Oops! Is Brewer Padding Her Resume On Purpose?

brewer oopsThe Arizona Guardian today reported that Governor Brewer has included her membership in a “handful of community organizations and government boards” on both her official and campaign biographies that, evidently, she does not actually belong to anymore.  Oops!  These include the Maricopa County System on Justice Intervention for the Seriously Mentally Ill and the Japanese American Citizens League according to its popular “Guardian Angel” blog.

Why would Brewer feel it necessary to pad her resume?  And maybe more importantly, did she do it on purpose?

According to Brewer’s spokesman, her “staff has the responsibility” of making sure that her resume is accurate and this controversy should been seen as nothing more than an mere oversight.  Basically, it’s not really her responsibility because she is just too busy with more important matters to be bothered with, you know, little details about her previous community leadership experience.

Mistakes are bound to happen.  That’s a given like death and taxes.  But when they do you are probably just better off by owning up to them, taking responsibility and set things straight – not shifting the blame.


  1. What else is new? She also padded her resume with her dubious claim of being a governor.

  2. How could her staff know what groups she belongs to? Isn’t it her job to tell her staff what’s correct and not correct? When is she going to start showing some leadership? I agree with Bob.

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