Only Romney and Paul to appear on Virgina Republican Primary Ballot

Gingrich, Perry, Santorum and Bachman fail to qualify. 

The VAGOP requirement is 10,000 validated signatures to make the primary ballot with a minimum of 400 coming from each of its counties.  Out of all of the GOP candidates, only Romney and Paul qualified.

46 national delegates were at stake in Virginia.

Gingrich plans an aggressive write-in campaign, which is against the law in Virginia for primaries, stating that voters should be able to vote for any “top contender”.

Gingrich also failed to make the Missouri primary ballot stating it didn’t matter because the national delegates are allocated via the caucus system.

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  1. Well, those two are the only two worth considering for the job any way.

    • Conservative American says

      But Romney opposes homosexual “marriage” so that means that he is out of the running for you, Horst.

      • C.A.
        You haven’t got this right. Just like Dr. Paul, I am married to a woman. I was never married to a man and I assure you I will never want to marry a man.

        That does not cause me to dictate to my contemporaries whom they may love and marry or not.
        You see, Gawd the intelligent designer designed me to be a lesbian and then he, in his infinite wisdom and almighty power trapped me into a male body thus I am attracted only to women.
        In the end I became married to one and it even happened in a church many years ago.
        Believe me, I am not making this up, we have photographs to prove it.
        And we do have natural offspring. Nothing immaculate, just standard.
        Notwithstanding the before mentioned I do not insist to force my beliefs on others. For those who wish to take their cues from the men who wrote the bible, like Levi, not Levi Johnson he facilitated the immaculate conception of Bristol while they practiced good christian abstinence, no I mean Levi Tycus the bloke who wrote the stuff about him knowing that God not wanting men to lay with men, or any of the other hare brained stuff found in that book, those are welcome to strictly follow the words of the scriptures.
        And those who do might make it to the heavenly kingdom and may take their righteous place on the little jump seat between Gawd and Jesus. Caution here! Someone may already occupy the little jump seat and one needs to sit on someones lap.That could be Attila the Hun or Rock Hudson or Liberace.
        Take Care.

        • Conservative American says

          No, Horst, I have it right.

          Romney has made it clear that he supports marriage as being exclusively the union of one man and one woman. You support homosexual “marriage”. That means that Romney is out of the running for you.

          Horst wrote: “That does not cause me to dictate to my contemporaries whom they may love and marry or not.”

          Irrelevant. You don’t have the power to dictate anything to anyone anyway.

          Horst wrote: “You see, Gawd the intelligent designer designed me to be a lesbian and then he, in his infinite wisdom and almighty power trapped me into a male body thus I am attracted only to women.”

          Wrong. God created you a woman. You chose to be lesbian.

          Horst wrote: “And we do have natural offspring.”

          No, you don’t have “natural offspring”. You can’t because the union of a woman and a woman cannot biologically bring about offspring.

          Horst wrote: “Notwithstanding the before mentioned I do not insist to force my beliefs on others.”

          Again, you don’t have the power to force your beliefs on others anyway.

          The practice of homosexuality is abnormal, sexually deviant behavior no matter how you try to candy coat it with euphemisms like “gay”. Furthermore, the union of two persons of the same sex cannot result in procreation. That’s because God set it up that way and there is no getting around that.

          Have a Merry Christmas, Horst, if you celebrate Christmas.

          • @ C.A.
            Merry Christmas to you as well. Why, of course I celebrate Christmas. My family celebrated Christmas for thousands of years. Although they did not always call it Christmas it was known to most of them as Yuletide and my ancestors were among the Co-Founders of this Holiday season that lasted in earlier years for 12 days.
            It had a lot to do with the winter solstice, the early recognition of the power of our sun by evolving humans.
            It was not until Emperor Constantine recognized the political value of this pagan tradition in his endeavor Christianizing the European Continent when it began to be called Christmas and became attached to this young Rabbi who was alleged to be born to a virgin and fathered by God and emerged as an icon for the belief in the existence of a single god amongst a multiple god and goddess believing functional civilization.

