Ogsbury frequent donor to Democrats.

Thanks to a post on Random Musings we are working on a story detailing James (Jim) Ogsbury’s many donations over the past few years to Democratic candidates. Among the names are Patty Murray, David Obey, and as recently as late in 2006 Ed Pastor and Gabrielle Giffords.

You can see a list of Ogsbury Donations from the Federal Election Commission site here. Also view another list which includes Senator Patty Murray, Ed Pastor and Sam Coppersmith from Open Secrets.


  1. It also shows he’s contributed more than $21,000 to Republican candidates, including $500 to Steve Huffman and $3,700 to JD Hayworth in the election last cycle.

  2. GOP = Good
    Huffman = Bad

  3. AZBronco64 says

    David Schweikert will run circles around Ogsbury. Ogsbury is already at a serious disadvantage in the money area.

  4. I hear Mark Anderson and Jeff Hatch-Miller are also looking at the race… No women mentioned yet. Bitter-Smith was, but seems to have fallen off of the radar screen by now.

  5. How ironic… a few thousand dollars to Dems with years of giving over $21,000 to Republicans now Ogsbury the Republican will run against Harry Mitchell the Dem; it was Harry Mitchell who the GOP chair donated to in a general against a Republican.

  6. Count on Ann to try to tear the scab off of that old wound. Maybe Ann could run on a platform of “I’m a divider, not a uniter!”

    Pathetic that she couldn’t resist…

    How about $ to Giffords? Ann moves right on past Ogsbury’s very recent contributions to Giffords. Guess it doesn’t give her the opportunity to cheap shot Pullen again.

  7. AZBronco64

    Is Schweikert raising money for a congressional run while serving as County Treasurer?

  8. Nah, he wouldn’t be allowed to do that. But he has personal money (as does Ogsbury) and I’ve heard that alot of the heavy hitters are prepared to back him and raise money for him when he gets in. Ogsbury doesn’t really have that because most folks in Arizona don’t know who he is, and he hardly enters the race as a favorite. Both of those make it a lot harder to raise big bucks.

    But hey, he might surprise us!

  9. The average voter will be more willing to “hire” a local elected official with a track record on taxes than a beltway big-money lobbyist. The race will boil down to local boy vs. Washington insider. In a day when any lobbyist is akin to Abramhoff, Ogsbury has too many negatives to overcome. He’d be better off saving his money for something that will bring a return on his investment.

  10. Ann,

    Your point might be valid except Pullen’s donation to Mitchell was from the last century, 1998. Ogsbury’s donation to two Democratic Congressmen is less than 12 months old, the ink is barely dry on the checks.

  11. That’s a good line, “the last century”. The irony remains, no judgement just an observation.

  12. Ann,

    There is one other difference between our story and the treatment of the chairman. We do not need to tear down and attack Ogsbury. We simply present some interesting facts and let people make their own conclusions.

    I still fail to see the irony because I do not really see the comparison (based mostly one the time frame and number of donations.)

  13. Well, we can pick yet another trough seeking insider amazed with the slopping trail of cash from k street (which incidentally was one factor of why we are now sucking our thumbs on the other side of the aisle) or we can pick someone who has true homwtown conservative principles and who is a real fiscal conservative. I query, why would we put yet another lobbyist in the chair?

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