Obama’s Amnesty Monologue

By J.D. Hayworth
(reposted from Front Page Magazine)

President Obama lost his cool last week after a Dallas-based reporter corrected his misstatement that he only lost by “a few percentage points in Texas” when the correct number was ten. While we can poke fun at Obama’s fuzzy political math, when his administration tells such glaring Texas sized lies about border security, the lives of our fellow citizens and our national security are jeopardized.

This occurred last month when Janet Napolitano told a group of border mayors in El Paso that, “There is a perception that the border is worse now than it ever has been. That is wrong. The border is better now than it ever has been.” This is despite a Government Accountability Office report that found that 85% of the border is not “fully sealed” and 56% is not under “operational control” of DHS.

President Obama recently met to meet with a number of self-proclaimed “stakeholders” in immigration policy where he repeated the false claim that the “Obama Administration has dedicated unprecedented resources to secure the border.” Obama makes these claims about increased border security to try to make amnesty more palatable for the American people.

The stated purpose of Obama’s meeting was to foster “a constructive national conversation on this important issue as we work to build a bipartisan consensus in Congress.”

A close examination of who was invited to the Whitehouse and who was not reveals just how out of touch Obama is with the American people on the issue of immigration.

By Obama’s own estimation, Arizona’s SB 1070 has become the focal point of the immigration debate in the nation. If he wanted a real conversation, he should have invited Governor Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, or State Senate President and SB 1070 author Russell Pearce.

Governor Brewer responded to her non-invitation on Fox News, “You would have thought one of the [border state] governors would have been invited, since we are on the front lines fighting for security there…If we could sit down and discuss these things, we could get the solutions, maybe we could get something implemented.”

The reason why Governor Brewer was not invited is that Obama does not want a “conversation on this important issue,” he wants a monologue. Every single one of the 19 people Obama invited supports amnesty.

As to be expected, Obama invited a number of radical left wing activists like Al Sharpton and John Podesta of the George Soros funded Center for American Progress. He solicited the input of several police chiefs, mayors, and city council leaders from the cities of Philadelphia, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and New York. Every single one of these localities is a Sanctuary City where law enforcement refuses to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Also attending were union and business lobbyists, including AFL CIO president Richard Trumka, former pro-amnesty Senator turned corporate lobbyist Mel Martinez, and the CEO of the agribusiness conglomerate Cargill. Finally, he invited pro amnesty religious leaders from the National Association of Evangelicals and the Mormon Church.

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  1. Steve Calabrese says

    I don’t understand how you can say that Obama is not taking border security seriously. I mean, even though he doesn’t talk to any border state governors anymore, he’s invited every Hispanic actor and actress of note to come to the White House to talk about the problem! That’s leadership, right?

    Let us remember the words of Obama to Senator Jon Kyl, where he admitted he will NEVER do anything about securing the border as it would take away his bargaining chip for immigration reform.

    Also, it is clear that Obama’s main goal is not to ensure the supremacy and sovereignty of the United States. It has become very clear that he views himself as a President of the World, whose duty is to make the US subservient to every other country, including Mexico. He seems to view Arizona as a special threat to this, as he has directed his Justice Department to file suit against Arizona at every opportunity.

    Anyone who thinks there is any chance of meaningful border control or honest immigration reform out of this administration is delusional. Our job as Republicans is to communicate Obama’s hypocrisy to the rest of the country.

  2. OMG. the so called great state of Arizona just reelected the biggest HYPOCRITE who ever ran for office John Mccain the main supporter writter and promoter of illegals in his “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” . And you think we should tell the rest of the country about Obama’s hypocrisy? Get a grip man, and now who is running to take Jon Kyl’s place the other “CIR” supporter writter and promoter of Illegals Jeff Flake himself. Tell me voters are you actually going to vote for that miscreaten because you have been handed a line of manure about his is fiscal responsibility? How can you have any social program that does not involve our money? Jeff Flake’s fiscal responsibility ends when he is using our tax money to shove his form of Cap and Tax and his form of CIR down our ever lovin’ throat. So HYPOCRISY is in the eyes of the voter in this state, and it seem they do not reccognize it.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    Jeff Flake has always opposed cap & trade and amnesty.

    He did support an immigration reform bill that required securing the border and fines, rear-of-the-line placement, and legal exit / re-entry into the US by illegals if they wished to legalize their status. At the time Flake supported that, it was politically possible to secure the border as a part of a compromise bill under President Bush, and the demographics of illegal border crossers were vastly different than they are now. Keep in mind that when Flake supported this bill, in 2005, Sheriff Arpaio was still making statements like, “why would I waste the time of my deputies rounding up illegal aliens?”

    Had the 2005 bill passed, we’d have a secure border today, instead of what we have now – rampant, uncontrolled drug violence and a direct assault by Mexico upon our nation, aided and abetted by the world citizen who occupies the office of President of the United States.

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