CD-3’s Pamela Gorman Launches Mother’s Day Money Bomb!


As one of the leading conservative voices in Arizona, Pamela Gorman has been a consistent supporter and proponent of key principles of limited government, lower taxes, and personal freedom.

Her years in the Arizona Senate, and prior years in the Arizona House of Representatives, are marked with constant and unbending commitment to conservative policy. She worked to pass one of the largest tax cuts to Arizona families, while standing against even her own party to defeat the largest tax increase in Arizona history. Pamela has led efforts to cut wasteful spending by both parties and has been an outspoken opponent of pork barrel spending in the state budgets.

While many were satisfied to simply “get out a budget”, Senator Gorman was pushing hard for real reforms in the way state government does business. She insisted on greater transparency and regular audits of the state agencies that spend your hard-earned tax dollars. Pamela’s goals were to force the state to operate within its means, and to run efficiently with full accountability to its shareholders, who are the Arizona taxpayers.

She also has a proven conservative record of not just supporting, but leading on important social issues of traditional values, 2nd amendment rights, and the sanctity of life. Pamela Gorman is committed to doing what is right, not what is easy. She has been steadfast throughout her political career in standing for the principles and values we share and will continue to do so when elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Pamela is a firm believer that parenting is both a privilege and an important responsibility and that parents must have their rights protected from government encroachment. She and her 14-year-old son, Ryan, live in Anthem and attend Calvary Community Church.


  1. What a joke!! Pamela Gorman endorsed McCain’s man Tony Bouie for the Arizona House in 2008 over dependable conservatives, Sam Crump and Carl Seel. If Gorman had her way we would have a more liberal legislature. Gorman says her favorite congressman is John (YES on $700 BILLION TARP)Shadegg. Gorman used to vote conservatively at the AZ Legislature but don’t be fooled. She is just fine with turning the state left if she thinks it will further her career.

    Sam Crump is the dependable conservative for CD-3. Crump is the ONLY CD-3 Candidate who has endorsed J D Hayworth.

    Why no Gorman endorsement for J D? Or, Deakin for that matter? Because Gorman would never endorse against McCain. Crump would and did. Plus Crump has a better record with PAChyderm Coalition. Pachy endorsed Crump in 2008 and not Gorman.

    Looking for a “moderate” Tea Party? Try North Phoenix Tea Party at Marie Callendars on Cactus Monday nights. They’re great for moderates like Gorman.

  2. Maximillian says

    Way to unleash some campaign talking points! So Sam Crump stands against John Shadegg? Good to know.

    Glad to see JD returned the favor…oh wait, that’s right he couldn’t care less about your lawyer. I think we are safe in assuming Shadegg can stand up against JD any day.

    But really this isn’t about them let people learn about the candidates, I’m sure they are smart enough to ignore your claims which have no backing.

  3. Bill Henninger says

    Right Holly! For more John McCain influence in the Republican Party – Vote Gorman.

    I just made my CD-3 campaign contribution and it was over at

    Thanks for sticking your neck out for conservative representation in government Mr. Crump!

  4. “…while standing against even her own party to defeat the largest tax increase in Arizona history.”

    Oh yes, and I forgot to mention Sam Crump voted NO on that same budget bill before it ever came over to the Senate. How’s that for standing against my own party?

  5. Double Decaf Latte says

    Is Pamela Married? I see she is “a firm believer that parenting is both a privilege and an important responsibility”

  6. So now, Double Decaf you’re saying that being divorced is a disqualification from parenting? And public office? I guess that Ronald Reagan was never qualified to be a parent or in public office either. Get a life. Is “Double Decaf” a pseudonym for lacking in basic decorem.

    And I happen to like the way Sam Crump votes. I appreciate the way he votes. The problem is than in this race, we have to make a choice. And by and large, Sam and Pamela vote EXACTLY the same way. I just believe (personally) that Pamela stood up and very publicly opposed the $3 billion tax increase. She didn’t just “vote no” but she actually stood up, spoke up and fought it.

    And Sam came here from his tax-hiking days in California … did you know that? To come to a district where he could fulfill his destiny to be a Congressman. The problem was that after Sam served as Treasurer for the tax-hiker Clancy Jayne, he learned (when anti-tax Pamela opened up a can of whoop-ass on him) that Arizonans don’t like tax hikes. Not in California anymore. That’s not the way AZ rolls. Then Sam was going to leave his seat and run for Attorney General. Then he decided he wouldn’t run for Attorney General, he’d run for his House seat again. Then he decided he wants to run for Congress.

