Obama / Clinton

For some time, I have been arguing that the only way the Democrats can win (not that I want them to win!) was that they team up with Obama at the top of the ticket. This way, both Obama and Clinton voters make nice, avoid splitting the party and put a formidible team against John McCain. In fact, I even predicted this back in July of 2007.

Now the New York Times is running an article on Tuesday proposing just the notion that the two settle up and move the Democratic Party forward. The Times even goes as far as reminiscing on the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and how they “put aside animosities for the sake of victory.”

Tomorrow may be a significant day in moving these two liberal Democrats toward a unified ticket or further dividing a party obsessed with retaking the Presidency.

Regardless, Senator John McCain’s task of healing the party may be nearly complete as he prepares to take whatever the Democrats give him.


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