Open Letter to President Obama: Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl Deserves A Leader

“Soldier who was captured in Afghanistan and then seen in a Taliban video posted online is identified as 23-year-old Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl from Idaho.” (

Dear President Barack Obama,

I will get right to my point. Sir, your decisions astound me. I am in awe of you. I am in awe of your abject cruelty and disregard for our people. Every day I see examples of your flippant attitude, and wimpy reactions to strife. You encourage the Congress to hurry up legislation worthy of deep thought and debate; you allow top economic advisers to run wild with fringe theories of extremist liberal spending. You allow your staff to stomp on the system of Checks and Balances, sacred to the Constitution, making sweeping policy change without even an Executive nod. Our families are going broke, while you push more taxes. Legislation is being pushed through without ANY light of day, no debate, and total secrecy. Where is the transparency sir? I am amazed by your indifference.

But today I see you in the Huffington Post, images from yet another ‘date night’ or celebrity party. Time with your family I understand, but the rest of the world cannot take night after night to party. Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, captured and with the Taliban, is not getting to party. He’s begging God to stay alive, and you are having a cocktail. Mr. President, I do not want to see one more luau, image of you shooting hoops, hugs and snuggles with Hollywood Celebrity sycophants, nor you taking a breather. You are heartless to blatantly party when our men and women in uniform are being held hostage.

What exactly are you doing for this family, for this young man who just wants to come home?

I can see through your drink glass to the other side that you do not see. The world is watching this young man, sitting in wait for YOU. The world loves you and listens to your every word. So Mr. Obama, where is your pressure and charm? The citizens of this country see you dancing with the stars, voting present on all matters, allowing advising trolls to run the government. We hear your silence rising.

But this boy who’s more a man than you, he’s just trying to get home. He’s out there defending you! Where ARE YOU? He’s been held since June 30th, and you’re throwing out the first All-Star pitch? You get Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl home; get on TV tonight NOT to peddle socialized medicine. Get on TV and let the Taliban know that either he’s released or the United States is coming. No games, no meadow muffin policy. Get up, stand up! FIGHT FOR US! Have just a momentary twinkle of integrity and a blink of the bravery of Bowe; tell him you’re going in and getting him home.

Mr. President, if you cannot take lead, you must resign. Otherwise, I can promise you Mr. President, every one us us that’s a mom or dad, that’s watching you dance, we will remember this horror come election day. Waffling cowards are not fit to lead the greatest nation on earth.


Ms. Gayle Plato, M. Ed.
Phoenix, AZ


  1. kralmajales says

    What a total disgrace of a post. Our President is not waging the right war, in the right way, versus the right people. I don’t remember President Bush doing much of squat when a number of our soldiers and civilians were having their heads cut off. They are doing everything possible to rescue this soldier…you can bet that.



    NEXT STOP. CRAZY TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I too am very upset at Obama’s inaction on both Iraq and Afghanistan. Some let themselves believe he was going to work to end both wars, but it is clear, as I had assumed, that Obama plans a continued large US presence in Iraq, regardless of what the population wants, and is in fact escalating the war in Afghanistan. Both of these puts the US military in dangerous situations with no clear end.  The people who planned 9/11 are no longer even in Afganistan and we largely seem to be there to prop up a corrupt regime which has little power outside Kabul.

    What makes the situation especially sad is that the former administration claimed, against the wishes of many experienced military experts, that the conflict with the Taliban was not covered by the Geneva conventions and therefore captured Taliban could be treated outside the convention, effectively approving torture. This was a dangerous, self-defeating and ridiculous claim, but Bush and Co. wanted to play Jack Bauer rather than treat the situation in a serious and thoughful manner. While Obama rescinded this order, I doubt members of the Taliban are likely even aware and if they are it is doubtful they believe this. 

    The previous administration also had a chance, according to numerous reports, to get bin Laden as the Taliban offered to turn him over. Rather than attempt this the Bush admin wanted to look like tough guys and could care less about what it meant to our soldiers. Later, they then decided to take resources out of the conflict since they had the opportunity to occupy an oil rich nation. During that time Bush, rather than treating the issue with the gravity it required, rather turned control over to his vice-President and starting going on a record number of vacations to his “ranch.”

