Obama’s “Believe in Me” Tour

In just a few hours “The One” will take the stage of Dobson High School to pass on to the masses another shovel full of….hope. Hope that this stimulus package will do more than stimulate the federal deficit and have a snowball’s chance of actually helping the economy. Hope that the good folks in attendance, who spent more than one night outdoors suffering a Valley of the Sun cold winter’s night, will actually believe this will help the housing disaster. He certainly believes he will heal the ills and be a salve to the wounds of the masses with his words and intentions alone.

He chose Denver for the signing because of the “green” emphasis of programs. He chose Mesa to explain it all because of the heavy impact of the housing crisis in that community. (With so many foreclosures nationwide, how did he choose Mesa? Throw a dart at the map and see where it landed?) The budget shortfalls are being affected already by his actions…but they are going in the wrong direction. The cost of this personal political campaign, and do not be deceived it is a campaign, is on our dime. We will pay locally for the sprucing up of Dobson High to the police presence…all to tout his bill and protect his approval rating.

These are not normal times. These are not the days of flush budgets. The cost and legitimacy of this trip cannot be compared to the visits of past presidents, not when lay-offs are happening and salaries are being cut by the political subdivisons forced to support this event. How will they make up for this unexpected expense?


  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Molly, they laid off a bunch of line employees at the local DES office just before the next wave of unemployed come in needing assistance. This was a contribution to the Obamanation’s visit to the Valley.

    Odd however, they didn’t lay off any of the middle management state workers.

  2. I’d like to know who determined what “improvements” to Dobson High School had to be made. In light of budget cuts and the need to reorganize and rethink capital expenditures, sod over dormant Bermuda is an unnecessary expense. How many planned computers where scrubbed to make for the perfect photo op on the green, green grass? Sod…really, from a school budget?

    Folks, we just subsidized a disgusting waste of resources to a figure that is well into 7 figures in a time when every effort should be used to maximize value. How many jobs does that relate too? How many projects got the heave-ho to pay for this hit and run?

    I’ve heard of the same level layoffs in other agencies. You have to wonder who is determining who stays and who goes and what criteria is used.

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