Oh, He’s definitely in.

Daniel Scarpinato at the Arizona Daily Star confirmed another indicator on who to expect to get in to the 2010 gubernatorial race. For months, Sonoran Alliance and other conservative bloggers have been watching attorney/former board of regent/former State GOP chairman, John Munger. As Scarpinato writes, Munger won’t deny it but if his actions are any indication, he’s definitely in the race. Munger, along with Lisa Graham Keegan have been working up an organization called Imagine Arizona for months. Imagine Arizona is a public policy advocacy organization with an eye on developing Arizona into a free market regional powerhouse. (In fact, they’ve been pushing an idea I’ve had for years – development of a deep water port – minus Arizona annexation.)

Munger is someone to be taken seriously.

With the current Republican Governor suggesting that Arizonans tax themselves, Jan Brewer will become extremely vulnerable in a Primary race, especially against someone like John Munger.

Here’s what Scarpinato said about Munger today in the Arizona Daily Star:

Munger “just having fun”

Tucson Attorney John Munger isn’t running for governor – yet.

The former state GOP chairman’s “Imagine Arizona” road show has had many in the political community rumbling about John’s interest in the ninth floor of the governor’s tower.

But for now, Munger says he’s just talking issues.

However, he’s not ruling out a bid, even if that means taking on incumbent Jan Brewer in a Republican primary.

“I’m going to look at that maybe later in the fall or next year,” Munger said. “I’m just having fun talking about the issues.”

And Munger certainly is talking up the issues. Last Friday, he attended a Legislative Townhall Forum in Tucson sponsored by Americans for Prosperity and Pima Association of Taxpayers. He was quick, passionate and knows the issue of education just as well as anyone currently serving in office. After all, he is a former board of regent.

I don’t think it’s a matter of “If” but rather “when” that Munger gets into the race. And when he does, expect him to run circles around Jan Brewer.

P.S. ~ One other thing I forgot to mention. As a rule of political thumb, anyone who runs for statewide office needs to win or break even in Tucson/Pima County. Munger is from Tucson.



  1. Ryan Williams says

    Mr. Munger’s Imagine Arizona is exactly the type of intelligent and pragmatic online endeavor that Republicans in this state need right now. We face big problems here at home that will require creative, conservative solutions. It’s therefore a much-needed space for thoughtful policy debate and discussion.

  2. Munger would be running largely from the left, which is an unusual strategy. It works if there is a credible challenger from Brewer’s right as well, and I’m not sure that such a person exists. At least not yet.

  3. Maricopa GOP says

    In the last two elections, the statewide Republicans who won, all of them lost Pima and half of them actually lost Pima County by 25,000-35,000 votes each. Pima County is important, but is generally a loser for Republicans even in Republican years. More to the point, no Republican wins unless they have a large margin in Maricopa.

    Sorry about this, but there is somw validity to those who complain about politics revolving around the State of Maricopa. In the Primary, it is even more important, with about 70% of the statewide Republican vote coming from Maricopa.

    Munger may get a lot of traction in Pima along with the rest of southern and south western Arizona, but if he does not do very well in the fertile crescent from Pinal through Maricopa and Yavapai to Mohave, he doesn’t have a chance.

    On the other hand, if Brewer doesn’t jettison her stink tank of advisors who are pushing the tax increase, even Munger might look good.

  4. George of the Desert says

    Munger is running; no doubt about it. He was running before Brewer ascended and he never budged once she took office. He has nothing to lose and should be able to raise money. He knows a lot of grassroots people as well as heavy hitters financially. Brewer has the advantage of incumbency, but she has to know things will be tough for her.

  5. GOP Mom, Esq. says

    Brewer is weak. Her stand on taxes, which is a marked shift from her time in the legislature, makes her especially vulnerable. Her inability to speak articulately (she makes W. sound as articulate as Shakespeare!), which is amazing after 26 years living in public office, will make it challenging to deliver a message on the stump or in debate. (Anyone ever watch her deliver her “Five Point Plan” where she holds up her hand with five fingers outstretched and almost on-cue, while reading the notes in her speech?) Not having held elective office, Munger does not share many of her soft spots including many, many votes while Brewer lived in elected office for over 26 years and campaigns Brewer has run and candidates Brewer has endorsed. (Anyone remember Brewer railing on Ed King’s vote for the Diamondback’s ball field, thus running King out of County office and then the photo op of Brewer cracking a bottle of champagne over the entrance to the park? Pretty hypocritical…) More to come, I’m sure.

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