Obamanation: The Era of Fear and Loathing

I’m watching Barack Obama live on FoxNews blame everything HIS Administration has botched thus far on the Republicans. (WATCH LIVE) It’s a classic move from the Clinton Administration – call your opponent and “Obstructionist.”

I have never seen anything like this. As our economy crumbles with more and more government intervention – let’s not forget it was the Democrat’s Community Reinvestment Act that started this whole mess – Obama continues to threaten the country that our country will cease to exists we know it IF we don’t throw more BILLIONS of dollars at the problem! He’s calling it “Catastrophic” with a capital “C.”

Wasn’t it FDR who stated, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?”

The State of New Hampshire – just yesterday – introduced a resolution that they will “declare certain actions by the federal government to completely totally void and warning that certain future acts will be viewed as a ‘breach of peace’ with the states themselves that risks ‘nullifying the Constitution.'” (read resolution) Keep in mind that New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free of Die!”

Here in Arizona, Republicans control the Legislative and Executive branches of government. Conservatives can only hope that once Republicans clean up the budget mess down at the legislature, they can start dealing with whatever high-priced nonsense the federal government wants to force down our throats or steal out of our pockets. Can we expect a declaration of secession or nullification? Probably not. But we can expect the level of anger and fear over what’s going on in Washington to reach a level that we have not seen in decades.

In the meantime, keep the calls and emails going to your Congressman and Senators Kyl and McCain. While they have said they will vote against it, they need to hear your voice but most importantly, the tone of your voice.

Any aspirations of “Hope” is over – DEAD and buried. While this crisis is an opportunity for Democrats to socialize our country, some of us are NOT going to give up!


  1. You know the most amazing thing about Hussein is how soon it took him to start falling off the political cliff. At this rate his approval will be 40% before summer. Has any president been this bad so soon?????

  2. Graywalker says

    Wow. Have you been in hiding for the last eight years?
    News Flash : Republican Policies DID NOT WORK and actually got us into this mess.
    Republicans CREATED this mess, they won’t be the ones to fix it. Heck, they only have one trick – “Cut taxes” – and we all know how well that has worked out so far (as in, it hasn’t). Come on, “Lets have the rich pay less taxes and hope they will spend a lot more of it and the middle and lower classes can pick up the scraps” is a horribly flawed idea and has been proven wrong.
    Creating jobs that anyone can get, improving the infrastructure and getting things going from the bottom up is the right solution – not this “Trickle Down” MYTH. Health starts in the roots, not the tops.

  3. Iris Lynch says

    I like the idea of creating jobs that AMERICANS can get, improving the infrastructure in a few years (no chance of that happening this year, regardless of the dough thrown at it)and getting things done from the bottom up (like small businesses getting a break so they can hire people in their town). TOO BAD THAT IS NOT WHAT THE DEMS ARE DOING.

  4. Look at the bipartisan arguments. Do you want to know what is wrong with our State and Federal governments? YOU. Stop blaming each other and look at what common ground exists to work together. Most things I heard Democrats blame on Bush, Republicans blamed on Clinton. Does no one pay attention to how little influence any single President really has?

    “Proud Conservatives” and “Strong Social Liberals” should both shrivel up and go away. Neither has any benefit to anything. Quit blaming each other and work on solving problems.

    Janet Napolitano increased spending in some pet areas that she was elected on, and did not cut spending in some other areas that were too bulky. However, the employment levels of the state government as a percentage of population have not significantly changed in 40+ years. The extremely right-wing state legislature cut budgets as they were elected on, and did not do any detailed planning on what it would do. However, none of those cuts were drastic enough to cause a tailspin of any single program.

    The problem is forecasted vs realized revenue. Less money is coming in than expected. Quit complaining, quit blaming each other, and put forth some actual solutions.

  5. Solution #1: Stop the bleeding.

    This is something that needed to happen a while ago in this State. I can ony hope that the Federal Government figures out that we can’t spend our way to prosperity. Now they need to figure out how to balance an even bigger deficit next fiscal year, while still keeping the basic services running. I wish them all (Blue and Red) well in trying to figure out a solution.

  6. Our economy is a reflection of loose money, fake standards and forced regulations on te loose dough. It’s aso about lots of lying. Lying has become standard practice. We are all guilty of expecting too much for too little, and for cooking the books.

    Asking Congress to control this mess is like like having the wolves watch the hen house.

  7. Democrats blame “Bush policies” for the meltdown when the real culprit was greed by home buyers and the home selling industry. How many of those upside-down buyers really had a solid plan to keep paying those mortgages? How many of those real-estate/ mortgage industry people kept asking themselves “how can we keep approving this many loans? These people cant pay can they?” Up and down the streets of America there were plenty of little people rolling the dice, and eventually the dice came up wrong and we all lost. Now Obama is promising those same people that there will be some easy way out. Brace yourselves for socialism. I know that many Americans didnt have any clue this would happen 3 months ago back in Nov 08, or we would have had a different president.