    Sam’s career is built on BEING something. But I still like the way he votes. Pamela, however, has stood up against the good old boys club and doesn’t care about BEING something, but demonstrated that she is committed to DOING something. I wish Sam would have had the intestinal fortitude to fight this tax increase publicly, loudly and oppose the big powers of Chuck Coughlin and Jan Brewer. But those guys and their cabal … and the Governor … are tougher. Bigger men than Sam would have backed down and voted from the tall grass too.

    It took a tough broad … Pamela Gorman … to stand up and publicly fight this $3 billion tax increase. You can’t call yourself a true conservative and support anyone other than Pamela Gorman who put herself on the line for conservative values. Some people want to BE something … other people are committed and passionate and have the guts to DO something.

  7. Sam — I Wanna Be Somebody — Crump is OUTED. No, he’s not gay. He’s just posting as “Stretch” pretending he has supporters.

    Comment #4 (above)

    Stretch Says:
    April 27th, 2010 at 11:11 pm
    “…while standing against even her own party to defeat the largest tax increase in Arizona history.”

    Oh yes, and I forgot to mention Sam Crump voted NO on that same budget bill before it ever came over to the Senate. How’s that for standing against my own party?

    That above is from Sam … I mean Stretch … well, it’s “Stretch” in the beginning and then Stretch accidentally turns into Sam again in end.

    Allow me to explain (go look at comment #4 if it helps)

    PLEASE NOTICE THE CHANGE FROM THIRD PERSON (Sam Crump voted …) and FIRST PERSON … (standing against MY own party).

    So … in the beginning it’s “Stretch.” (3rd Person)

    Then it’s Sam … oops … Only Sam could have written “How’s that for standing against MY own party …”

    He wants to BE SOMETHING (State Rep, Attorney General, State Rep again and then Congressman) so bad that he’s even reached the sad state of going online and commenting against Gorman and pretending to be “Stretch” … not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    And how did Sam Crump come up with the pseudonym of Stretch? Kinda funny actually.

    Do we really need “Stretch Crump” in Congress. I’m sure he’ll make us proud.

  8. CGads you are so right.

    “You can’t call yourself a true conservative and support anyone other than Pamela Gorman who put herself on the line for conservative values.”

    Her record speaks for its self. She is an unapologetic conservative (sounds familiar, cough, Palin, cough)….sorry if that ruffles some peoples feather but c’mon already. She has bleed political blood for Arizona. She is exactly what we need in this state.

    And could someone please provide proof that McCain endorsed or supported Tony Bouie? If you cannot provide the proof, then please shut up about it. Tony Bouie lied to a lot of people to get their endorsements…with out those endorsements the guy simply doesn’t exist.

  9. Bouie’s fraud was learned several weeks before the election. Where did Gorman pull her endorsement of the lifelong Democrat?

    Sam Crump endorses JD Hayworth. Obviously, Gorman is just fine with increasing the John McCain influence in the Party. She can’t go crossing her moderate supporters by endorsing Hayworth over McStain. Facts are stubborn things, aren’t they?

    CGads, easy to see post 4 is a satire of Gorman speaking for herself. But thanks for the 18 paragraphs proving your ignorance.

