Obama spreads hysteria and misinformation on SB 1070

It’s no wonder the media and a lot of people around the country can’t get the facts right on SB 1070 when the commander-in-chief is busy misleading people on the law.  Here’s what he said in Iowa yesterday:

“You can imagine if you are an Hispanic American in Arizona, your great grandparents may have been there before Arizona was even a state, but now suddenly if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re gonna be harassed.”

We know there are a lot of Hispanic readers of SA.  Please, bring forward your stories about being harassed while on your way to Baskin Robbins!


  1. Whether you like this law or not it’s disgusting the way Obama and others are lying to people about it. I’m surprised our local media hasnt picked up on these outrageous comments

  2. Marcus Kelley says

    Eating ice cream is a predicate offense to asking for ID? What kind of fantasy police state is Obama living in?!

  3. Interesting from a place just fine with hysteria and misinformation about the health care bill.

    Oh wait, the bit about death panels was TRUE!!

    They’re giving grandma the pill as we speak.

  4. Note that you don’t need a “predicate offense” for an officer to check the legal status of a person under this law. All that is required is that the officer make a “lawful contact” with someone — which can, frankly, be for any reason — and then have a “reasonable suspicion” that the person is here illegally.

    I have yet to see anyone put forward what would constitute a “reasonable suspicion” that a person is in the country illegally. It seems to me that if any immigrant (legal or otherwise) tells the officer he/she is here legally — say, on a student visa — that reasonable suspicion goes away, and the officer then can’t verify the person’s status.

  5. Everyone is still playing soccer after work, Latino music blaring, not a word of English, two dozen guys plus some ladies and random kids, 6 pm, right after the school kids finish their practices.

    Just going to observe for any attrition. So far there’s no hint of panic, no hysterical hair pulling or anything that even remotely resembles being harrassed in a police state. Police? What police?
    The guy with the snazzy yellow cleats that match his yellow and green striped shirt is pretty damn good, though.

  6. I recently heard a very good explanation of what constitutes a “reasonable suspicion.”


    or, http://bit.ly/cLUq4F

    When someone has an accident and takes police on a high speed chase, that’s called reasonable suspicion.

    When a car is stopped and nine people are packed in the Honda accord, two of which are in the trunk, that’s reasonable suspicion.

    Also, by definition, “lawful contact” is NOT the equivalent of “any reason.” That should be clear to people in positions of responsibility, but as we see, it’s not!

    This law was very carefully written, probably why 68% of American voters understand and agree with the logic. If a person cannot produce designated identification on the spot to determine their legal status in the U.S., they can (and should) be detained. Utah, Texas, and Georgia is considering adopting similar legislation. That’s good. In what other countries can resident aliens expect to manage encounters with law enforcement without identification? American citizens can’t drive their cars without “papers.” But illegal aliens in the US have been enjoying preferential treatment for decades and expect to be able to run about with more freedoms than American citizens.

  7. Americans in other countries must carry either their passport or a resident alien card. Even Peace Corps Volunteers in the middle of nowhere carry resident IDs, and if they have a motorbike, all registration and insurance must be verifiable up to date, and be presented on demand.

    Police/military roadblock checks are everywhere. ESPECIALLY GUARANTEED at the main entry/exit routes to the cities and capital.

    This is totally dishonest screeching to enable illegals to stay put. Foreign Mexican citizens residing illegally in the USA are more habituated to police road block checks from life in Mexico than Americans are.

    Mexicans are already trying to decide to make the effort to move to … Nevada. SO much for the mad panic rush to the international border. Maybe people can casually drop in conversations that San Franscisco is hiring.

  8. wanumba – how do you know the soccer players aren’t all US citizens? Maybe you aren’t from around here, but what you describe hardly indicates anything. I am sure the concern of many in the Hispanic community is that people like you are going to be the one deciding who should get hauled down to the police station because they can’t offer proof that they are citizens.

  9. Not being from around here is actually an advantage. Came in with a clean slate, absolutely no pre-conceived ideas whatsoever, no historical bias, no local feuding to carry on.

    The two society gap is very very very obvious. The local basketball tournament league is Indian, White and Black, in that order, a big local deal with lots of people playing after work, and is played at one of the Reservation gyms. Very mixed teams, all volunteer run, families sitting around watching. One of our family was invited to join recently so we got to watch the teams play, and our kids have played at that Reservation gym several times already with their school. It’s plainly THE place to be on Monday and Wednesdays and if one wants to find out WHO’s WHO in town, that’s the place to find out.

    Nearby, the local soccer after work crowd has zero locals, no Indians, no Whites, no Blacks. Very insular, no mixing, uniformly Hispanic, not open to adding anyone else in. When I arrive after work time, I sit in the car, roll down the windows and listen to the conversations next to me, both sides as the next shift of teams drive up. Amazing what you hear and see just sitting around being innocuous.

    Illegal means not being able to mix with the rest of the community – requiring hanging with other illegals and Hispanics – a safety in numbers and a social pact to not expose each other to lawful citizens. It requires then to be separate from the lawful community.

