I’m still shocked that a person as unfit and anti-American as Obama got elected president. He’s not just your average destructive Liberal. How did it happen? How did a closet-Muslim named ‘Barak Hussein Obama’ get elected? Was it the flaccidness of the Bush administration? Was it the uncompromising weakness of John McCain? Maybe those things contributed but, I think that real answer lies in the social conditioning  infused into our culture by our universities and pop culture over the last five decades—especially in the area of race relations.


A critical element of this conditioning is the untrue teaching that America is a “racist” nation and that black people are an oppressed group who are constantly being exploited by the greedy, white majority who ought to feel shame and guilt for the oppressions they inflict—even the unintended ones. The Liberal solution to these oppressions (after a hefty dose of guilt) are “Affirmative Action” programs—programs where blacks and other minorities are given preference in hiring and other areas over white applicants. That’s right, the same folks who insist that race shouldn’t matter want race to matter.


During the election I heard many a white Liberal say that “it is time our nation had a black president”. Like any Affirmative Action program the racial outcome is more important than the qualifications. All of these decades of conditioning have bestowed upon Obama a layer of protection never experienced by any previous president; just watch how many of his critics will continue to be labeled a “racist”.


You can bet that Hillary Clinton is one Democrat who isn’t enjoying this presidential Affirmative Action but other Liberals remain obsessed with racial issues. Why stop with the presidency? Let’s go whole hog. I think that every Democrat in congress should resign their seat in favor of a minority replacement. Let the healing begin!


  1. Is this satire?

  2. Horst Kraus says

    I would feel much better if I could believe it was satire.
    Unfortunately I do believe the composer of the article believes him/herself every word of it.
    And, that believe is not a minor incident.
    It is more wide spread than we can imagine.
    That, and that alone is the real reason we, the Republicans lost the White House.

  3. Skyhawk doesn’t like how ‘race relations’ have been handled for the past 50 years. Does that mean s/he disagrees with the Civil Rights Act and the Voting RIghts Act? Does s/he think that the previous way of dealing with ‘race relations’ was better?

    And Obama a closet Muslim – Does anyone really believe that? I guess so and as Horst says maybe this is widespread.

  4. I had to really concentrate on the point of the post to get past the silly comment about Obama being a “closet Muslim.”

    I think the point about Affirmative Action is valid and supported by comments by those who voted for Obama, including Michelle Obama.

    Unfortunately, the nonsense about “closet Muslim” is NOT supported and is a peek into the mind of the writer. I don’t care if you’re right about one point; your retarded Muslim assertion, not supported by facts, makes the rest of the post irrelevant.

    If you want to keep being irrelevant, just keep slipping stupid comments into your posts. If you want to be helpful and persuasive, make rational and supportable statements.

  5. Is this the new standard of conservative writing? Skyhawk missed the fourth grade lesson on the difference between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion.’

  6. *facepalm*

  7. I can’t believe SA still lets this guy post on here. It just makes conservatives look worse and worse by the day.

    It would have been fine to discuss the idea of Dems saying it is time for black president. This is a legitimate discussion but the comments about being a closet muslim and anti-American are just pathetic.

    By the way to address the substance of the post.. You mention Hilary , people made the EXACT same argument for her. That its time for woman in the White House so to me if you apply the rational to Obama the same must be said for her, that she would also have been a benefactor of affirmative action.

  8. Johnny, have you seen the list of czars employed by this thug?

    NOT anti-American? What do you call what he’s doing to this country ?

  9. Miranda Rights read to enemy combatants; constantly criticizing our country to world bodies; sitting in Wright’s church for years; fraternizing with terrorist Bill Ayres….NOT anti-American????

  10. Give me a break, Boomer Gal. He’s so “anti-American” that he won over 50% of the vote even AFTER the world learned of Ayers and Rev. Wright? Would your argument be that over HALF of all Americans entertain “anti-American” relationships/feelings/views?!? What’s he doing to this country that hasn’t been done by any other president before him? Health care? Okay so then LBJ was anti-American, since he fought for and got Medicare? Would Reagan be anti-American? Don’t forget the whole Iran-Contra affair. Spare me. It’s time to let go of the campaign rhetoric.

    This space is slipping into the absurd. Legitimate views/opposition are being overshadowed by this nonsense of “closet Muslim” this and “anti-American” that.

  11. Iran/Contra? You mean when the Commie RATs in Congress passed the Boland Amendment and were standing behind Ortega, who was getting materiel from the Soviets?

  12. LBJ did a lot of damage with his socialist programs but he did not hate this country and pledge to remake our country.

