Overheard at Today’s Rally: LA Ringers Ride In

by Gayle Plato

While standing in a shady spot, next to the Light Rail ramp, I met a lovely lady wearing the big O t-shirt, Obama’s campaign logo, carrying a Health Insurance Reform Now hand sign printed up by Organizing for America.  We smiled and after I complimented her great purse, she asked about places to eat in Phoenix. “Oh, you’re not from here,” I asked.

The lady went on to say she was from Los Angeles.  I said I was also at the rally up the block, and she noted my t-shirt for Smart Girl Politics.  She didn’t know of us and I said it is all about real feminism and getting women active in political action locally and nationally.  She was so thrilled.  When she asked if I came in from LA,  I said, no I rode a van here and that I’m from the area.

I asked, “Were you on that big bus there I see?” She explained that she and her two sisters came in as they wanted to meet President Obama and wanted to be at the VIP event today. It seemed that she and her sisters were encouraged to attend as they were to be VIPs and that only the dedicated true devotees were invited to ride in to Phoenix for the rally.

I recommended some good spots to eat,  and noted that I respected her passion for politics. Just then, a friend saw me, gave me a hug with a large NObamacare sign in her hand.  We talked and the Light Rail started pulling up by the shade spot I copped.  Mrs. O-shirt glared, she asked: ” What exactly is Smart Girl Politics?  Didn’t you say you’re a feminist? ”

I am!  I believe in women standing up for and loving our families, our individual freedoms, and limited government.  I believe in the original feminists who stood up as moms and smart women wanting the vote and the right to be equally heard.”

Okay, I have the lil speech memorized as I say it often, to lots of women, and I am certain of my conviction.   I liked this gal and I knew we agreed on shoes and bags.  Nonetheless, she felt I had lied to her.  I could tell.  I never said I was supporting her cause of Obama’s socialization of programs. I just wanted to get out of the heat!   Correct me if I am wrong,  I paid for the Light Rail too thank you!  I can lean on it all I want.  I even decided to ride it a way and listen in to the rhetoric of the crowd.

After riding to Central and Camelback, and I paid for a pass, none of them seemed to have stubs. I asked where all were from.  Easily 75% of the protesters, all liberals, were from out of state.  At least two groups of bus-riders, and many smaller caravans came in today.   All asked about the SGP shirt, much like Mrs. O.  I said the same things, rising up to scoot off at Camelback, and wish them all well.  As I stood to go, I heard one say, “Is she a Republican?”

I turned, holding on to the bar, ” You bet I am, and I live in Arizona, I paid for this train you’re riding on too.  [ Doors opened as I got off I finished my thought] Enjoy the Valley of the Sun and try not to get burned!”


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    V is thrilled! Good on ya Gayle! I would have loved to have been there!

    this whole thing from Obamit’s pov is totally staged and contrived – hauling in bus loads of folks from a bankrupt state loaded with illegal aliens. Wonder who paid their way here – they certainly didn’t.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    who paid? Oprah or Sorros?

  3. Veritas,

    Question: Are you really Joad Cressbeckler?


  4. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Awesome anecdote, Gayle. It’s good to know that the Arizona grassroots remain true to their Goldwater beginnings. That story is a nugget to save for years to come.

  5. I’ve decided to save the day pass from the Light Rail too as it may be the first and last time I have one LOL. I had parked off of Central and Camelback deciding I’d paid for the darn train, I’ll try it. My trip back was the train after the lady I met, and then I did purposely engage that next train load. Both times though I explained I was part of SGP and believed in helping women get involved, original feminism. Both encounters, the people assumed I was liberal and then willingly told of their day.

    I truly felt badly that the first woman was most likely misled by the astroturfers as I doubt Obama was going to be waiting at the hotel or bus when she was done with lunch.

    They buy in as if they’re 11 yr olds meeting the Jonas Brothers.

  6. Lots of e-mail and hope most see here as most from SA not my blog– It all reads more confident than I was– I said last line as exiting. Everybody has courage in the exit LOL!! I don’t think they really got it from the train group…I knew when I decided to get on that the crowd was of her same “team” I just wanted to confirm it.

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