  10. Dear Holly R…you contend that the North Phoenix Tea Party is a “Moderate” tea party. Please, pray tell, where did you get that idea? Is it because we have invited J.D. Hayworth to speak, or perhaps it was Dean Martin who spoke on Monday last? Maybe it was Brenda Barns or perhaps Mr. Ward Connerly (the “moderate from California who stopped racial quotas in Califonia universities). Then there was Dr. Chris Salvino, Margaret Dugan, Shawnna Bolivk,Kirsten Burroghs, Judge Gerald Williams. Perhaps it was Bill Montgomery who turned your head and of course that ultra liberal fom Denmark Mr Carl Peterson and those moderates speaking of the dangers of Islam Dr. Steve Carol & Dr. Carl Goldberg, etc. etc. Let’s face it, you have never been to one of these meetings! You just use this forum to further your own agenda against the very noble Sen. Gorman in favor of…yes “Stretch Crump”. You will see that both Sen. Gorman and I use our full names when we blog…so many others hide behind fake ‘handles’ like Holly R or Stretch, for example. I support Sen. Pamala Gorman because she is a true conservative and a leader. I like the way “Stetch” votes but I do not see him lead. I also know of his tax and spending days in California and I too question his motives changing not once but three times on which office he was going to run for this year. When he explored the AG office I thought perhaps he was genuin but when he switched and buried Steve Kaiser’s campaign he lost a lot of my respect…but when he switched again to run for CD3 he lost it all! How can anyone support someone so indecisive? Remember when both Pamala and “Stretch” announced that they would run for CD 3? Pamala resigned her Senate seat immediately but Sam wanted his cake to eat too and did not, forcing us in LD 6 to have two expensive elections. There is that indecisiveness again. The record is clear…while Stretch(Sam) votes correctly most of the time, it is a vote from the “Tall Grass”…never from out front! Sorry…he is an ‘also ran’ and that will be proven in August. Then “Stretch” can look for another opportunity. Maybe City Council (again) perhaps as he will be dead in the State houses and the Federal ones as well. Only my opinion…of yes I almost forgot…The North Phoenix Tea Party also hosted that Ultra Moderate Rep. Sam (Stretch) Crump to speak early on in his THIRD campaign.

  11. Ronald Reagan was a lifelong Democrat. You see, the whole idea is to ENCOURAGE those who have voted Democrat to understand why the values of the Republican Party might more in line with their beliefs or interests. You guys don’t do a very good job of that.

    I get frustrated with myself for getting drawn into these same moronic attacks on Gorman, by the same brain-dead knuckle-draggers …

  12. Wes, anyone who endorsed Tony Bouie for State House of Representatives in LD6 in 2008 should be off the short list of conservative choices for US Congress. Pamela Gorman, Jim Waring, and Vernon Parker all endorsed Bouie in that race. None of them pulled their endorsements when Bouie’s lies were exposed.

    Also, Gorman’s “principled” opposition to the orignal budget as a deciding vote in the Senate ultimately caused higher state government spending and higher property taxes. Plus, we still got the sales tax referral anyway. Great job, Pamela. We will think of you when we pay our higher property taxes. Gorman’s “principles” seem to revolve more around positioning herself to get elected to Congress than actually serving taxpayers.

  13. TrueAZConservative says

    Gorman is the true conservative in this race. Crump’s vote on the sales tax referral meant nothing; it passed in the House. I refer you to his own comments to Arizona Capitol Times:
    “That night (Aug. 24), there had already been some charged issues around Senator Gorman – she was getting a little more attention for her no vote that I did because hers actually made a difference – and some unusual guests had shown up from the chambers of commerce. Our state party Chairman Randy Pullen was there.”

    Crump voted NO because it didn’t matter, and at that point, he was looking for the Attorney General position. He just does what is politically convenient! Gorman, on the other hand, stood up against her own party when it mattered, was a very loud vote against the tax increase and for true conservative values, “because her vote actually mattered.”

  14. Maximillian says

    Sam’s been in the legislature how long? and his conservative ‘credential’ is a campaign stunt?

    All these personal attacks against Gorman just look bad. You don’t have the guts to bring it up at a forum, but slink behind a computer to slander her on a blog…if it’s so important that voters know this, go tell them!

  15. Tom Kraft says

    I agree, Gorman endorses a more liberal legislature. See Tony Bouie endorsement. Why can’t Gorman’s supporters acknowledge she is fine with the reelection of John McCain while Crump loudly and proudly endorses Hayworth? Gorman’s inclination for more liberal legislators is very apparent in the Hayworth/McStain race and Crump/Bouie race.

    We aren’t fooled. Crump is the dependable conservative in the CD-3 race.

  16. PC in LD6 says

    Linda and Hunter, talk about ignorance….This is so laughable to see people still riding the Bouie train. There were so many conservatives that wanted anyone but Seel in that election, it wasn’t even funny. It could have been Mickey Mouse running and they would have endorsed him. If any of you complaining about it were actually active in the party then (which I seriously doubt) you will remember that after Seel had run for a slew of positions and after years of his obnoxious in your face campaigning and spreading untruths about others, people had had it with him. This had nothing to do with Bouie and everything to do with Seel.

    Anyone who thinks they were actually going to see a reduction in their property taxes as a trade off for the sales tax going to the ballot is surely ignorant ( or just really gullable) Everyone at the capitol knew that wasn’t going to stick around for long, but it made it an easier story to sell to their constituents – instead of doing the right thing and voting it down.

