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Palling Around with Democrats Gets Us Bigger Government, Less Choices

Palling Around with Democrats Gets Us Bigger Government, Less Choices

McCain Dorgan


PHOENIX, ARIZONA. FEBRUARY 12, 2010. Renewing his commitment to big government in the face of growing skepticism about Washington’s expanding powers, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) introduced legislation last week to further regulate vitamins and supplements. His partnership with U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) follows other liberal efforts with Joseph Lieberman on global warming, Ted Kennedy on amnesty and Russ Feingold on First Amendment regulations, recently overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA) of 2010 (S.3002), introduced by Sen. McCain and co-sponsored by Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND), seeks to regulate all dietary supplements.

The introduction of this legislation does not come in the face of health and safety concerns, but rather is an apparent response to athletes’ use of over-the-counter supplements as performance enhancers.

“Use of vitamins and supplements should not be regulated simply because a few athletes want to redirect attention from their doping,” said U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth.

Americans across the country would likely see a rise in prices and a decrease in availability of vitamins and supplements with the passage of this bill, as supplement manufacturers would be subject to excessive reporting requirements and broad recall authority by the FDA.

This bill is yet more “bipartisan” legislation by the 24-year incumbent that panders to those interested in increasing the size and scope of the federal government. Senator McCain voted for the massive bank bailout bill in 2008, which included $150billion in earmarks. During his presidential run he proposed spending $300 billion to buy up every bad mortgage in America, again bailing out banks and borrowers. And according to the Heritage Foundation his support for amnesty legislation would have cost taxpayers $2.6trillion.


  1. GOP Boomer Gal says

    WOW!!! That one seals it for me. Buh-Bye, John Boy!!

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    John should just finish his move across the aisle, put a D after his name like Specter did and play cribbage with Harry during breaks. It’s his home anyway so why hang out with the R’s where you don’t belong.

  3. I have already contacted my health food store and they are interested in helping J.D. win this election. If everyone who doesn’t want their supplements regulated took action, we might finally get rid of this big government Republican.

  4. McCain’s example suggesting the supplement company pulled a fast one on the pro Baseball players was nonsensical. Unfortunately, the general public doesn’t give much thought to legislation like this. I mentioned this to friends this week, and without understanding the consequences, they assumed this was a good piece of legislation. After talking it through, they had a different perspective. Many people assume government has their best interest at heart. I doubt people will think about the $24 billion market that McCain would be delivering to big Pharma if this goes through.

  5. I had this question as well, so I asked his office and they sent me this, quite unlike what JD Hayworth is saying:

    John McCain’s Legislation Does NOT Grow Government as JD Hayworth Claims, but Simply Provides Consumers with Necessary Information to Make Informed Choices
    ·         John McCain introduced legislation earlier this month that would require dietary supplement manufacturers, many of whom are located in Arizona, to register with the Food and Drug Administration and list the ingredients contained in their supplements. 
    ·         JD Hayworth claims this legislation “panders to those interested in increasing the size and scope of the federal government.”  That is false.  This legislation “panders” to no one and does not seek to grow government.  JD Hayworth is pandering to the numerous dietary supplement companies that have contributed to his campaigns.  The legislation seeks to provide information to the nearly half of all U.S. adults who take a dietary supplement so they can make informed choices. 
    John McCain’s Legislation Seeks to Assist the Half of all U.S. Adults who Consume Dietary Supplements in Making Informed Decisions, Not Simply Athletes as JD Hayworth Claims
    ·         JD Hayworth claims this legislation “does not come in the face of health and safety concerns, but rather is an apparent response to athletes’ use of over-the-counter supplements as performance enhancers.”  That is false.  Arizonans have been seriously injured or died from taking a dietary supplement they believed to be safe.  In 1994, a 36-year-old Phoenix wife and mother of three died of cardiac arrest, which was believed to be caused by her ingestion of a dietary supplement. 
    ·         However, there are millions of professional and amateur athletes (including many of Arizona’s “weekend warriors”) who take dietary supplements.  That is why John McCain’s legislation is supported by the American College of Sports Medicine and National College Athletic Association (NCAA) representing amateur and teen athletes, but also by all the major professional athletic leagues, including MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and the PGA Tour.  Additionally, the legislation is supported by the United States Olympic Committee.
    JD Hayworth was a Leading Supporter of Legislation in 2000 to Allow the Drug Enforcement Agency Control over Dietary Supplements
    ·         “The key is to have people who know what they’re doing help you decide what is right for you before taking something.  The problem is when people are hearing word-of-mouth or over the Internet…,” JD Hayworth told The Arizona Republic on February 2, 2000.  And that is precisely what John McCain’s bill would do – fulfill JD’s wish to“help you decide what is right for you before taking something.”  JD Hayworth is a flip flopper and changes his tune merely to further his political and fund raising pursuits.  John McCain is a man of principle and puts Americans’ health and safety above any special interests.

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