  13. James Davidson says

    C’mon conservatives. There is no mystery how President Obama got elected.

    He outsmarted and outworked the Clintons. He beat Hillary in the caucus states by sheer hard work, and her edge in the primary states was not enough to offset it due to the Democrats’ proportional voting system, instituted after McGovern beat Humphrey in the California primary in 1972.

    When Lehman Bros. collapsed on Sept. 15, 2008, it would have been tough for any Republican to win. McCain, who then was even or ahead of Obama, overreacted with his “suspension” of his campaign, and he sank in the polls. What’s worse, McCain had a hard time talking in the debates, and that finished him off. McCain was just not good on his feet. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Debate was not one of McCain’s strengths. In contrast, Obama was smooth as silk. Some of you may differ with me. That’s my opinion from watching and listening to both candidates in the debates.

    It was Obama’s to lose, and he was a great campaigner. So he wasn’t going to lose. The Democrats could have run just about anyone against McCain and he would have won it, unless he serially shot himself in the foot. Race had little or nothing to do with it.

    And this is from someone who is deeply conservative. But you have to give credit where it’s due, if you are going to be fair about things. Governing has turned out to be very different for President Obama than campaigning. Let’s all say some prayers for this great country, and for its President. He — and we — need it.

  14. Boomer Gal,

    Czar is a media term for people with long titles for their jobs. Reagan had some of the first, including Bill Bennett as “Drug Czar.”

    No one captured as an enemy combatant is getting “Mirandized.”

    If there is no shame on your part for lying, then there is no sting from being on the receiving end of your vitriol.

  15. Oh my….when are we going to understand, by we I mean anyone whoever hopes that Conservative can have the connotation of anything beyond nut job…that this sort of over the top stuff does us no good?

    PLEASE! Do not criticize me before you try to understand what I am saying….

    What if he is a closet Muslim?…what if his name is odd?….what if he is black?……

    The man is a horrible president who has lied to this nation and done everything in his power to subvert the purpose of the Constitution to his personal socialistic belief system. That and that alone is enough to make him unfit to serve.

    The continual drumbeat of impotent Bush and ignorant McCain do not make your case any more compelling. Instead, it shows you to be someone who has room enough in their head and heart to hate everyone just the same.

    Obama ran a campaign with more money, more free air time, more attention than any other…ever. We could have run any candidate and they would have had a difficult time overcoming such an obstacle. The belief of some that there is only a narrow road of true Republicanism is why we lost races and why we will lose again. When there is more energy spent castigating those among us who do not perform to the standard of the self-identified few with all the wisdom, then we will never overcome our true rival. We will be self-defeated until we are no more.

    People are not leaving our party because we are not conservative enough, no matter how many times or how loudly you say it…it doesn’t make it so. They are leaving our party because they feel pushed away, run off, and are plain old sick and tired of the name calling and negative attitudes. This post is a perfect example.

  16. Boomergal,

    just because you do not agree with policies does not make him anti-american. The fact that the guy is supports stem cell research something most people on this site do not agree does not make him anti-american. You can hate his policies with out throwing out loaded words like anti-american, racist, closet muslim are not helpful.

    People like you make me ashamed to call myself a conservative.

  17. McCain lost the election when he picked Palin as VP and two weeks later was trying to argue that the economy was still strong. These both made him seem to have highly questionable judgement and destroyed his image as a serious-minded pragmatist.

  18. It’s not about stem cell research. It’s about destroying our country by tearing apart the very essence of free market capitalism and running down our country to the world.

  19. “People are not leaving our party because we are not conservative enough, no matter how many times or how loudly you say it…it doesn’t make it so. They are leaving our party because they feel pushed away, run off, and are plain old sick and tired of the name calling and negative attitudes. This post is a perfect example.”

    Amen, Ann

  20. GOP Boomer,

    So then any Congress person who voted for the TARP, or took part in the bailout, like Bush and his entire administration who helped in this process and in many respects led this process. Are they un-American also?

  21. A few observations:

    1. How can Obama be a “closet” Moslem and a follower of Saul Alinsky at the same time?

    2. If anything, the selection of Sarah Palin as V.P. galvanized the moribund John McCain campaign. Can you imagine what his numbers would have been if he had been granted his choice, Joe Lieberman?

    3.McCain’s insistance on the strength of the economy, especially in debates with Ron Paul, served to put the kisbosh on his candidacy, especially when he jumped on the T.A.R.P. bandwagon!

    4. What makes McCain unique in the GOP is his mutual love affair with the MSM, which is rooted in his track record of veering left when the rubber hits the road!

    Flush the john!

  22. The difference between the mistake of TARP and Obama’s agenda:


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