  17. Not Crazy Pam says

    This money bomb will fizzle.

  18. PC in LD6, the original budget agreement included repeal of the equalization property tax. Gorman, by grandstanding on “principle” was instrumental in preventing the repeal of that tax.

  19. Hunter, et al,

    This thing about Bouie is such a straw man. If that is the only thing you can come up with against Pamala, give it a rest because it is not only totally unimportant,and it had absolutely no affect on anything other than it obviously made Rep. Crump angry. Besides, Pamela, as you noted, was not the only one duped by this guy. On the other hand, the claim that she stood up only to position herself for Congress is absurd because when she “made her brave stand” against the Republican Party Leaders John Shadegg was firmly in that office with no hint of retiring. In fact, I even scheduled a Town Hall meeting here in Moon Valley featuring our representatives Sen. Gorman and Rep. Shadegg two weeks before his retirement and he made no reference whatever, at that late date,that he was about to retire. Pamela stood her ground on principle, not furthering her career. What Senate Whip with only designs on higher office would take such a risk if indeed higher office was their goal? None would I tell you! Look around at all of the professional polititions that have sold their sole for higher office…not one would have done what Pamela did. I rest my case…the proof is in the pudding and you cannot refute it.

  20. Thanks PC!

    Pamela Gorman is just fine with the reelection of Tea Party enemy #1, John “CFR” McCain. Can anyone refute that?

    Crump endorses against McCain and his RINO influence on the Republican Party.

    Crump and Hayworth in 2010!

  21. I love how people are trying to associate Crump with Hayworth now. Crump got close to Hayworth for his own political gain…thats it. He’s riding JD’s coat tails.

    If Gorman came out and officialy endorsed JD would you shut up? Doubt it.

    Gorman is not apart of the McCain club, never has been. And the fact that you cronies keep bringing it up means your an ill informed Crump follower. Your only making him look bad by doing this stuff…hope you know that.

  22. Actually, Wes, there is no proof in the pudding, and I can refute it. There had been speculation that Shadegg would really not run for reelection this time. He had even made a public statement that he thought NO incumbents should be reelected to Congress. Since he is an incumbent, that was a solid indicator he would be retiring for real like he almost did two years ago.

    The Bouie story may be old, but it is still relevant. Who you associate with can say a lot about you. Endorsing Tony Bouie, a person who was a Democrat 5 days before filing to run for public office, says that you are more interested in getting “your” person elected than in getting a solid conservative elected. Also, why didn’t Gorman pull her endorsement if she had been lied to? Being unwilling to admit and correct mistakes is not a trait we should be looking for in a member of Congress.

    Yes, Ronald Reagan was a Democrat, but he was a publicly prominent conservative when he switched to the Republican Party. The same cannot be said for Tony Bouie who was foisted on the district by open borders Republicans and those seeking contributions from them.

  23. PC in LD6 says

    Holly, Where does Gorman say she’s a McCain supporter? Do read the same information the rest of us do, or do you just jump to conclusions that suit your point without actually having facts?

    Hunter, you completely missed the point, it was never about Bouie. By the way, many legislators knew the tax repeal would itself be repealed, but if you only read blogs and don’t speak to people firsthand I can see how misinformation spreads.

  24. AZ CD3 Voter says

    Bottom line is that Gorman dors NOT in any way support McSame. Only Grumps people are spreading that message, thinking we will believe it.

    Gorman has my vote and my contributions.

  25. Bottom line is Gorman is silent. Crump courageously endorses J.D. Hayworth.

    Given Gorman’s history of endorsing moderate to liberal legislators to please the establishment wing, I am not the least bit surprised she does not take the courageous stand Sam Crump does.

    Crump stands up for conservatives. Gorman does not.

  26. LOL! If anyone is a McCain supporter it is Waring not Gorman. And even Vernon Parker has a lot of former McCain guys working for him. Gorman is not even close to being McCain’s candidate.

    Crump must be desperate and frustrated that he is getting almost no support in recent polls to send his minions out to attack Gorman.

  27. TrueAZConservative says

    It is alarming that Crump supporters point to his support of Hayworth as his distinguishing moment and sole reason why he is more conservative and deserving of being the Republican candidate.

  28. Yep, Waring even has received campaign money from McCain! No one else in CD 3 has at this point in time.

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