  4. I feel for the families of the soldiers paraded like this on video.

  5. Richard Wayne says

    It is time to stop the sugar coating on our condition as a country. As a matter of fact, this post would have been applicable for every administration since Reagan. Bush I was a lap dog for the UN, Bill was more interested in taking on the interns, Bush II wanted to be strong, but sold out to the Chambers of Commerce and the internationalists, while Obama is just plain egotistically incompetent.

    If we embrace the socialism espoused by this administration we will not have long to bask in the grandeur as the “shining city on a hill.” May God Bless America – – again!

  6. Utterly inane and idiotic. Bush can butcher with immunity and you publish the likes of this?

    The hypocrisy is legion.

  7. Richard Wayne says

    To the partisan D’s,

    Don’t get too sanctimonious. Every war in the 20th century was started/accelerated under a democrat president.

    Bush had to respond to the first attack on our American homeland in nearly two hundred years (Pearl Harbor doesn’t count since it was not a part of the United States at the time) but then he screwed it up by not letting the military do their job, following the example set by LBJ.

    Going to war must be a civilian decision. Prosecuting a war must be a military decision. We will lose fewer lives on both sides because the war will not last longer than necessary.

  8. Hey you libs, Whatever happened to your advocacy of getting the US out of the wars in the middle east? I believe the far lefties are at least intellectually honest in opposing your leader’s continued “intervention” in middle eastern countries and their cultures. Whatever happened to your chanted protests of “NO BLOOD FOR OIL!”?

    This is YOUR war now. You have complete control of the Congress and Executive. Take ownership and do what you said you were going to do. Put up or shut up!

    If anything happens to Private Bergdahl, his blood will be on YOUR hands!

  9. MaskedTruthman says

    Why are we still talking about Bush? He is just a distraction from our current circumstance. He is no longer the Commander in Chief. What should we be doing today?

  10. Kim Owens says

    My heart breaks for that young man, for his family, and for those who are so calloused to the reality of what they have sacrificed….theirs must be a particular sort of misery.

    Blow on with your big words of Bush-bashing and comparative guilt; it changes not the truth in this post. Last I checked, Obama is President.

    While many Americans are losing their homes, parents stress over putting food on the table, and families, like mine, pray for our soldier to return home safely…we see “our president” flying to New York for “date night” and traipsing all over Europe with the family in tow. What was the Secret Service bill for the week of shopping? Heaven forbid the demands of the job or the economy get in the way of his personal life.

    A word of concern, of support, acknowledgement of an American soldier is not too much to ask. How about stay in for date-night,…you’ve got a personal chef! Recognize Americans are not your personal source of revenue for the life you believe you are entitled to live.

    Service before self. I guess that is just too much to expect.

  11. well i am a southern democrat that is not afraid to say we have elected a nutless leftesy chavez type to our highest office. to say that young man should just accept his fate because he joined the services is horse crap. obama needs to tell the taliban to let that young man go or we will scorch your hideouts with nukes.

  12. Robin Smith says

    Hey Kim Owens- BRAVO!!!!

  13. I am many times amused or dismayed or confused or surprised, but, as the parent of a patriot who spend five years in the Marines, was discharged and then put his life on hold by re-enlisting after 911 to serve his country, I have never been more offended than I am by the outrageous, crude and undefensible comments in Post #10.

    Sonoran Alliance should definitely take that post off this site.

    To the real problem, when our Commander-in-Chief bows to the very Muslim leaders that support out enemies and apologizes to people who only exist due to the charity of our country, that is more offensive to me than his partying. His malevolent underlings, on the other hand, know what they are doing – the destruction of our democratic way of life. That is really scary.

  14. DSW,
    While you are correct that now Democrats own part of the current handling of this war, it is simply not the case that they have sole ownership. I fear for Pfc. Bergdahl because of also the decisions the Bush admin made which make this conflict not under Geneva conventions and also the decision to torture prisoners that have even lead to deaths. This provides no real standing for the US to demand humane treatment of Pfc. Bergdahl. I don’t recall anything but full-throated defenses for the Bush policies on here by conservatives.

    I also don’t recall criticism on here by conservatives of Bush’s trips and vacations while he was President and these wars were raging. This leads to a rather obvious conclusion that the outrage Gayle and others are expressing is disingenuous.

  15. Todd,


    I respect all constructive complaints and am learning to accept the negative, the crazy. For the record, there are two direct attempts linking from the SA comments to my blog at The links come from the floor of the US House of Reps server asking twice to shut off my blog, holding the exact same post as this letter. This means someone who has access to the US House server is spending time to claim my letter it offensive.