    SO, I’ve been a harmless observer of the ethnic and cultural scene here, not bothering a soul, getting along with everyone, just figuring out how this place ticks, and you’ve got this stupid strawman you have in your head that I’m some sort of a meanie who’d turn these people in. Constantly projecting a bigoted attitude from your brain.

    I do not have probably cause to turn anyone in for soccer playing and no one is dealing drugs at the park, so I am perfectly content to let them decide for themselves when they have to move on in an orderly manner. There’s a law in place, let’s see how it manifests, first. Notice how it doesn’t take effect for a couple of months – a fair period warning to illegals that they have a grace period to exit stage left without any hassles?
    Fair enough.
    When Nigeria wanted to solve its illegal Ghanian problem, they just smacked heads, burned homes and ripped up shops, booting out over a million in less than a week, bruised and beaten. No warning, no grace period.

  10. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be “probable cause.” It’s a typo, of several.

  11. wanumba – so in other words you are assuming people doing nothing but play soccer in a public park are illegal immigrants for no reason other than they are all hispanic. Yeah, I can really see how concerns about racial profiling are totally groundless.

  12. You don’t see anything but what you want to see. Inputs that conflict with your preconceived notions aren’t accepted.
    You wail “racial profile” yet you racial profile me and others constantly and you have no idea about who or what I am – just “conservative,” so therefore I’m not a person, but just a list of things you don’t like.


  13. just a Thought says

    I DEMAND AN APOLIGY FROM THAT MAN!!!. HOW DARE HE ASSUME TO SPEAK ABOUT A BILL HE HAS NOT EVEN READ!! (Oh wait, he doesn’ read before he opens his mouth.)
    And then to tell America,(and other countries that hear him speak) to boycot us?
    Well, fine, !!! I believe that the Police will be smart enough to know the difference between probable cause and harrasment of any people, except , maybe, a PRESIDENT who won’t even show his birth certificate to the american public?
    Remember mr Prez, Thses are the same people who will be protecting you if you ever show your face in AZ again!!!(Aren’t you police offended that the Prez thinks you all are just to stupid to know the difference between probable cause and harrassment?)
    And as for the Ilegals leaving,…. fine with that too,less people to support, and all us Americans can find work. (yes I would do that work if someone would hire me,… )
    But as far as being harassed on your way to Baskin Robins,… well this law has been on the books over a year now,( we just got enforcement of this law written), and no one has been harassed @ baskin robins yet.

  14. wanumba – my response to you is not based on a political label you attach to yourself but rather the things you actually write and express on this site. I have never written – ‘as a conservative you must think X…’ but rather pointed to your own words. Your claim that I am stereotyping you is a complete cop-out and it is clear you simply to not want to accept responsibility for the words you write and the ideas you are clearly expressing.

  15. kralmajales says

    The bill is going to have an effect on Universities and a host of situations. Reasonable suspicion is a lower legal standard than probable cause. Probable cause has led conservatives and liberals alike to question the power of police enforcement. Reasonable suspicion is lower…even worse.

    And you know, Wanumba, I bet if you asked to play soccer with those guys, they’d be happy for you to play. Cultures become insular when they are beat over the head with the law. They become isolated when we do not engage them…or our idea of engagement is suspecting or wondering if they are here legally. This is what the law is all about and it is also why you have driven a stake in any reasonable attempt the GOP was making to attract the fastest growing population in the United States to your fold.

    What you will see is a few, a few, very few, Hispanics at your GOP meetings. Like you see a very few African-Americans. You will put them up behind the podium when you are giving a political speech, like McConnel did in Virgina during his response to the State of the Union…to make yourselves look like a diverse party, but it wont change a damned thing.

    Defend this law all you want. It just adds over and over to what people see and know about the GOP. They aren’t willing to reach out, listen, or consider the depth of this issue.

    Everytime you cry “illegal is illegal” or “illegal is not a race” you advocate for the deportation of millions of people…and as you admitted, so incredibly cruelly…their American born, Citizen children with them.

    If you all can’t see these exceptions, breaking up families, mass deportation, then let me tell ya…you will never understand why people think your party is one of inflexibility…if not even at times…hatred.

  16. kralmajales says

    By the way wanumba, since you are a constitutionalist, note that not only is reasonable suspicion a lower standard than probable cause, but probable cause is what the US constitution requires for search and seizure….

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    If you are the textualist or original intent supporter you purport to be, then you cannot support SB 1070 in its current language. You MUST advocate for a standard of probable cause as the Fourth Amendment plainly states.

    Are you one of the silly conservatives that asks me to read my constitution and do what it says, but decides to interpret it when it suits ya?

  17. Stephen Kohut says

    The legality of a law enforcement officer asking for proof of identify is well adjudicated and accepted as are the standards of lawful contact and reasonable suspicion. Asking a person to provide legal proof of identity is not considered a search. The officer is not frisking or patting down the person nor checking their wallet, purse, posessions are vehicle. There is no violation of the 4th amendment.

  18. Stephen Kohut is wrong. A person is not obligated to produce any form of identification unless they are operating a motor vehicle, in which case they need to show a valid drivers license.

  19. kralmajales says:
    “And you know, Wanumba, I bet if you asked to play soccer with those guys, they’d be happy for you to play.”

    …Only if they could use your head as the soccer ball.

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