Nuclear Iran

Iran announces today that they are a nuclear nation.

Total FAIL for the Obama Administration.

Obama spoke on numerous times during the campaign about his goal to REDUCE nuclear weapons. Evidently, he meant only evicerating America’s defenses while Iran is on full speed to OFFENSIVE weapons manufacturing.

Iran has long publicized its intention to wipe Israel off the map. It is now a critical step closer. It has already been launching missles and rockets to gain experience in developing a reliable nuclear weapon delivery system. We only know what they’ve told us, they are certainly NOT telling us everything, but what we know is suffiicent:  they are poised to put it all together for the purpose of exporting mass destruction.

Iran is a well-educated, modern, and oil-prosperous society with a brutal and idealogically-driven regime that is staying in power solely by raw, lethal force against its own people. Today’s internet is full of videos of the Iranian people being beaten today for the crime of demanding freedom from tyranny.  We don’t need even today’s raw footage of the clubbings in Tehran to know the character of the brutal men in charge of the radical Revolutionary Iranian Regime; during the Iraq-Iran War, the mullahs gave children a piece of Koranic scripture, promised them a place in heaven and pushed them across fields ahead of the troops … to clear the landmines.   What worse can we expect if they treat their citizens that way, while they consider us, “The Great Satan?”

So, evidently it isn’t scattered global strikes today, but the achievement of a Revolutionary Iranian Regime military objective that guarantees total WAR, and soon.

Why war?   And why soon? The threat of nuclear destruction is so serious that Iran’s neighbors cannot hold or they will be effectively held hostage or forced to capitulate the moment Iran can deliver a bomb to Cairo, Baghdad, Tel Aviv, Amman, Ankara, Kabul, New Delhi, Rome. Any American troops in Iraq would be in harm’s way. America could easily be blackmailed by a threat of nuclear strike to pull out all troops, leaving newly Democratic Iraq at the mercy of their neighbor and arch enemy, Iran.

But not to worry, the Democratic Party has assured us we are ‘post-war’ and no longer require a military capable of defending America, nor do we  require a functioning missile shield. As Rep Kirkpatrick (D) said, representing the Democratic Majority Party Congress and the Democratic Party Controlled Administration’s policy:

“Our military will have to make due with less.”

As if the military’s purpose to provide national security was at the same strategic level of multimillionaire Nancy Pelosi’s U.S. Taxpayer funded jet, which she needs more than our troops need support, the U.S. government owning General Motors, which the White House needs more than reinforcing our troops, nationalizing student college loans which is more important than enhancing our intelligence capabilities – despite the debacle of the Christmas bombing attempt,  TARP bailouts, massage parlors, schools buying iPODs with stimulus funds, all of which trump national security issues as recipients of taxpayer-derived funds.

So, after tripling national debt, into beyond the next generation, then raising the debt ceiling so they can keep spending on everything BUT our military, the Democratic Party in the White House and the Congress insists that Americans will have to make due with LESS SECURITY.

“Belt-tightening,” Obama intones weekly, “Everyone has to sacrifice.”

They need the money for Democratic Party national priorities like buying up $50 million beaches in the Virgin Islands.


  1. From the UK Guardian
    Obama’s desire to slash the US nuclear defenses:

  2. Read up on the claim of “wiped off the map”.

  3. wikipedia?
    no disclaimer?

  4. Well, I see the Iranian Regime’s propaganda wing earned their rials today.

  5. It’s a good thing Iran does not have a vehicle to deliver a weapon. Also, good thing that they can only enrich uranium to 20%, which is not suitable for a weapon.

    Iran is not a modern country with regards to enriching uranium. Look at the technology they are using! Centrifuges? Talk about 1970.

    You really think war ‘could’ be the solution to this problem? How about a UN backed uranium distribution organization? A consortium would be cost effective and yield the results we are looking for: Iran minus the bomb.

    Bush had eight years to deal with Iran and what did he accomplish? Nothing.

    Any argument for increasing our stockpile of nuclear weapons is also foolish. China and the UK are in a race to ensure security with fewer weapons (hundreds, not thousands). Russia’s recent nuclear review suggests a decrease in deployed weapons. Decreasing our stockpile from 2k deployed to 1.5k would be a sign of good faith to our nuclear partners in the world and a step in the right direction, while continuing to guarantee our security and dominance.

    Hawks do not have a good track record when it comes to WMDs. To meet our goals we need to abandon this Realist interpretation of international relations and adopt a more pragmatic view of of the world.

    (And don’t say Libya is an example of Hawk induced WMD reduction because 90% of the negotiations occurred during the Clinton admin.)

  6. It is sad to think that old technology may be an excuse for IRAN “not” preparing nuclear arms. History is a well defined indicated of their mission to have a strong foot-hold in the region. Anything nuclear is a threat. Obama’s soft handed, gentle expression of understanding is offensive. Our nation has fought hard, lost lives and sacrificed much to reduce or eliminate tyranny. Other nations are circling the wagons because Iran is real threat. Talk is cheap…we need a delegation with unlimited access to verify.

    Sad to think we have a become a wimpy nation welling to tolerate the potential of terror and mass destruction.

  7. Another thing…why do we always compare Bush to Obama. I think we all agree Bush could have done a better job on all fronts.

    Obama is wearing the captain’s had today!! The decision is his, the public’s trust is his. He is the elected official. Forget Bush…and man up Obama.

    I would love if Obama could give my one excuse to like him.

  8. J. You think China is not building and developing weapons????

  9. …………………..
    J. Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 6:23 pm
    It’s a good thing Iran does not have a vehicle to deliver a weapon.

    They most certainly do.

    U.N. violations galore as the rockets can be easily refitted to carry warheads.

  10. ……………………
    J. Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 6:23 pm
    You really think war ‘could’ be the solution to this problem?

    Let me clarify that statement. Iran’s offensive-based nuclear development and armament creates an intolerable stress on ALL its neighbors and Europe.

    THe pressure for pre-emptive strikes is reaching the point where war is almost inevidable, absent any other serious international interventions designed to cripple or dissuade in any way Iran’s ability or will to carry through with its plans.

    Iran is building missles with the idea to operate in an initial range that would include Paris, London, Delhi, Cairo, and easily Baghdad and Tel Aviv.

    It’s right to focus on the extreme danger to Israel, but not to ignore that the range Iran is literally shooting for, is a target-rich zone.

    In that case, war isn’t the ‘solution’ but the ‘result’ of passively allowing a hostile regime to arm itself without trying to stop it when it was possible and comparatively easier to do so.

  11. ………………..

    “How about a UN backed uranium distribution organization?”

    Think about that statement. Long and hard.

  12. Really couldn’t care less.

  13. Oberserve Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 11:52 pm
    Really couldn’t care less.

    Historically, that has been proven many times to not be a wise strategy when the Persians are involved.

  14. It is unclear what this post is actually arguing. That we should spend even more on war making capabilities? What 45% of the worlds war spending isn’t enough?

    Or maybe we should ‘preemptively’ invade and occupy another country so they don’t attack another country we have ‘preemptively’ invaded and are currently occupying? What bald-faced imperialism.

    And this idea of a threat to Israel, even if believed Ahmadinejad and I do not, is ridiculous. Israel has 300 nuclear warheads and submarines with nuclear tipped cruise missiles that could reach Iran before a missile reached Israel.

    Wanumba, along with the rest of the warmongering crowd, has of course fallen for Ahmadinejad propaganda tactic of getting all excited about dubious claims of nuclear advancement so as to focus world attention off the strangling of internal dissent. I am sure Ahmadinejad is thankful.

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