Open borders Hispanic “Republican” featured in Arizona Republic

Another example of biased journalism from the Republic. In a large feature article in yesterday’s paper, DeeDee Blase’s efforts to register Hispanics as Republicans was profiled. What the article completely omitted mentioning, however was that Blase represents the liberal wing of the Republican Party and not the average Hispanic Republican.  The article created the impression that Blase represents Hispanic Republicans.  She doesn’t.  The average Hispanic Republican generally supports enforcing our borders, and they are not focused on hatred for Sheriff Arpaio. Hispanics on the far left who have predominantly Democrat viewpoints may naturally take that position, but not the ones in the middle who Blase is trying to recruit. Most moderate or Republican Hispanics are reasonable and are not open borders advocates like Blase. Blase’s position on illegal immigration would be more at home in the Democrat Party.

One of the most active Hispanic Republicans in the Valley is Alice Lara, who sits on the Special Healthcare District Board. She was endorsed by both Sheriff Arpaio and County Attorney Thomas, and is an officer in the Arizona Latino Republican Association. She is more representative of Arizona’s Republican Latinos than Blase.  Blase’s approach is divisive, and would cut people out of the party instead of being inclusive, shrinking the party. It would also move the party further to the left.  Many Hispanics would be turned off by her criticism of Arpaio and Pearce. It is unfortunate that the Republic would choose to profile someone as radical as Blase as representative of Hispanic Republicans, instead of Lara. Lara has been active in the Valley political scene for years, as a former KFYI producer and current assistant to lobbyist Stan Barnes. Where did DeeDee Blase come from and has anyone heard of her? Blase calls her group Somos Republicans (somos in Spanish is the plural of “to be,” or “we are”).  It is telling that she didn’t join Arizona Latino Republicans, but formed her own group. She is likely too radical for ALRA.

One Hispanic friend of mine had this to say about the article:

Yes I saw the article – I do not agree with her illegal immigration stance.  I do not think our party should be defined around the dislikes of fellow Rs. We don’t have to be in love with each other but we have important common political philosophies to strengthen and it disturbs me to see misplaced compassion used in this way to further a personal agenda.

Her action in my opinion demonstrates/promotes/illustrates further division in the Republican party and more so in those who happen to be prospective Republican Hispanics.  This is America and there is room for all opinions.


  1. Agree or disagree with her views on immigration, what she signifies is that the Republican Party is the party that is drawing the next generation of young people, including Latinos. It is the party of inclusion in the sense that we do discuss and debate the great ideas as well as the party where there can be a discussion of the important issues of the day. The Democratic party in this state and throughout the country is run like Tammany Hall. If you disagree with the party elite on abortion or anything, there is not room for you to run for office, to hold a chair, to get involved. In other words, there is no representative democracy within the democrat party for many who are not far out leftists. At least Republicans can hash it out and debate the issues, Sometimes it gets bloody and there are times I wish that people could see the wisdom of a particular perspective, but the healthy conversation is alive and well in the Party of Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan. And while I know there are people who disagree with my pro-life views, at least I get a chance to argue and prove my position which is supported by the national platform and is a winning position(which helps those who need to learn the truth). Of course I will be candid and say that while reasonable people can discuss a myriad of issues, when it comes to protecting innocent human beings in the womb, there can be only one correct position.

  2. By the way, Alice Lara will be appearing on Sunday Squaroff this weekend !

  3. I love how the woman practically admits that the party doesn’t stand for what she or many of her cohort believe, but what the heck – right?

  4. Amazed,

    In cased you missed it, here is what we support:

    “Somos Republicans will work tirelessly to ensure that approximately 673,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Arizona are registered to vote, and will explain the Republican values of being pro-family, patriotic, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-Capitalism, supportive of the school voucher system, supportive of a strong military and national defense, against tax increases, for smaller government, and for humane immigration reform focusing on legalizing labor that would yield significant income gains for Americans and our households.”

    We align ourselves with the Republican Party. I’m not surprised to hear that the State Party Chair and Michael Steele have been at odds.

  5. Chewie Shofir,

    Your “Hisapnic friend” wrote: “…Her action in my opinion demonstrates/promotes/illustrates further division in the Republican party…..”

    It seems your misguided Hispanic friend did not know about how Pullen was a thorn in RNC’s — Michael Steele’s side. Did you not know about it? In case you missed it, Randy was not exactly “united” with the newly elected RNC Chair was he?

    In face, Michael Steele wrote a letter to five that included Randy Pullen wrote:

    “I have just returned from an overseas trip to learn that the five of you have developed a scheme to transfer the RNC chairman’s authority to the treasurer and the executive committee,” Mr. Steele wrote in an e-mail he sent to Randy Pullen, the RNC’s elected treasurer, and Blake Hall, the committee’s general counsel, as well as to three former RNC officers.