            Actually C.A. we are drifting away from the core of this Post namely the fact that only Dr. Paul and Governor Romney made it onto the ballot in VA, and my statement that I feel that those two Republican Candidates are the only two worth my consideration.

            Your desire to be a contrarian and a homophobe on top of that caused your deviation from the original post.
            Now that I answered you point by point my question to you is: “Will you support Romney and/or Paul if one of them becomes the Republican Candidate, not just with lip service but with a substantial financial contribution, and how much?”
            Merry Christmas

            • CA loves to demand answers, but he will never ever answer any question you ask him. I’ve been waiting a few months for him to answer a single question I’ve asked. He is just another bomb throwing wussie.

            • Conservative American says

              First, let us dispatch with Lampoon. Sit on it, Pinko. That’s about all it deserves. Now for Horst.

              Romney supports marriage as exclusively the union of one man and one woman. Since you support homosexual “marriage”, Romney is out of the contest for you. End of story.

              It’s none of your business who I will support and how much I will donate.

              I will, however, support and vote for whichever Republican candidate gets the nomination. No matter who it may be, he or she will be infinitely better than Obama.

              Why don’t you stop pretending that you would even consider supporting a Republican candidate. Obama is the homosexual “marriage” guy and that is who a liberal like you is going to vote for.

              • Lampoon was right.
                But you are also afflicted with homophobia, big time.
                So sad, it is non-treatable and non-curable.

              • Conservative American says

                “Bigoted, racist, homophobe” is the last resort aspersion of defeated homosexual “marriage” supporters.

                You aren’t going to support Romney because he supports marriage as exclusively the union of one man and one woman. You are not going to support or vote for any Republican presidential candidate because you’re going to vote for the homosexual “marriage” guy, B. Hussein Obama.

                Have a nice day, HK!

              • What’s the matter CA? Hate being called out on your hypocrisy? You are soaking in it! LOL

                CA is an angry, lonely, conflicted person. I’d feel sorry if he wasn’t such a wanker.

              • Conservative American says

                ROFL! Here you are, a flaming liberal, leftist Pinko posting at a Conservative blog. How pathetic is that, LOL!

                Now run along over to Daily Kos with the rest of the Pinkos… but have your mommy change your diaper first. You smell really bad. Phew!

                Have a nice day, Cretin!

              • The usual poo fling retort from an ignorant man with no ability to debate.

                But, you never took debate at your GED class did you? Keep living down to your stereotype, its enjoyable how dreadfully predictable you are. I’ve read more insightful things written in yellow in a snowbank.

              • Conservative American says

                ROFL! A debate class? What you need is a brain transplant form an orangutan to up your IQ, LOL!

  2. Ron Paul Rocks!

  3. That is HILARIOUS.

  4. So the rest of the country has the benefit of exactly zero voter-level information on how each campaign is doing in a real election. Newt can dismiss his “did not appear” as a sophisticated campaigner and Romney can claim victory as one of the two candidates that got actual VA votes. Paul will get more votes than ever for the same reasons, and his number will be meaningless. Unless, of course, he beats Romney.

  5. They can’t run a campaign but they want to run a country?

  6. Ron Paul says he opposes a border fence because it symbolizes racism and could be used to keep us in. Here he showcases a border fence as his very first image in his border security ad:

    “This fence business” is already constructed in the Yuma Sector. It is double layered, patrolled and monitored and it works.

    “In a good economy illegal immigration wouldn’t be such a bad deal.” Right, look the other way please. Never mind the increased property crime and higher govt. spending. Forget the overcrowded classrooms, jails and hospitals.

    Ron Paul is a nut job of the highest order.

    • Hear- hear!

    • Because he says he’ll bring the states’ guard home from guarding borders in Iraq and Afghanistan and put them on the US/Mexican border?

