Open borders advocate Jason LeVecke throwing fundraiser for McCain

Jason LeVeckeOpen borders advocate and Carl’s Junior owner Jason LeVecke, co-chair of McCain’s reelection finance committee, is throwing a fundraiser for McCain in Houston on May 4. McCain should distance himself from radicals like LeVecke. McCain’s liberal position on illegal immigration didn’t help him in the election, Hispanics still went for Obama. In fact, McCain got 5% fewer votes from Hispanics than Bush did in 2004. Hispanics shifted away from McCain at the same rate the general population did. If McCain wants to survive another term, he should distance himself from the open borders crowd like LeVecke, who don’t represent the majority of Arizonons. Otherwise, he is susceptible to a primary challenge on the right, maybe by J.D. Hayworth, and as we saw in the general election, it won’t help him.

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