NYT Pumps it Up for Vernon Parker!

The New York Times ran a recent article that sounded remarkably similar to one I posted after conducting an interview with paradise Vernon Parker last summer. The good guys over at Exurban League picked up on the story and plugged NYT’s article. In the crowded primary race in CD-3, I still remain committed to Pamela Gorman but there are plenty of other excellent candidates including Parker. Here’s an excerpt from the NYT article and a paragraph I wrote last year:

A childhood lived among drug users and multigenerational public housing residents formed his vision, and a chance meeting with Lee Atwater, who was a Republican strategist, his politics. “I know people who’ve been so dependent on the government that they still find themselves in a trap — and that is the trust fund they have handed down to their children,” said Mr. Parker, whose he-can’t-be-50 face smiles warmly. – New York Times (3/10/2010)

But prior to his election to Town Council, not many people know that Vernon has a compelling life story. Parker was raised in a gang and drug-infested neighborhood in Long Beach California where many of his peers never made it out of high school or ended up dead or in a lifestyle of trouble. Young Vernon Parker was able to avoid that typical path but it wasn’t without a lot of sacrifice and determination. After graduating from the same high school portrayed in the movie Freedom Writers, Parker went on to college at California State Long Beach and ultimately, to law school at Georgetown University. That’s where he also met his wife, Lisa. – Sonoran Alliance (8/26/2009).


  1. AllUsBadGuys says

    Vernon Parker is a b@d@$$ rockstar who stands up for what’s right even when no one is looking. He better not go away.

    I wouldn’t want to ruin his rep with an endorsement from AllUsBadGuys, but if he ran on his character alone, without the flowery language from consultants, he’d be formidable.

  2. hotflashholly says

    maybe vernon should go to New York and run for office… He will be dropping out of the CD3 race soon and announcing for something else…Your PR Flack Rose aint done you no good ….again

  3. R. Gerson says

    I really see Parker being a rising star for the conservative movement. Let’s face it, Liberals REALLY don’t want Republicans like Vernon Parker.

    It destroys their sense of moral superiority that all conservatives are closet racists.

    If conservatives can break up the Liberal stranglehold on minorities, the Democrat Party is finished.

    Electing a Congressman like Vernon Parker would have enormous national implications and would pay huge dividends for the conservative movement.

  4. Kinda tepid on that endorsement logic. Why do Conservatives have to prove they aren’t racists to the Lefties who made it up out of whole cloth to begin with?

    Vernon Jordan should be judged on his vision, his proven abilities and skills. He wants to win fair and square based on his leadership qualities and what he has to offer to represent his potential constiuents.

    Leave it at that.

  5. Vernon Parker’s story and success is exactly the narrative Conservative’s need to push to he public. That pulling oneself up from their bootstraps and hard work, anyone can achieve the American dream.

    Parker would be a wonderful addition to Congress. I can’t wait to see Obama campaign against him.

  6. Doc Holiday says

    In the same way a picture is worth a thousand words, a true conservative Republican, African-American Congressman would make inroads much quicker into pockets of the electorate that would normally dismiss the Republican Party’s ideas.

    It’s not fair, but such is life.

    Personally,I want to bring in as many new voters into the conservative fold as possible, so I go out of my way to support conservative candidates like Vernon Parker.

    The Republican Party doesn’t get many home-run pitches like this.

  7. Born and raised says

    #4, Vernon Jordan?

  8. Bob in IT says

    I am supporting and voting for Vernon Parker because he is intelligent, genuine and hardworking. His resume proves it and meeting him sealed the deal.

    The fact that he’s “tall” is absolutely a bonus and aside from his qualifications and likability.

    By the way, since you brought it up, I did look at Pamela Gorman’s website. It makes her look very self absorbed – and blue. Just an observation.

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