      It makes sense to me.

      • Me too, but that’s easier said than done. In absense of adequat fencing, the deployment would have to be permanent – good luck on that. There is no doubt Mexico would be screaming “act of war!” The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 expressly forbids the US Military from enforcing criminal or civil law cases not otherwise covered by the UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice. Military personnel can only be used in a law enforcement capacity under times of Martial Law, Congressional Act or an Ammendment to the Constitution.

        • Nice try. The federal government maintains rights from the international border to 30 miles in. Therefore, the Guard can and *should* be down there. Further Posse Comitatus applies to the use of the military as police or against citizens, not to secure the border. Sheesh. We really need some remedial constitutional study around here!

          • I wasn’t refering to the Guard; if Paul says he is bringing home troops from Afghanistan and Iraq to put on the border, the he is predominately refering to Army and Marine troops who are subject to the Act, the Guard is not. This is congressional law, not part of the constitution. Read much?

            • The border is not the citizenry. Posse Comitatus applies to the use of the military internally against the citizenry. Read much? The federal government controls a band 30 miles wide from the international border inward.

              The non-guard troops defend the nation. My comment regarding the Guard is that, yes, they can and SHOULD be brought home to their respective border states to defend our borders.

    • Just as the blind gives praise of the rain as he pisses into the wind, LD4 PC is having a hard time making cognizant connections between what he sees and hears. I guess being wet and standing in the wind does have consequences.

      In the video clip: take the visual of the fence at the start and audio of the last sentence “stop wasting American money” and ask yourself while considering everything in-between, shouldn’t a voter be able to make the connection?

      RON PAUL 2012 – my kind of nut job.

  7. “Nut job” may be a little harsh. He and his supporters are just Libertarians who can get nothing done through their own Losertarian Party so they masquerade as Republicans. Make sure none of these Ron Paul nuts are elected to Republican Party office.

    • What’s the big deal? We do too and so do many of our friends.

      • Well, one of the principal (and principled) issues I have with it is that the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who studied under NAZI eugenicists in Germany in the 30s.

        Further, she wrote in her book that she was establishing Planned Parenthood (the first two were opened in Harlem and Brooklyn) specifically to rid the world of “dysgenic stocks of negros and jews.”

        So, there’s kind of a big deal. To me anyway.

        • Her studying in Germany tells me she got a sound education based on scientific facts rather than 5000 year old and now obsolete thinking and superstitions.

          She worked hard for women’s right to self-determination of their reproductive faculties, I can readily see how this chases shivers down the spine of all religiously dependent and deranged zombies.

          She should however, not discriminated against the Non-Negros and the Non-Jews. America could be much better of if she acted as an equal opportunity eugenicist.

          Margaret Sanger has left the world some 46 years ago and I hope the current Board of Planned Parenthood no longer act discriminatory. She dedicated her life to the fight for women’s right to take responsibility and make decisions concerning their own health and well being. She died a heroine in her own right.

          • Conservative American says

            A woman’s righ to choose… but to choose for whom? A woman can choose for herself but she has no right to chose for the unborn. Her time to “choose” was before having sex, when she could have chosen birth control medication, a diaphragm, abstinence, sexual acts which do not lead to pregnancy or tubal ligation. Failing to avail herself of any of the numerous methods of preventing pregnancy, self-centered, callous women want to end a life with their “right to choose” for someone else.

            Figures that a lesbian with a child created by a non-spouse sperm donor would hold your point of view.

  8. Merry Christmas! 😉

  9. Observe, You think it would be more cost affective to permanently station troops all along the border than to pay for constructing a proper fence? Hilarious.

    Horst Krause is no longer a factor in Republican Party elections. The good voters of New River has sense enough to vote out his band of 13 liberal PCs in 2010. Now he is left to spouting his anti-Republican Platform rants on blogs. His reported defense of a child molester who is now serving time in prison did not help establish his conservative cred.