    It is unfortunate that your “Hispanic friend” could not give that same “unity” advise to Randy Pullen when Randy and Michael Steele were at odds.

  6. Matt Roberts,

    Thanks for letting us know that Alice will be on the tele.

    Alice was endorsed by Arpaio wasn’t she?

  7. And last but not least, Chewie Shofir, your headline is libelous. Somos Republicans is not for open borders. We are for changing the law to make better for immigrants to document themselves instead of going into hiding.

    I will have to check with my attorney because you are not stating the facts about our view on immigration.

    We are Capitalists and we are humane. We target Evangelicals/Catholics/Christians and we believe in the Golden Rule.

  8. DeeDee, Great,as soon as you catch ab it of heat, you say that you’re going to talk to your attorneys? Just waht we DON’T need, more people like you threatening people with their lawyers. We have enough of them in the current administration. But thanks for showing all too see your true colors.
    And can you please explain your “we target Christians” comment?

  9. Papatold,

    Obviously when people are spreading libelous information about “your group”, one must make an attempt to get them to stop spreading the libelous lies in a civilized manner.

    What did you want me to do? Beat him up? I don’t think so. Two wrongs don’t make a right, however, when Chewie refers to our organization as an “open borders group”, then obviously we need to get him/her from doing so. We are not an open borders group, however, we are for a humane and capitalistic approach to solving the border situation.

    Half of our core leadership group are veterans of the United Stated Armed Forces, and obviously national security is just as important to us as it is to those who have never served.

    What part didn’t you understand about “targeting Christians”?

    Perhaps this might help….a while back, Dick Morris wrote an article about the Latino Revolution.

    He wrote:

    “A revolution is underway among America’s Latino population that will have profound implications for the future of American politics. Of the 41.3 million Hispanics in the United States today, 37 percent identify themselves as “born-again” or “evangelical.” Just 10 years ago, the proportion that did so was about 15 percent. All told, there are now about 11 million Evangelical Protestant and 3 million Evangelical or Charismatic Catholic Latinos in the United States. In 1996, there were only 4 million.

    This explosive growth in Evangelical religious affiliation among Latinos — about 1 million converts annually — portends huge changes for American politics. ”

    That’s is our target market, and with God’s help we will be successful. Hope that helps, and have a nice day.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Dee Dee Blase, testy a bit aren’t we? If I didn’t take you at face value, your prose would suggest someone a bit to the left of center.

    “… obviously we need to get him/her from doing so.” Its called ‘free speech’ and you’d better get used to it. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

    Please define “… core leadership” for us, is that 8 or 12 (of which half would be 6 or less). Puffery, Dee Dee.

    One of my favorites, “… We are Capitalists and we are humane” are you implying the rest of us aren’t?

    “… Mr. Steele wrote in an e-mail he sent to Randy Pullen” I know both men and find it highly unlikely that either would share such an email with someone as unknown as yourself. Nice try, you’ll have to do better – we’re not the Repugnant.

    John Jakubczyk, we are not the ‘Big Tent’.

    Ronald Reagan said; “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell it’s numbers… And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principals, then let them go their own way.”

    This also applies to “… humane immigration reform focusing on legalizing labor” (whatever you really mean by that Dee Dee)

  11. Veritas,

    It’s laughable that you think I am being testy when in fact I am simply trying to correct the libelous information being disseminated.

    If you would like to find out more about our organization, simply go to

    The email between Michael Steele and Randy Pullen was made public by Mr. Steele. Randy has been a nasty little thorn in Steele’s side, and if you want to learn more – simply go to and use their search engine to do your further research on the subject.

    I find it amusing that you are quoting Ronald Reagan. Certainly you must already have known that that it was Ronald Reagan who gave amnesty. Further….did you know that John McCain voted against Ronald Reagan’s amnesty?

    Look it up, and in the future… probably shouldn’t be going around quoting the man who gave amnesty when you enthrall yourself into a “border” debate, savvy?

  12. This post is absurd. DeeDee doesn’t agree 100% with the orthodoxy insisted upon by the author so that somehow makes her “liberal” and makes her a “Republican” in quotes? That’s ridiculous. Just because she doesn’t bow at the altar of Joe Arpaio doesn’t make her a liberal. As far as I can tell, she is socially and economically as conservative as they come on pretty much every other issue.
    Frankly, one could just as easily call Arpaio’s conservative credentials into question as a tax raising, big spending, ineffecient and costly bureaucrat who once helped Janet Napolitano over Matt Salmon.
    Also, if ALRA is so great, why are Republicans still getting killed in voter registration among Hispanics?

  13. Sara Domingez says

    How racist can this person get???


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