Someone has put together some highlights from a 1994 debate between Mitt Romney and Ted Kennedy. It was posted on youtube on January 9, 2007 and has had over 16,000 views two days later. Good luck with the social conservatives after they see this tape.

     Of course this is from 12 years ago. The problem is that people can watch it on youtube right now and that makes it seem recent. Another problem is that because of Romney’s youthful appearance the event do not seem 12 years old.

     In fairness we should also let you know about Romney’s response to the clips from the’94 debate.


  1. Snart Voter says

    Mitt Romney has matured since those days. Today his responses would be much different. Are you the same guy you were several years ago? I’m not! That video details a man running against Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. Perhaps it’s time we Republicans came to the harsh realization that we can’t put forth our agenda if we don’t get elected FIRST.

  2. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Mitt has always believed the right things. When he was running for Governor of Massachusetts he believed the right things to be Governor of Massachusetts. Now that he’s running for President, he believes the right things to be President. That’s great news, but still troubling that he consistently converts to believing the right things always just in time for the next campaign… Maybe he’s genuine, but you have to understand people’s hesitation. The good news is who are the alternatives? McCain or Guiliani? Neither are exactly models of conservative ideology.

    President Hunter? I think not…

    What shall we do, what shall we do?

  3. Snart Voter says

    I agree that Duncan Hunter isn’t going to be elected president. However, he would be a very attractive vice-presidential candidate. Can you imagine an American politician who actually believes in and works toward border security?
    Although illegals from south of the border are an enormous problem (ie: demanding marchers waving Mexican flags, overcrowding our schools, hospitals and criminal justice system), there is the even more serious problem of OTM’s (Other Than Mexicans) whose intent is to bring America to its knees.

    To answer your question of what shall we do? Vote for Romney. He can win!

  4. StridentGOP says

    Some of us would even consider voting for Giuliani over McCain if Giuliani would guarantee conservative Supreme Court Justice nominees.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    How about we all keep our powder dry and wait until late in the year? That’ll help attract Gingrich into the race who is, and always has been, a real conservative. He’s also dynamic and has a real vision. Some baggage, but no more than Giuliani or McCain…

  6. Could someone please explain to me how McCain’s changing political positions make him a turncoat and unacceptable, while Romney’s changing political positions just mean he’s matured?

    I don’t understand the difference between these guys.

  7. Mike Triggs says

    Oh for Pete’s sake, they all have their fingers to the wind. I read this morning that Senator Sam Brownback has come out against Bush’s troop build up proposal…I’d expect Rudy, Mitt and McCain can’t be far behind.

    Politicians do and say whatever it takes to get elected. Mark my word we’ll see the day when every politican is for stem cell research and gay rights if that’s the way the winds are blowing.

  8. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    To McCain’s credit, he’s standing very firm on supporting the troop surge. We’re hard on him when he flip flops or betray’s core party principles, so its only fair that we give him due credit when he doesn’t.

    On Iraq, he’s actually been the most solid of any announced candidates.

  9. Romney and McCain are in favor of the troop surge, Brownback and Rudy are not. Not sure where Hunter stands.

    And as far as questioning pro life or pro marriage credentials, show me a candidate who has actually fought, rather than talked about the battle more effectively in the last 5 years than Mitt Romney. He may or may not be the best choice for President, but his actual ACTIONS on fighting gay marriage and opposing the destruction of Embryos for “medical research” is without peer in possibly the most hostile environment, period.

    More importantly, which of the candidates have actually balanced a damn budget. Remember when that was important? You also get bonus points for doing it without raising taxes. I haven’t seen Brownback or Hunter beating the drum for spending responsibility, and they are considered “Conservative.” Conservatism is more than a one question test.

    I am much more apt to trust someone who has become more conservative the past 12 years than someone who signed the Contract with America and has drifted from those principles. That’s just me however.

  10. By the way, I am not implying that Brownback or Hunter have signed onto then drifted away from the Contract with America, but plenty of our Republican reps did, and it cost us dearly.

  11. Anyone want to speculate that McCain will go “independent” if/when he loses the Republican primaries?

  12. Snart Voter says

    McCain is bound to his farcical “Maverick” label. He hasn’t been a conservative and isn’t getting closer to being one. He would have been smart to reregister when he was rumored to be considering it. Then he could have faced Hillary in the primary–as the liberal he is.

    Sorry to see all (except for Trent Franks!) of our GOP congressional contingent jumping on his bandwagon. The glare of blatant opportunism shines so brightly, it is nearly blinding.

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