    • @LD4PC,
      You are correct in stating that I am no longer a [financial] factor in Republican Elections. I found better Organizations to support financially,
      You are incorrect in everything else. Of the (what you call 13 liberal PC’s, indeed there were only 11) four, including myself are still Republican PC’s.
      What you didn’t know was this: An LD4 GOP V.P. was booted out of LD4, not by the party, but by the bank that foreclosed on him because he was a dead beat who did not pay his mortgage, and he moved into LD6. And he is still the same Dead Beat.
      He ran for the AZ State House the employer of last resort. He did not make it. Too bad, but it was he who put up the Slate against the established PC’s in New River, in order to get me out. All he achieved was stopping me from writing checks to GOP Candidates, and the AZ GOP in general. Other than that, he failed in both endeavors.

      As to the child molester story please take note:
      I made the call to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office (in 1997) as soon as I was informed about it.
      The offender was sentenced in 1998 but we were never called to testify at all.
      I did get a call to appear as a witness in a re-trial two years later (in October 2000) and I was questioned in front of the judge, and under oath I answered all questions truthfully.
      In November 2004 I ran as District Chair in LD-6 against Carry Martin. Her husband Dean and friends of theirs had access to sealed court records and another of their friends, Alan Richardson, fresh out of bankruptcy, who was a freelance writer while holding a political job for the AZ GOP Senate, spun the facts of my testimony given under oath for the benefit of the court and the jury, as if it were support of the defendant who was a convicted Child Molester.
      I lost the Election. Not a big deal. I moved on. I just barely mumbled a curse and Alan Richardson is now pushing daises from below.
      Now you know “The rest of the Story”

      • Conservative American says

        Oh, I see. In other words, you’re a loser.

        • No,not a looser, not at all. I maintained my position of Secretary in LD6 for 4 years.
          Then, early in 2010 I announced my desire to retire. That was the moment in time when the chronically bankrupt conservatives and the Tee-party novices took over the AZ GOP..
          At the end of the day the GOP left me. Period
          I since found other causes worthy to support.

          @ LD4 PC.
          Concern yourself with LD4, don’t mess with LD6, one bankrupt foreclosure jockey schmuck from LD4 is more than we want to handle at a time.Please DO NOT send us any more.

          • Conservative American says

            Oh yeah, you’re a loser.

            HK wrote: “I lost the Election.”

            Going to try to spin that now? You lost, just like homosexual “marriage” lost in Maine.

            HK wrote: “At the end of the day the GOP left me.”

            Gee, I wonder why? Is it because you’re a loser who supports loser causes? ‘Ya think?

  10. Wow. Krause, All we can say is THANKS for getting out of the Republican Party. Glad you don’t speak for anyone but your miserable self. You lefties usually resort to personal attacks when you lose on the facts and the issues. Have a nice old age.

    • @LD4 PC,
      Stay in LD4, for Christ sake. Stay there and you will fit in it very well. Now if you have cough your breath, learn how to spell my name right. It is Kraus without an “E” on the end.
      Do the world a favor and stay in LD4, don’t mess with other districts. We already inherited one of yours, and believe me that was one too many.

      • Conservative American says

        What’s the matter, Krause, LD4 PC not staying in your lillte box for you? Is that your problem, Krause?

        Krause wrote: “Concern yourself with LD4, don’t mess with LD6…”.

        Then Krause wrote this: “Stay in LD4, for Christ sake.” (I guess that’s “worship” for Krause.)

        Are things getting all “messy” for you, Krause? People not staying where they “belong”? Don’t seem to know their “place”? Is that’s what’s bothering you, honey?

        Don’t worry, Krause. When things get tough you can turn to your husband for solace and comfort.

  11. Well, well. It’s coming out that Ron Paul’s base is a conglomerate of Democrst/Independs/RINOs, of which most revert to DEM in the General Elections.

    SMALL world!! Where have we heard of THAT sort of strangebedfellows combine before?

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