Obama ad attacks Gianna Jessen

Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen appeared in an ad about Barack Obama’s record from Illinois. Obama now has an ad criticizing Jessen’s ad. Is this the topic Obama really wants to discuss just days before early voting begins? Visit BornAliveTruth.org for more information.

Here is Gianna Jessen telling her story on Hannity and Colmes.



  1. The conversation’s going to happen whether Obama wants to have it or not, and as we learned in 2004 with Kerry and the Swiftboaters, you cannot wish this stuff to go away.

  2. The truth is always a good place to start.

  3. Obama can’t stop himself from discussing these things any place, any time..he is so convinced of his own invincability that he cannot believe that anyone would doubt him. His admirers have done a great job!

  4. Remember, Obama wants to make gov’t COOL again. When was it ever cool???

    When is it good to use a politcal platform to put forth more nuancing? Either a human is alive or not. We regulate everything but siding for convenience over life goes against everything that is decent.
    To say that allowing a law for medical coverage of the survivor infant would cause the mother to revisit the original decision? What level of intellectualizing reality is that? It’s like the Romans’ thumbs up or down for the Christians.

    I feel it is a great Evil.

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