Out of Wedlock Births Up To 40%

Could this be one of the reasons why the marriage amendment failed in Arizona? It’s a pretty big stretch but if this trend continues, the definition and meaning of marriage and role of fathers may become archaic or obsolete. Homosexuals and polygamists will be setting the new definition of marriage.

At least they’re not killing these babies before they’re born.


  1. Perhaps it’s the broken state of our sex-ed system. Giving kids the facts about birth control and STD protection is the only way to help them make wiser decisions. Telling them to keep it in their pants before marriage is futile.

  2. Maybe we should run them through a cattle hopper and pump them full of hormones and chemicals so they won’t breed like cats and dogs. Then perhaps we can weed out the lesser humans like Margaret Sanger proposed?

    Or, maybe we should teach them dignity and set high expectations and give them the truth so they won’t feel like and behave like animals.

  3. Redefining the institution of marriage so that it means virtually nothing or anything at all sends the message that marriage is not worth pursuing among all demographics. Thus, having children without being married is socially acceptable. When the out of wedlock births goes above 50% of the population, marriage will be irrelevant.

  4. It would be interesting to see how out of wedlock births compare for….say Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal and Texas, or Vermont or CT where Civil Unions are allowed compared to Alabama. Also, I’m sure there was a big jump in OWB in Massachusetts since the courts ruling. DSW or someone at CAP should have those kind of stats. if so, please post for all to see. Thanks!

  5. DSW said: “Or, maybe we should teach them dignity and set high expectations and give them the truth so they won’t feel like and behave like animals. ”

    Exactly, let’s give them the truth. Let’s tell them that if they are going to take the risk of having sex then they should be using birth control and STD protection. Telling them to keep it in their pants until marriage is not dignified and quite naive. Let’s teach them that dignity and self-respect doesn’t come from abstinence (it may for some, but that’s an individual choice), but from how they use it while being responsible and respectful.

    As for marriage, the institution is not under attack or crumbling. Marriage is a personal committment between two people and what they make of it is all that matters.

    I’m not even going to touch that first comment, though, that’s just [i]way[/i] out there. Birth control = eugenics? Please.

    And how exactly is having sex outside of marriage equate to behaving like animals?

  6. It’s a huge stretch…

    The Protect Marriage Arizona Amendment failed because it was poorly written and went too far. Every other marriage amendment has passed, because they were limited to banning same-sex marriage rather than trying to do away with domestic partner benefits. The authors of the Arizona amendment overreached and paid the price for it.

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