    You might get the comments turned off at, but I can promise you that the letter is out there and people read it. You liberal hypocrits who sing tolerance and free speech sure get goosesteppy when you do not like the speech. Should I use a Teleprompter for you to love me?

    I stand by every word I wrote and I ask everyone to write a letter to the family of this soldier, write to all the soldiers. We stand by you. I am not the only mom or dad sick and tired of the Presidential apathy.

    I can also let you know libs at the offensive button on the House floor; I haven’t shut up in nearly 45 years. I’m not stopping now.

  17. Gayle. Post the request to shut off your townhall blog.

  18. Todd-

    You cannot shut all off sir. BTW, I am appalled at the smear campaign, including some crack pots on both sides, jumping to conclusion that the soldier deserted. He is listed as captured and whether he walked off half-drunk, on his own, or was taken, we do not know. I would not be shocked that terrorists got through the emotional filering and lied.

    How do we know all of this detail minutes after he’s listed captured? Seems very fishy.

    We do know the terrorists conned him, and are using him. We do know his is a soldier, and American, a 23-year old, and deserves the benefit of the doubt. Does this whole smear soud like a HUGE patsy plan to bail out the Administration if the young man does not survive?
    Todd– bring it on–shut it down–it’s okay. It’s already out there and all of the smearing will not stop conservatives from speaking. Last I checked, freedom of speech still exists here, well at least for today.

  19. Gayle,

    “How do we know all of this detail minutes after he’s listed captured? Seems very fishy.”

    As you state, Bergdahl was captured June 30th, not July 19th. Base commanders probably know exactly what happened right now, and they’re probably not releasing all the details for his own safety, for his family’s sake, and to not compromise the mission any further. Perhaps you should enlist and tell the troops in the field and the commanders what they’re not doing to rescue their comrade, because obviously you know what the score is militarily, right?

    Curious: Did you put something up of similar vociferousness when PFC Matt Maupin was captured and executed back in ’04 and Bush was throwing out first pitches? If not, why not?

    And I really would like an answer to that one.

    If you need help in knowing who Matt Maupin was, start here:

    I like helping.

    “Does this whole smear soud like a HUGE patsy plan to bail out the Administration if the young man does not survive?”

    No, not really. But I also don’t believe vaccines cause autism or the moon landings were faked.


    Will you claim PFC Maupin’s blood for your own side? It’s a bit dry now, but it dirties the hands nonetheless.

    And DSW, you’ll remember that few said Afghanistan was not a war we needed to fight. Some of us were calling for the Taliban’s removal when they slaughtering women and banning music and blowing up statues. Iraq caused us to lose Osama bin Laden and still have to be fighting a war that should have be wrapped already.

  20. Hey Kim,

    Another question to ask into the ether:

    “How about someone give me a clue to who the space-time contiuum works?”

    The “date-night” you’re referring to was May 30. Private Bergdahl wasn’t captured until June 30th. Unless Obama is secretly Dr. Manhattan, he views time the same way we all do.

  21. Er, that should say “give me a clue as to how…”

    Always proof-read, people.

  22. Gayle , what do you mean ‘shut it down’ and how on earth do you think I am restricting your free speech?

  23. kralmajales says

    HA…I can assure you it wasn’t me looking to shut down Gayle’s speech…and I have no affiliation with any House.

    I found it offensive, yes, but prefer the marketplace of ideas to attack pieces like this. It does more to discredit the writer.

  24. nightcrawler says

    This post has really nothing at all to do with the American soldier. It is an all too transparent vehicle for self-promotion. Shameful is not strong enough of a word, disgusting is more like it.

    Most of the readers of this blog are well educated with JDs, MBAs, PhDs and the like. If you choose throw up the credentials, please try to represent the institution that gave them to you or simply ask for a refund. The logic above is about at the 8th grade level. Sophmoric in style, moronic in execution. Please respect your audience.

  25. Kim Owens says


    Please forgive my lack of specificity; I was speaking to the “date nights” in general not a specific date night.

    From the perspective I hold and my voice alone, while our nation is struggling, no matter the cause or the blame, to flaunt such outlandish expenses is wrong. To feel entitled to them is worse.

