Obama and Paul Set Up Arizona Teams

Ron PaulBarak Obama 

The East Valley Tribune is reporting that Presidential candidates Barack Obama and Ron Paul have established their Arizona campaing teams.

First Barack. The Obama team has opened physical headquarters in both Tucson and Phoenix. Raul Alvillar will serve as the State Director while Mary Hodge moves from the national deputy youth vote director (is that really a position?) to serve as the Arizona State Field Director. Alvillar transitions from the campaign’s Western Political Director. Toni Morales, the Democrats’ former Party Director will move into the role of State Political Director for the Obama campaign.

Barack will appear next Friday at ASU for a rally on Hayden Lawn and for a luncheon at the Wyndham Phoenix.

Ron Paul’s Arizona campaign team has also formed. Serving as co-chairs for the Arizona campaign will be State Senator Karen Johnson (LD 18) and Goldwater Institute Co-Founder, Roy Miller.

Paul’s team has not set up an office in Arizona nor does it have any campaign events scheduled.


  1. The first name of the junior Senator from Illinois is spelled B-a-r-a-c-k. The rally Friday, October 19 on Hayden Lawn, is free and gates open at 10AM. “C” you there.

  2. Corrected.

  3. kralmajales says

    Just thought I would say this…

    Is it just me or is there a little Gremlin putting up Ron Paul signs on every street corner in Southern Arizona???????

    I am not the least bit joking either…except about the gremlin part…

  4. Kral,

    They are everywhere! I’ve been in 4 states and DC in the past 2 weeks….and those “gremlins” have been busy!

  5. I am hereby to talk little about american candidate barack ubama as president of usa will he gain or loose.

  6. joe the plumer says

    Obama=not a good time 🙁
    mccain=the best yo 🙂 :)))))))

  7. Iam very happay becuae wine my brother barack ubama . dr adil daffalla , bosnia hercegovinia

  8. Iam very happay becuae wine my brother barack ubama . dr adil daffalla , bosnia …

  9. we also want the change
    but in the whole world with a positive attitude

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