“One Accord”

I almost forgot I had this video clip from earlier this year. That’s when Governor-in-Waiting, Jan Brewer, addressed the Maricopa County Republican Party at ASU West.

At the time, I wrote,

Leading up to the elections, several elected officials spoke including, County Attorney Andy Thomas, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce and Governor-in-waiting, Jan Brewer. As Brewer took the podium, Republicans jumped to their feet with excitement and the prospect of returning the State of Arizona to a GOP-controlled agenda. Brewer rallied the crowd when she spoke on the party being “in one accord” and standing against the Democrat’s “gospel of big government.”

Here’s a clip from that speech:

Tomorrow, the Governor along with a handful of big business supporters, will begin a statewide campaign called “Building A Better Arizona.” According to the memo sent out to members of the campaign the first week’s schedule reads as follows:

Week of June 1
· Press Conference: Beginning June 3rd. Press Conferences with Governor and Business leaders announce support for the budget in regional press conferences across the state.
· Editorial Boards: Beginning June 3rd. Coordinate with meeting with statewide editorial boards to coincide with press conferences.
· Phone Call 1: Tentative Scheduled: June 4th. Autodial phone call to targeted districts encouraging voters to learn more about the budget and contact their legislators.
· Launch Website: Tentative Scheduled: June 5th. Launch website with budget details and the ability to speak out and contact legislators.
· Email Blast 1: Tentative Scheduled: June 5th. Launch campaign with statewide blast encouraging them to visit website and contact legislators.
· Newspaper Ad 1: Encouraging voters to learn more about the budget and contact their legislators.

The irony in all this is that on Thursday, the Governor will speak and “salute” members of the Legislature in a special dinner to be held that night at the Wyndham of Phoenix. The basic cost of the dinner is $300 with table sponsorships going for $3,000 up to $10,000.

Rumors are already abounding that some members of the Republican Party may not attend and why should they if the Governor is going to launch a $225,000 campaign against them the day before?

So much for being in “one accord.”



  1. I love this impression that the Arizona Legislative Republicans are the “Republican party”


    No one has ever cared about those mental midgets down there until Brewer started talking about unity.

    They have not mattered since before Symington.

    So what, they are going to oppose the Republican leadership? Just like always, they’ll be ignored and no one will care.

    oh wait, lets pay lip service and pretend we all care what their petty interests. BLAH!

  2. Samuel,
    Your post says everything we need to know about you. Those “mental midgets” at the Legislature were elected by the people of Arizona. Apparently we (the Republican Party) like what they stand for. We don’t have much choice in our “leadership” since they have been in power since the dark ages, but we don’t care what they think. As soon as someone comes along who has the money to beat them, we will jump for joy that we have people in Washington that truly represents us.

  3. Wrong. The Republican Party are the elected precinct workers and our leaders are the people who know how to actually win elections in tough times like our Senators and Congressmen. Not a bunch of whiners and malcontents.

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