Ouch! Republic & Tribune refute ACLU Tim Nelson’s biggest lies and expose hidden (illegal?) Democrat funding

Guess even the liberal print media has turned on its golden boy, coincidentally timed when (liberal) KAET/ASU’s poll came out showing Thomas 7 points ahead of ACLU Tim. Probably the biggest theme of ACLU Tim’s campaign has been that Thomas ordered the arrest of the New Times publishers, and subpoenaed internet browsing records of people visiting the New Times website. The latest radio ad for Nelson, probably illegally funded by the Democrat Party, accuses Thomas of trying to get the personal internet browing records of YOU, the public.

The Republic did a fair job of exposing this as completely false yesterday.
Dave Hendershott, Arpaio’s Chief Deputy, has admitted all along that he ordered the arrests without consulting with Thomas or Wilenchik, and even produced an affidavit for the Republic just to stop the Nelson campaign from continuing its lies. The Thomas campaign asked local radio stations to stop playing the false ad, which compares Thomas to the KGB, the secret police, and Castro’s Cuba!

Astonishingly, Nelson’s campaign manager Josh Kilroy did not denounce nor pull the ad, but defended it.

“We reviewed the ad and we’re fine with its content,” Kilroy said. “If the Thomas campaign wants to spend the final few days of this election reviewing the New Times fiasco, we’re more than willing to do it.”

The Tribune article also addressed the claims in the radio ad, and exposed the ad for failing to identify that the Democrat Party was funding it.
The ad names “Arizona Wins” and “Arizonans for Responsible Law Enforcement” as funding sources. According to the article, both groups are nothing more than shell organizations that the Democrat Party funneled $100,000 through to pay for the Nelson ad. The money first went to “Arizonans for Responsible Law Enforcement,” which appears to be a shell organization created by the Democrats to funnel money to the Nelson and Saban campaigns, and then to “Arizona Wins,” which appears to be nothing more than Nelson supporter and trial attorney Scott Palumbo, who paid for the radio ad. The Thomas campaign has filed a complaint with County Elections over it.

We suspect the newspapers have finally given up on trying to hide Nelson’s dishonesty because the KAET/ASU poll has him trailing. It wasn’t even a poll of likely registered voters, it was a poll of registered voters. Registered voters don’t vote as Republican as much as likely registered voters (voters who have actually bothered voting in the last election or two). So we predict Thomas will actually win by more than 7 points. We’re going to play it safe and estimate he will win by 9 points. Horizon never bothered to point that out in their analysis last night, which was a bit dishonest, but the pollsters lean liberal and their biases do come out. They also failed to mention that Maricopa County has an overwhelmingly Republican voter registration edge, so there’s little chance for a Democrat challenger like Nelson or Saban to beat a Republican incumbent. They referred to Thomas’s 7 point lead as a “statistical dead heat.” Can you imagine the liberal news media referring to Obama leading McCain by 7 points as a “statistical dead heat?” Of course not. It’s absurd. I’m sure even ACLU Tim is not dancing around with glee thinking he has a chance at this point.

Or what about noting that the same exact number of voters are supporting Nelson and Arpaio? The difference between Arpaio’s and Thomas’s race lies in the undecided voters – the voters who have never heard of Thomas. Where was the observation that gee, the public service announcements Thomas has supposedly wasted money on promoting himself really were a lot less significant than the media made them out to be, since so many people still don’t know who Thomas is?

We really wish KAET/ASU would be more objective in their coverage.


  1. It’s unlikely that the advertisement breaks any campaign finance laws, as it is an independent expenditure, and state law only requires a disclosure of the 3 political committees that directly funded the committee that made the expenditure.

    ARS 16-912(B): “For purposes of determining the three contributors to be disclosed, the contributions of each political committee to the political committee making the independent expenditure during the one year period before the election being affected are aggregated.”

    while the Democrat party appears to have provided the bulk of the money to Arizona Wins, I would reckon that they never gave a dime directly to the actual group that created and purchased the ad. It’s a shell game, but it’s perfectly within the confines of the statute and it lets the dems stay in the shadows.

    Both parties tend to do it every election. Not so much with the GOP this year, but only because they don’t have a pot to piss in this cycle.

  2. Iris Lynch says

    Who cares about the ‘usual suspects’ doing their ‘usual contortions’? Look for changes in behavior when ducks start braying.

    Importantly the real voters, (not the ones they dream will vote) are doing what they do, due diligence and voting accordingly. Amen.

  3. Mr. O'Really? says

    Dude- you need to take your meds. Media is liberal, pollsters are liberal. Liberal media only writes about its ‘golden boys’ when the liberal pollster tells them they are trailing. And, of course, they are constantly coordinating with each other (this gets very difficult around deadline time when editors need articles, but editors are in on it too). Stop huffing paint.

  4. Precinct Committeeman says

    I love the liberals on this blog’s comment section. The news makes them so mad they actually become comical in their defense of the Democrats. Now, they have me laughing at their suggestion the news media is not liberal. Come on! Wake up. My young children can recognize a con job.

    In the meantime, the Republic will try to champion their causes, but is ever so slowly seeing the handwriting on the wall. Their very survival will depend on them becoming more tuned to the majority in the state.

  5. Tucson Vice says

    Meanwhile, we are still waiting to find out who was responsible for the contributions made by the Sheriff’s Command Association (SCA) which bankrolled the smear campaign against Saban and Nelson with their $105,000 in earmarked money. Even better (and more confusing) is the fact that they established a committee to raise the funds and then chose not to register the committee with the Secretary of State as state law requires.

    So: Un unregistered committee (illegal) funnels $105,000 in earmarked money (illegal) to fund a smear campaign against Nelson and Saban, without ever filing a single document disclosing their membership or where the money that was routed to the Republicans came from (illegal).

    I guess you guys missed this one. It seems to me that you really couldn’t care less IF the law is broken…this SCA thing doesn’t bother you too much at all. But when the Dems break the law (her? is right by the way, and the wording of the law matters more than your o’reilly-esque assertions) you and the crusaders at the Sonoran Alliance Justice League spring right into action with no small amount of self rightousness while you’re at it.

    You can admit it. When you write about the Nelson’s campaign and your opinion that they broke the law, you aren’t writing out of a concern for the law itself. That couldn’t matter less to you. Your concern is with WHO broke it.

  6. Tucson Vice says

    Committeeman, you are hilarious. You honestly think that The Arizona Republic will shut down if it doesn’t start agreeing with you more and towing the party line?

    And how do you know if they are seeing “the writing on the wall”? Do you work there? Do you know people that work there? Do you write on their walls? You would love to think that they are sitting in their cublicles, terrified that every republican and conservative will cancel their subscription all at once, but I am sure they aren’t. It probably hasn’t even crossed their minds. The fact is, even if they began touting a more liberal agenda and you guys actually decided to do something about it, you couldn’t. You couldn’t get most people to stop reading it because it is the largest newspaper in the state and people rely on it. This is to say nothing of how disorganized your party is right now. And the fact that they are broke. I doubt they could even afford the mailer telling people not to read it.

  7. Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing 🙂

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