don’t think the perps noticed it too? Holy crap. Write about something that matters.

  3. It’s not paranoia when Arpaio’s people have been known to stake out Arpaio’s political opponents, conservative Republicans included.

  4. This was a marked car 5 blocks away. There was no coincidence. This was harassment plain and simple and Joe has been proven to do this before.

  5. Steve Calabrese says

    The Mayor of Fountain Hills..

    Guadalupe officials…

    The editors of New Times…

    Don Stapley…

    Dan Saban…

    It’s amazing how Arpaio’s most vocal critics find themselves under investigation.

    Arpaio can mouth conservative principles all he wants; it doesn’t change the fact that his record of dealing with public records requests and use of police officer “address shield laws” to hide his real estate dealings is nothing less than shameful.

  6. James Davidson says

    Breaking through Sandra Dowling’s front door while she was home and would have answered a knock, kicking her little dog, circling overhead with a helicopter, and ransacking her belongings.

  7. I would be concerned if an unmarked car was on my block too – I have to say, AG Goddard didn’t do anything wrong. I just feel sorry for the constituents that we seem to be stuck with this nutball of a sheriff that can’t seem to do his job correctly. As a constituent, I am thrilled with AG Goddards job performance, and VERY disapointed with Mr. Reality Show Sheriff.

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