  8. This guy is a trainwreck. Talk about “miserable failure” and its only been two weeks.

    Gotta love the blame game tactics. Dems have 58 Senators, overwhelming majorities in the House, and somehow its the Republicans fault the stimulus doesn’t pass.

    We are quickly reminded why Dems can’t be trusted with power.

  9. Antifederalist says

    I’ll say this again, GOVERNMENT engendered the environment for the creation of the housing asset bubble. GOVERNMENT created Fannie and Freddie which fueled subprime and Alt-A mortgages by buying securities based on those mortgages. GOVERNMENT pushed housing in innumerable bills and rules. GOVERNMENT kept interest rates artificially low to encourage borrowing. Like Reagan said, “Government is the problem.” I’m not convinced that the CRA caused the asset bubble, but it helped. I know Todd has pointed to research that CRA loans defaulted at only 10%, but guess what? The nationwide average of troubled mortgages (defaults, delinquencies, foreclosures and mortgage insurance payments) right now is 10%. So, the CRA caused more of the same. Both Clinton and Bush are guilty of pushing housing. In other words, the Presidents tried to use the government to divert capital and resources into housing through force of law. We live in a world of limited resources. So, when the government tries to order the economy to its liking (ever heard of the term “command economy”?), it creates distortions.

    Ultimately, the answer is to ELIMINATE government from the economy as much as humanly possible. Government should NOT be attempting to control the flow of goods and resources, it should bend over backwards to have as little economic impact as possible. We’ve seen what we get when it doesn’t: a housing bubble and a colossal collapse.

    Riddle me this: Who favors big government? Who have I been railing against consistently on this blog? Small-government conservatives, it high time to shove the moderates aside so we may reclaim our destiny and save this great nation from itself.

  10. Antifederalist,
    Be careful what you are saying –

    “Ultimately, the answer is to ELIMINATE government from the economy as much as humanly possible. Government should NOT be attempting to control the flow of goods and resources”

    – Someone might link this to the control of labor.
    We all know that the highest priority is getting rid of the Mexicans.

    Capitalism is only safe if we regulate who can be hired and make it illegal to outsource any jobs to other countries.

    Maybe the conservatives can join the socialists and then they will feel more at home as they both destroy capitalism together!

  11. Basil St. John says

    The idea of government as The Enemy is such an absurd notion. The United States would never had settled the West had it not been for huge government investment. Subsidized water delivery alone…

  12. kralmajales says

    Oh you all are rich. He only tried to work with the GOP becuase he thought it the right thing to do. He tried to include them but you didn’t want to be included. He doesn’t need your votes…he asked for them because he thought it was the best thing for the country.

    Your market based BS philosophy built and sold by your party for the last 8 years worked soOOOOOO damned well didn’t IT?

    No one is listening to this garbage.

  13. Obama’s speech was an insult to one’s intelligence. By listening last night to any part of it, I felt cheapened and COMPLICIT. I don’t care to hear a tyrading hellfire-and-damnation preacher scare me into buying anything. You know what they say, “If you have to buy it RIGHT NOW, then you shouldn’t buy it.” I couldn’t help but similarly recall Clinton telling us “I didn’t have sex with that woman” and by listening to that, I felt sullied and complicit. Clinton insulted us by even acting as though we wanted to listen to that or might believe it. Base. Lessened. Insulted. It’s not good when our leaders lower the listener to this involuntary level.

  14. Tucson Vice says

    All of this from the people who grabbed the controls and gleefully nosedived this economy strait into the ground.

    Yes DSW, you’re right. Lets put a republican back in the White House, BECAUSE THAT HAS OBVIOUSLY WORKED SO WELL.

    We are far worse off now in nearly every single respect than we were before 8 years of Bush and 6 years of republican congress, both of whom took the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the U.S. Constitution with all the seriousness of a fart joke.

    Your advice is meaningless. Laughable even. Stand back and let the adults work.

  15. Eph,

    The crack you’re smoking? Better than your usual I’d imagine.

    Pollster Approve Disapprove
    Gallup 63 21
    R2K 69 26
    Rasmussen 61 36

    AVERAGE 64.3 27.7

    All you have to do is reverse that to find the numbers for the president who got us into this mess.

    Stimulus still has majority approval, the votes in the Senate, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

    “Elections have consequences” – Senator John McCain

  16. Rassmussen has Obama at 59% approval. Compared to where he was 3 weeks ago, he’s falling like a rock.

    When told what Republican’s wanted to created a truly bi-partisan deal, Obama and Pelosi told everyone “We won.”

    Obama is just showing his true hyperpartisan colors…and utter lack of leadership.

