Obama’s Thugs Begin Shutting Down Citizen Activists

You didn’t expect the Administration to take our community organizing laying down did you? Barack Obama’s protectorate are now fighting back. The memo has gone out to activate all ACORN affiliates and union activists to attend and pack the Democratic town hall meetings in order to place a wall of separation around the congressman and drive regular citizens out of the meeting by blockading or shouting them down.


It’s getting ugly folks. The citizens are not going to take this.

If anyone attends any of the Arizona town hall meetings, make sure you bring your video camera.

The whole world’s watching!


  1. kralmajales says

    Did you really expect people to let this nut job movement intimidate the people we elected with wide majority of the vote? You have the right to protest, speech, and the ballot box. I support your right to do those things. In the marketplace of ideas, I am convinced that we will win and I am very convinced that more and more people will rise up against you…if not now…at the ballot box.

  2. The second video titled “DEMS SNEAK UNION THUGS INTO CARNAHAN TOWN HALL” show a guy with a cell phone and a security guard as the only people getting through the door. What is this suppose to be evidence of?

    The first video “Kathy Castor – Healthcare Town Hall Meeting in Tampa” shows people shouting at the teabaggers who are shouting. I think it’s called free speech, even when it gets turned back on you. This is part and parcel to the larger problem with conservatives who seem to think people disagree with them are violations of their first amendment rights.

    Also, the first video claims to show evidence of someone being beaten up. I fail to see it.

    I also like the distinction being made here that there are “citizens” and “union thugs” and “ACORN affiliates.” I though they were all citizens. At least with people from a union we know who they represent, the workers in the union, who do the groups supporting the teabaggers represent? Why is it kept secret?

  3. kralmajales says

    Its not a secret who the Tea partiers and their backers represent. It is corporate interests who don’t want a rival health plan offered by the government. They are being told what to do, how to do it, like the very unions that they sometimes call sheep. The only difference is that they are representing powerful monied interests and unions are representing everyday people trying to make it.

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