  26. kralmajales – I am not sure exactly what happened, but it sounds like perhaps someone flagged her post at townhall as offensive and this person has an US House of Reps IP (?) and she somehow thinks this person came from the SA site. What is truly something is she assumes whoever tried to flag her post is a liberal. The thing is, I think an awful lot of people across the political spectrum might take offense with her transparent attempt to exploit this situation. It would not surprise me at all if a conservative might read her post and try to mark it as offensive. I agree with you that I would prefer to see all thoughts be freely expressed so all can judge for themselves.

  27. Someone did link directly from the SA site w/ US REP IP and flagged the site. After I mentioned it here, Todd seemed to note in the next post that it was him.

    I don’t care who and am not worried. I do think it’s odd that someone from the floor of the House is flagging a post like mine that sternly questions and voices a complaint. My post is called free speech.

    It’s not unusual for a liberal to flag any post they don’t like. It’s happened before and I see that on the feed. I do not often see officials from the US House there.

    Could have been a flunky logged in to the main server, but nonetheless, he’s surfing on the taxpayer’s dollar. He or she must have a certain approval to use that server too. Simple as that. I wonder if the US House hires underlings to camp on the Daily KOS, CNN’s blog, or even our New Times rants for that matter and report every story–many much more crude, slanderous, and full of vile language?

  28. VictoryIsNotPartisan says

    The Taliban want us to make a big deal about the hostage. That is the whole reason they take hostages. If we yell and scream about the hostage, that is exactly what they want. They want to ramp up the pressure.

    We need to speak softly and carry a big stick. Our actions will speak more strongly than our words. We should say nothing about him and just do everything we can to rescue him.

    Praying for his safe return and for his family helps. Using the guy as a political football plays into the Taliban’s hands.

  29. Gayle,

    Just asking again:

    Did you castigate Bush like this when AQI abducted, released videos of, and then murdered PFC Matt Maupin?

    If not, why not?

  30. Gayle. I most certainly did not note in any post that I flagged your townhall post nor did I do so nor am I associated with the House in anyway. I do. ot understand how you possibly could have taken that from what I wrote. I was merely asking you to post evidence of the request so we could all see it.

  31. Gayle,

    From Michelle Malkin:

    Received from a USARPAC soldier this morning:

    “Please don’t list my name– I am here in Afghanistan– I know the story and the accounts that he was drunk or that he was lagging behind on patrol are not true– this soldier planned this move for a long time. He walked off the post with a day’s supply of water and had written down before that he wanted to live in the mountains. He has violated the Code of Conduct in his 28 minute speech and he is an e[m]barrassment to everyone who has worn the uniform. He made it to two towns and was asking for water when the locals turned him over to the Taliban. That is really all I can say– since we are still looking for this soldier.”

    Gayle, do you still stand behind your comments about this being a dodge by the Obama administration?

  32. Yep

    I read that yesterday. Any soldier wandering in the enemy territory desert on purpose would take a weapon, unless he was off his rocker. –Sorry Malkin said it’s all odd and I agree–I stand by the military and I want the boy to come home. I also know that military e-mail is monitored.

    Michelle Malkin also knows that.

  33. OK,

    That’s settled. What about the Maupin question? Gonna keep ignoring that? Does one man’s death matter more than other depending on who is President?

  34. Klute- He matters as do all beings. I wasn’t writing then, I am here now.

  35. Gayle,

    Glad to hear it.

    But here’s my problem: You were obviously incensed enough to write about Obama and the capture of PFC Bergdahl.

    Why didn’t, when this exact same thing happened, didn’t it incense you enough to write about Bush? AQI released the video of his execution being shot in the back of the head in ’04. Did you hold that against Bush in the election?

    I believe you care equally about Maupin and Bergdahl, I really do, but Bush validated your point of view. You were willing to accept the murder of an American serviceman broadcast live on TV because you’re not naive – that’s what happens in war.

    Obama does not validate your point of view, therefore you’re willing to use any cudgel you can get your hands on, and you’re willing to use an American soldier to further your propaganda needs. Kinda similar to what the Taliban is doing right now.

    We both know that American soldiers look out for their own and that everything is being done to recover PFC Bergdahl, if just to deny the enemy a psy-ops victory. We both know that leaders don’t get on the camera and bluster about things like this. What would Obama do anyway? Declare war on the Taliban again?

    You’re proud of your intellectual credentials – you should be, a phD is a schlep. So honor them by being intellectually honest.


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