  17. Antifederalist says

    Sorry, buddy, I’m not a protectionist. I’m a free-marketeer through and through. Corporations flee the US because of what GOVERNMENT does. Government has protected organized labor with the Wagner Act and similar labor acts and it places a great drag on productivity and profitability with regulation. Companies head overseas to escape unions and regulation. Again, the answer is to get government OUT of the economy if you want corporations to stay in the US. If any “conservatives” have been destroying the free market, it has been the neo-cons/moderates/RINOs and I have a history of being viciously critical of them.

    As for hiring illegals, I’m not much for telling corporations what to do, but I AM in favor of strong border enforcement by the feds. However, the feds have failed us miserably and they need a swift kick in the rear. Again, GOVERNMENT is the one failing us.

    That you don’t think that government is the enemy shows you’ve drunk the pro-government kool-aid. Our Founders mistrusted government and that you don’t demonstrates that you’ve forgotten their lessons and don’t care.

    As for settling the West, even in the time when we were mere British colonies, settlers and colonists moved ever westward in search of unclaimed property. Colonists ignored British restrictions on westward expansion and even the “Sooners” ignored federal dictates on settling Oklahoma. Additionally, the federal government did a bang-up job locking up the land around the railroads with their checkerboard land ownership patterns. To this day, it’s almost impossible to develop the lands near the railroads. So, westward expansion would have been done with or without the government, and the government did a great job fouling expansion up. Again, GOVERNMENT did not perform well and it never does.

    So, thinking the government is the enemy isn’t so absurd after all. In fact, NOT thinking that government is the enemy is a betrayal of the Founders’ ideals. I’ll stick with the Founders, OK, buddy, and you go play with the socialist revolutionaries who think Big Brother is A-OK and want to ignore the strict limits on government power in the Constitution.

    If you think Obama was really going to work with the Republicans in a bi-partisan fashion, you’re starstruck and gullible. It was all doublespeak intended to get the dumb masses to think Obama is a great guy. Don’t get me wrong, Republicans have pulled the same crap too. Both parties should be honest and say they’re going to do their best to stick it to the minority party, but that doesn’t go over well with the average American drone. I think Klute’s words reflect what Dim leaders really believe: they’re in power, Rs lost, they can control everything without R input, and the Rs can be damned. THB, that’s pretty much the way that the neo-con Rs treated the Dims when the neos were in charge. So, now the shoe’s on the other foot. Don’t get me wrong: if I were in power, I’d crush the Dims too…ruthlessly. But if I suddenly was in the minority, I wouldn’t be crying like a little girl either, nor would I BS the people with false appeals to bipartisanship. Minority status should incentivize true conservatives to cuff the moderates into submission and lead the R party back to power.

    Also, Kral, if you believe that Bush peddled free market solutions, you need a course in basic economics. NCLB? the prescription drug benefit? Pushing housing? Borrowing like a madman? Spending like crazy? NONE of those are free market, rather they’re your brand of big government hogwash. Funny, you liberals hate the Republicans most ideologically in line with you, and you VOTE for the truly conservative Republicans you differ with the most. The lot of you liberals need your heads examined.

  18. That’s right AZAnnie, cherry-pick those polls! Do what you guys did during 2008! Please do not change a thing.

    For God’s sake, don’t check Gallup today! Keep your laser-like focus on Rasmussen, and don’t ever get your news from anywhere but Fox!

  19. AF,

    You’re missing a vital point:

    “Minority status should incentivize true conservatives to cuff the moderates into submission and lead the R party back to power.”

    Except the Democratic Party didn’t do that, did they? The Democrats have liberals, moderates, and conservatives. They don’t run a redmeat conservative in a district that doesn’t want it (let’s go back to 2006’s Giffords victory or Mitchell’s 2008 victory), and then we don’t threaten to run them out of town on a rail when they win (where’s the liberal call to run Heath Shuler out of the party?).

    Here’s what’ll happen in 2010. The stimulus will “work” in the sense that the economy will be on the recovery cycle. The Democrats will hammer the Republicans with the recovery, with Obama’s rejected charm offensive, and the grassroots of the Republicans will do idiotic things like run Pat Toomey against Arlen Specter.

    The Democrats will gain even more seats in the House and Senate, setting up an even bigger Obama landslide in 2012, which will maintain the majority. The conservative movement will become a regional thing (South, West) which will fade as minority populations, embraced by the Democrats flex their political muscle.

    Neo-cons taught us well. All we have to do is correct their mistakes.

  20. Let’s not start bickering amongst each other. That’s what got us into this mess – politically and economically.

    Getting back to the topic posted by DSW, I’d like to see some solutions brought forward. DSW: Got any ideas on how we can get out of this state budget fiasco?

    That would be a great follow-up column. Let’s comment about that.

    Adam Klawonn

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